I just realised that I have a new gift…
Making NOLLYWOOD movies…

No seriously!!! I mean I don’t mean producing or directing ooo. I mean the whole works… Writing producing casting gaffing directing an d of course acting.
But I have a bias for LOVE STORIES ooo.


D’uh… Did u think I’ll be making terrorists movies before LOL…
So how did I discover this gift all of a sudden?
Of course I heard the most amazing love story ever…
Ok lose the drama Eziaha… Maybe tz not d most amazing in itself especially when we throw in Romeo n Juliet, Beyonce n Rihanna n ( n Jim Iyke) and of course Bianca n d late Odimegwu (bless his soul). But tz the ACTORS in this my love story that make it real amazing… Very unlikely Actors. Even with all my on point casting expertise, I could NEVER have cast these ones into this role.
Love stories… I love.
So I told one of the ‘actors’ that I was gonna make his love story into a movie and he laughed and said I should find a way to include juju so that it would sell in Nollywood. That’s a valid point sha.
Anyways if I can’t make a movie outta it, I’ll write a story right here on my blog. I’ll call it Fiction ooo so here is my disclaimer now hehehe…
All characters in this story are purely fictitious and bear no semblance to……. Hehehe
But you get my point sha. Love stories just excite me.

This Valentine period I can only imagine just how much lovey dovey tinz will be going down. All the gifts and all. Like my fairy godsister friend Chioma says, in London as in Nigeria, we move from Christmas to Valentine, to Mothers day to Easter to Fathers day and please insert all the other gift-giving holidays we know. I mean didn’t the Christmas sales just end? And now the Valentine RED sales have already started. Talk about losing no time. Radio stations buzzing with the perfect gift ideas for couples. And don’t forget good ol’ TWITTER. And all the hilarious Akpos jokes. Seriously these people jus’ wanna make WE single people feel bad sha and wish we had that significant other. OK yes I am not single but hey I am speaking for all my single friends that are on my prayer list hehehe. Today someone told someone ‘Seriously you need a man’. Kai it was hilarious. Btw all the ‘someones’ know themselves. #juskiddin’. Seriously tho’ no one needs to be put under any kinda pressure just cos tz VAL’S DAY. Like my PM’s PK will say, if no one is taking you out, please TAKE YOURSELF OUT. Yes, baff up, go out and give yourself a nice treat. Who knows who you will meet who has also taken him/herself out and voila.. Another love story hehehe.
Ok seriously again, something else I think we should all know is that there are so many STUPID misconceptions about love and mistakes that are made especially this period and it really grieves my little heart. The most stupid of course being IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WILL SLEEP WITH ME… I thought this line stopped being cool 10years ago? Sadly some ladies created by this same GOD that created Michelle Obama, Ogochukwu Okekeocha, and myself, still fall for this dated trick. Seriously if love was sex, then ALL the prostitutes would be in love… Please read that line again. Yes I mean it, go back and read it. Don’t proceed till you read and copy that. I wonder who will teach us what LOVE really is and how it can be shared this Valentine the RIGHT WAY? Thinking realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hard… wipes brow….. choi…
Hey babes wait up… Is LDM not around the corner? (Love Dating and Marriage folks try to keep up SMH). Please what is the theme this month? Lemme check… Whoppeeeeee
…But, I Love you

That is the theme. And guess what people, it is tomorrow, Sunday Feb 03, 2013. Live at DCC Amuwo Odofin, Lagos at 4.30pm. Ministering of course will be Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. Seriously you cant even miss this ooo. If you are in Lagos that is.
Sadly I am not in Lagos and I just envy everyone who is in Lagos and can attend it. But not to worry, Pastor M has PROMISED to get me the CD when visiting (PM did you promise hehehe)… and MOST IMPORTANTLY, LDM is coming to ABUJA too… yay!!!

DCC LDM feb 10 2013

Yup, what happens when a man loves a woman… PK, can’t wait oooo…
Sunday Feb 10, 2013 at 3J’s hotel, 31 P.O.W Mafemi Crescent near the customary court, Utako, Abuja. 4.30pm too and PK will also be ministering.
I am sorry it aint in other states yet… You can also watch LDM on silverbird TV every Sunday at 1.30pm. That should help some.
LDM by the way is for ladies and guys ooo. Single and married. EVERYONE’S INVITED… Woooot…
As for those of you waiting to read it on my blog, sorry I wee NOT do a transcript of the message. Sorry again. In fact I am not even sorry. Hehehe. Seriously though, please try and make it. Trust me, it would be totally worth it.
And if you are in Abuja, you can actually get an autograph from me see me… hehehe
Ok, tharris all…
PS; Yeah I know I owe you guys plenty gist. Especially with the whole move to Abuja and stuff. I will gist you plenty. No time now jare. I just had to do this… Should have even done this earlier. So far so good Abuja has been…
PPS; I have just really hurt a friend… or maybe an EX FRIEND. Gosh she is sooooooooooooooooooooooo mad at me right now and I know better to grovel when the other party is really mad. So I will give YOU some time to simmer. Interestingly, the reverse was the case a while ago where a friend hurt me and I just locked up despite all her groveling. I recall Bolaji telling me to soft pedal a bit on her. Thankfully I did. We cool now. I dunno how this one will play out though but Kai… talk about not knowing where to butt out in stuff that doesn’t concern you. One would think I had more sense SMH at myself. I AM REALLY SORRY BABES (if you get to read this). I am really really sorry. Unbelievably sorry. I have left your name out but I really pray that you forgive me. This is my public apology in addition to the private one. I am so sorry.

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