Ok this is a ‘spur of the mo’ post.
I’m at the salon FINALLY locking my hair, yaaay so I decided to blog some.


My mornings almost always involve, among other things, feeding KingDaveed and watching JM’s Enjoying Everyday life.

Ok might as well share some details on how my mornings go now that I have moved into my ‘Rehoboth’…

Wake at 5/6
Start my workout while watching a video of either JM, Heather or my home girl Shirer on my laptop.
KingDaveed wakes up in the middle of it so I stop, pick him up, bless him and play some then put on Disney Junior for him and go back to my workout.


Jump in the shower (by now booboo is crying for attention) and barely dress up.
Bath him, brush his teeth, prep brekkie and feed him.
By this feeding time, I make sure it coincides with my mama’s telecast at 8am on Faith so I usually watch her while feeding him.
Then I go dress up, eat (I never skip brekkie), clean up the house, backing KingDaveed all the while and by the time I am done, he is asleep so I put him down and then go and finally have my quiet time.

On a good day, and most days are good,  this is my morning.

So this morning,  my mama is preaching on our relationship with the Holy Spirit,  among other things and she said something that tripped me.


She showed us this book which she was reading for the third time cos she really loved it and said there was a line she read and if we could see, she wrote there ‘I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS…’

That was a sermon right there for me.
It is ABSOLUTELY OK to NOT AGREE WITH even spiritual authorities.
You do NOT have to take EVERYTHING just because it came from a preacher/man of God/Pastor etc.

She loved the author and the book especially seeing as she was reading it for the third time but that line, nah she no gree. And she talked about God leading us dynamically, specific to our own situation/challenges which is why we have the person of the Holy Spirit.
But that didn’t mean she threw away everything the man of God had to say. Nah.
It just meant, sorry sir that line is not true FOR ME and I do NOT agree with it.
No be fight.

See ehn, one of the BIGGEST lessons I have learnt this year is to LET PEOPLE NOT AGREE WITH ME…
And still be COOL with them.

Sounds one kind abi? But frankly,  I had this way of ‘my own had to always be IT’

MY thisNthat is the BEST…
MY experience is the blueprint…
and so on…

No I didn’t always ‘argue’ but my actions/inactions, thoughts and emotions would pretty much write you off the moment you dared to disagree with my ‘tested and trusted’ way.

Yes, my way worked for me and may have worked for A who I suggested it to. Maybe even B. But if X comes to me and says she wants to try another way, I LET HER!!! And no I don’t SECRETLY wish/pray it fails so I can gloat and say ‘I tol ya so…’

God really does want to lead each and everyone of us dynamically.
Do you know that not every Word that comes from the pulpit is for you?
You do not have to RECEIVE it if you feel God is leading you in a different way than that.

There are some preachers I follow closely and have done for years. One particularly comes to mind. I was listening to him some 4years back and he was SHOUTING this particular point over and over again, telling how it was rubbish and nonsense lol. My spirit didn’t agree with it so I didn’t exactly ‘take it’ but neither did I go around arguing or whatever. I just stayed on my lane and still listened to the same man of God because he is a fine preacher.
Fast forward to this year and I heard the same MOG saying the EXACT opposite of what he said 4years ago. Absolute opposite ooo. I just recalled the previous message and laughed so hard. I gisted hubs and he was like ‘…because these MOG are MEN too…’


It is ok to NOT agree or believe it but not OK to discount the preacher’s every other message because of that.
Joyce didn’t read us the line she didn’t agree with. She just told us her reality even as she studies resources and all. She didn’t start an argument claiming omniscient spiritual superiority.
She just didn’t ‘recieve’ it.
That’s maturity.
That’s WISDOM!!!

Like I said, major lesson.
I can’t shove down my opinion/experience/counsel on anyone. My way is NOT the way. I might be A teacher but I am NOT THE TEACHER. The Holy spirit is THE TEACHER. And like Meyer said,
‘…you can listen to me as your teacher but I always pray that THE TEACHER takes what I say and explain it to you in a way peculiar to your own circumstances because I am NOT ALWAYS RIGHT’

Can we all just agree that WE ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT and therefore it is OK for others not to ALWAYS AGREE WITH US?


And you too don’t feel under pressure to accept everything. Even if you read it ony blog.
Sometimes, just thank God for your own PORTION IN HIM, and keep it moving.

Omojuwa put it quite nicely a while back and I fave’d that tweet because it was too ON POINT.


Spiritual stuff and carnal, it applies.

Kisses darlings.
See you TWICE at least before Christmas. I mean that too.

Plus i have actually shrunk lol

Pls ignore the jagajaga hair lol. Twas a spur of the mo' pic

That’s me now. Fat is MOBILE sha.

I came from this haha

This black dress I wore when I went for my Booski’s trad in Asaba over two years ago.
Can you believe this?


I am almost 20kg down in 3months and 2weeks!!!
That’s crazy!!! I don’t even know how I did it. Na God ooo.
Will still do a DETAILED post at the end of my journey.
And I will do a major photo shoot!!!
Have 2.5kg more to go for 2015 and then 4kg in January. By God’s grace, that’s a done deal already.

Haha. Pooooow #GodisGood


Have a blessed week darlings.

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  1. “I don’t agree” was just for me. Some days ago, I was watching the XXX and, Pastor YYY mentioned at some point while preaching, I paraphrase- if you’re not a Church worker and you’re asking GOD to bless you, how do you want him to do that?
    I was pissed and I immediately changed the Channel. To me, he implied that because I’m not a Church worker, GOD can’t bless me? And that I’m undeserving of His orishirishi blessings? Or that I can’t even ask Him for anything because I’m not a Church worker? Mbanu!
    My Spirit didn’t agree with that statement, one bit.
    Do I hold any hate, any dislike, any disregard or even a reduction in my estimation of who he is? NO! I understand he’s human. And as I’ve heard someone say- he’s first of all a Man, before a Man of GOD.

    1. Lol darling had to edit your comment leaving names out.
      We have to apply wisdom too hence JM leaving details out n me too leaving details out in my story.
      You know, so we don’t give ‘outsiders’ something to talk trash about.
      Thanks girl

  2. Eziiiaaahhha. Mschew thought I would be first to comment lol. My comment is not related to this post but as usual this post is the truth.
    I saw war room Last night. Someone gave me a copy. Dunno how Nigerians get their hands on these things when its not even out in dvd yet. I slept for just 3 hours last night cos I just had to finish d movie. It was very emotional for me cos I can so relate to everything Elizabeth was going through. Building my prayer strategy now, God help me. I AM A CONQUEROR

    1. @ Naija cheapskate..Heeyyyy! How were you able to lay your hands on the war room movie? I am over-interested…@Eziaha…kudos at your weight loss achievements…your write-up is sooo on point. We all need to emulate the Berean Christians that still checked up Paul’s teachings despite how seemingly anointed and loaded he was…taking everything a MOG said hook, line and sinker as if he was a final authority is purely wrong and that he makes a wrong point should not reduce the respect you have for him…He’s human afterall and his anointing did not reduce as a result of the mistake….we ought to always remember that

      1. Cynthia I am sure you would see it soon in Naija cos it is out on dvd and bluray in yankee so patience boo.
        It may even be out already here lol my Naija peeps

  3. You look great!

    Lol.. I was thinking about the same thing he other day. I answered a “Dear Inthe” and my reader didn’t agree with it. That is absolutely fine!! Go search God for yourself, he will answer you. God is intimate with each and everyone of us. He is my eccletic God, the way he does it for you might not be how he does it for me. That is allowed!!


  4. Nice one! Loved it.. I won’t forget this message. Thanks for sharing E!

    And you look fab!! Well done on working so hard.. wow! You have inspired me oh! No excuses at all 🙂 xxxxx

  5. The thing is “being cool with it” is the real prayer point. The maturity to handle disagreeing (is that spelling right?) is what is hard to do and not becoming frosty or dismissive with people simply because they dont see the way you do.

    Its hard really hard cos this message cuts across all areas of life.

    Well done on the weightloss 20kg is fantastic.

    BY the way I replied your mail with my digits but I didnt hear from you.

  6. Powerful post mama. God bless you for sharing. I had to go look at that before pic again. I stared hard, to be really sure am seeing clearly. You have worked so hard and you inspire me alot. You look so beautiful now and always.

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