Hey yawl,

I didn’t abandon this blog oooo. I have a story.

So my blog has been acting up and costing me MONEY. I wanted to port from my former host BUT there was always a comma in the porting process, and you cannot port with an expired domain, so with all the drama (mainly because content was large), domain go expire, I will renew (20k for 3months ooo), drama again, expire, renew, etx. Omo, finally I ported but something was done wrong so the blog was still acting funny. For two weeks, my blog was down. You would see the home page but NO POST would open. Ditto the dashboard. I was just hoping I would NOT have to renew with another 20k. Phew. It literally just got sorted yesterday and I didn’t have to renew. Come on and bless His name!!!

So I wanted to quickly jump in and explain my absence. I have this post BURNING in my spirit I have to share.


I have a feeling it is going to set some people SOOOO FREE they would be soaring.

Gosh, life has been happening mehn. By my 32nd birthday, which technically God is asking me to view more as the start of my 33rd year of life, I should have cooked enough to share a bit. I am so thankful for everything – the good and bad – because they are making me into this woman that is just absolutely STABLE. And that is so important, cos in a world with a ton of opinions and ideas and what have you, it is important that we stay STABLE, or like Chris Caine says UNSHAKEABLE which incidentally is her Devotional I am working through, or like Lisa Bevere says ADAMANT which is the title of her new book I CAN LITERALLY NOT WAIT TO HAVE. And yawl KNOW how much of a stalker that I am, so I have been trying to get that book before release but no show. Anyways, like WITHOUT RIVAL, I got a GOOD feeling about ADAMANT…


Ok just wanted to jump in and say this. Wish I could blog daily cos I have SO MUCH I have to share with yawl but the way my life is set up? Phew. I am learning efficiency and time management on a whole new level. Thank God for the amazing people who build with me. In fact, I have this post in my head too called FALLING SHORT AND LEANING HARD…

I will update this blog at least once a week, that is Sundays. And I will pack as much as I can into it. AMEN!!!

Ok guys, let me fly back to work. Love and Light


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  1. It’s good to hear that the issue is sorted now. I have been refreshing for posts. I’m looking forward to your weekly posts. Take care…

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