I have often asked this question in times past but increasingly in recent times. The question?
Do what abi?
Maybe the lyrics of this famous hymn would help…
‘When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His word
What a glory He sheds on our way…’
And then another top fave of mine…
‘Tz so sweet to trust in Jesus
Just to take Him at His word
Just to lean upon his Promise, Just to say THUS SAITH THE LORD’
Now I am sure you get my point. And question. How do people do it without God biko nu? How oh how!!! I mean, life is too big and complicated!!! How do you navigate it without a Word from Him? How do you start major projects or approach major stumbling blocks without a ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD”?
Oh my!!! I have grace for a whole lot of things, but the grace to understand how these people do it I DO NOT HAVE!!! I am even sure I do NOT care to have *insert 3 BB uninterested smileys here*
I mean I am really in shock here ooo. You mean you can just wake up and start moving up and down, or start a project, or date (or marry)a person, or invest a huge amount of money in a business without a THUS SAITH THE LORD!!! People of the earth, pray tell, HOW DO YOU DO IT!!!??? And you don’t feel incomplete at best, and STUPID at worst? You actually feel cool???!!!
You know what? I am a rather optimistic person. If anyone would look and see the sunny side up all the time, it has to be E’ !!! It can get annoying when I start my optimism (read Faith) around you and we are not on the same wavelength. But Sugar lumps, I can tell you for free that in this world eh, you would face challenges. Ah!!! Life would throw things at you that sometimes would make you question your Christian faith LOL. But the saving and sustaining grace is the fact that you can go back to God and say ‘but God, I have a THUS SAITH THE LORD’ and look the situation in the face and then WIN!!!

Situations answer to the Word. And you answer situations too with the word (See the temptation of Christ). Not tears, not whims, THE WORD!!! And not just a ‘quotable quote’ Word ooo, a word that you caught and have accessed the knowledge behind it and therefore can run with it. That my dear is how we live and how we do it, and finally how we WIN ALL THE TIME!!!
Before you take up ANYTHING, and I do mean ANY, please seek His face and get a word. You can get a word for every situation, EVERY!!!
That is what the bible means when in Psalms 3 it reads ‘…in ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path’. Operative words, ACKNOWLEDGE and DIRECT!!!
Don’t consider that relationship if you have not gotten a THUS SAITH THE LORD.
Don’t go into that business deal if He hasn’t shed His glory on your way. Don’t make MAJOR life’s decisions if you have NOT acknowledged Him.
So now you ask ‘Eziaha how do I get this Word for my situations?’

Numero Uno, you do realize that you have to be born again yeah? So accept Him first. Then spend time studying the Word and in prayer. Personally, how I access the Word. A few times, a word or a verse of scripture drops in my spirit man even when I am doing the most mundane things and I write it down or check it up in the scriptures’ and WHAM I am good to goooooo.
More often than not however, I am reading my bible and a verse of scripture is just HIGHLIGHTED somehow with my spiritual eyes and I know God is saying something there. Sometimes too, I am listening to a message and then something the preacher says JUMPS out at me and I just ‘know’ that this is my word for so and so situation.
I hope this doesn’t sound complicated o? That is why I started with you being inducted into the family first. The same way you hear and recognise your mom or dad’s voice is the same way, with constant communication, you can get to recognize HIS VOICE and know how He speaks to you. Get very familiar with (and obey) the ‘many words’ He has given already in his manual for us, THE BIBLE!!! Spend time too fellowshipping with Him in prayers.
Trust me, when you have a Word from heaven, you can ‘misbehave’ on earth.

Darlings, life is too fragile to be handled in any other way.
You do know the devil is alive and well on planet earth yeah?

Please don’t dare the devil if you don’t have a word.

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  1. Sweets,you can’t imagine how many times I’ve asked that question…trust me. Its baffling sha,how ‘they’ do it. But with time and association I’ve noticed something,most people who are in the world(leave off the ones in core occultic stuff) they pray o! Hmmmm….you can’t catch an unbelieving lady choosing a life partener without muttering a kind of prayer,sometimes the prayer is indepth o! With fasting,and involving their pastors self. Then in the relationship,they add night vigils(I’m telling you things I’ve seen with my 2 koro koro eyes) they add seed sowing,make vows,charging up their believe system and perform all manner of christian principles(to hold the man o!and for favour too). And sweetheart,you know our God hold Him in mercy or biblical principles,and you see Him come through for you notwithstanading your status. Same goes for guys too,especially when it comes to biz runs,exams…just name it or when they just meet a brick wall in life. That’s when you start seeing the meaning of the verse “I would show mercy on whom I would show mercy,and have compassion on whom I would have compassion”… And they hardly fail to give a testimony openly and do a big thanksgiving. Personally,sometimes it frustrates me too when I see these things,but I know one thing, these people are eating crumbs from under the Masters table,but girl!!!!we are dining at the table o! Taking morsels from our Fathers plate sef#lol# Wonderful piece there dear….God’s grace

  2. Darling,I am inspired by ur post,it reawakened my endless desire for the word as regards to everyday life situations.U r indeed a blessing.tnx Muaaaaaahh!

  3. Nne,I avv learnt dat gettn a word frm God b4 I move or step out into,anythin is a life saver walahi,cos it mks life easier nd smooth,swts seriously we enjoy a relationship dat can not b compared wt any,I pray dat every individual wil enjoy such attention really.

  4. thanks for this piece E!!
    Sometimes, we dont carry God along in our day to dat activities.
    thanks for reminding me especially.

  5. Fabulous E, In fact this ya question is one that i do not think i will ever understand. I saw this Reuters post: PHOENIX (Reuters) – A transgender man who made worldwide headlines after he married and gave birth to three children will appeal an Arizona judge’s ruling denying him a divorce from his wife of 10 years, his attorneys said on Tuesday” and i was vexed in my spirit. I said HOW CAN THIS BE? And as you Fab E have asked, how does he/she/it (referring to the transgender o) do it cos me i dont understand this transgender thingie o, biko nu!
    Let’s just say that i am begging God for the grace to pray for them o because i easily get irritated with such peeps that claim not to have or want any relationship with my very Big GOD who is always by my side (singing tra la la).
    It may just be that so many are confused and looking for GOD in the wrongest of places: there’s just so much out there in this world of ours, check out the reality shows on air these days or is it the horror/suspense/thriller/sci-fi/romantic/comedy movies. How many if any do glorify God or even give a hint. I try not to watch so much TV/DSTV these days because truth is, watching some of this stuff is dangerous to one’s spiritual walk with GOD.
    Anyway, thanks E for this piece, love your writing as always.xxx

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