If you are a resourceful, diligent, smart and conscientious young lady or guy like E’ chances that you would be bombarded with all sorts of requests, invites and what nots.


I do get an IMMENSE number of requests to do this or that… operative word IMMENSE– to help people do one thing or the other that are their personal business/project. I am not talking my own official work ooo.

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

Once I work with someone on a project or the other, he wants me involved in the next. Or if someone hears I did this and successfully, wham, I become, in his head, a member of the Board of directors already.

A lot of times, they are FANTASTIC projects that I love and stuff. But what is your passion may not be mine and so you cant expect me to take your passion up at the expense of mine.

I had to turn down someone’s invite to be part of his AMAZING team.I love what he does and stands for but I knew I could NOT take up any extras at the moment.


She sees a field, and after due examination and consideration, she buys it, or leaves it (Proverbs 31;16 E’s mix version)

He did not understand why I wasn’t jumping at the offer immediately. Now he does. At least i hope so.


“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower, won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money, time and resources to complete it? Please don’t begin until you have counted the cost…” Luke 14;28 E’s mix version

As a student, I took up quite a lot.

iStock_000015374539XSmall Picture-3-300x224

I burnt out a lot too.


Had a lot of crying sessions after major victories cos I had given way too much of myself. Thank God I had friends who understood why I could no longer be easily available on a lot of few occasions.

Now as a graduate, I still get asked to join in this or that. I am a lot wiser…


I have learnt to be a polite NO-DROPPER if need be…


Recently, an opportunity came to me which I felt would give me leverage for something. I jumped at it but with a large dose of wisdom. It was a writing gig for a newspaper. I had to make clear that I could do this ONLY once a week. And on a particular day only. I had to insist. Editors are crazy


Otherwise, if you start, you might complete only the foundation and will not be able to finish what you have started, before running out of money, time or strength (and burning out) then everyone who sees it will ridicule , mock you and laugh at you.

Wisdom is profitable to direct That’s the value of wisdom; it helps you succeed and has the advantage of giving success Eccl 10;10b

We great people have to be careful as to saying YES to every good idea and invite that comes our way.

As the work week starts, please feel free to be a NO-dropper when you have to. You don’t have to say YES to every good idea.


Plenty Lovages


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  1. My dear you just wrote about something I v been talking to God about, you know what I will write about this in my blog and actually start saying NO to added responsibilities. Thanks dear.

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