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If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know that I have these young amazing girls with whom I fellowship twice a week. I am increasingly amazed how they look up to me, but what amazes me the most is how much change I have seen in them since we started meeting regularly. The truth is I am passionate about affecting positively the next generation… There are not too many role models around you would agree so we that have light need to consciously and deliberately shine it more and more so that others can see it and align with this light. If not eh, the evil and vices in the world which increases geometrically would just choke the good up… Ok that’s not even where I am going exactly. Today I just wanna talk about Girlfriends in God.

The company that we keep is a big deal. Two days or so ago, I had this almost 2hour convo with a female friend Ozien. Interesting enough we were standing all through. It just started as a short gist and wham, it dragged. In fact her momma left us, for more than an hour, came back and was like, ‘what are you girls talking about sef?’ hehehe. If you know anything about me, I am very time conscious. I hardly waste my time. In fact, I live out of a diary. But this day was an exception. Twas soooo thrilling and uplifting sharing deep life issues bordering on friendship, relationship, and stuff. And not just sharing stuff but sharing the right stuff… Not all men are bad, all men cheat, u can’t find a man that won’t wanna sleep with you and all such lies that some ladies believe.  When I left Oz that day, my spirit was just high. That, for me defines what friendship should border on… Feeling very refreshed after talking to each other. So this morning after the girls left, I took out time to think on my ‘Girlfriends in God.’ In fact I used a picture of my pastor and myself as DP and when she pinged me, I just decided there and then that I would do this blog post instead off the one on Mark Schultz I was planning.

And also, remember femmetotale blog I mentioned, I really didn’t know her I just read her blog and liked her. So I went on twitter to look for her. And I also commented on her blog and told her I was looking for her and voila, this morning, I got a message from her… yay!!! Her blog rocks!!! I hope you have visited already… www.femmetotale.wordpress.com Rockingtins. Meanwhile nne. I am publicly begging for your hand in friendship ooo hehehe…

Tz very important to maintain the right company. I am not good with male friendship. But with women, ahhhhhh… I love women ooo. #nohomo. In fact I just realized that I have just one picture with a group of guys. All from my church. Imagine that hehehe… I cannot find any other picture I took with more than two Guys… Chai…

But with my girls, yay… billions of pictures mehn… girls rock jor. Especially girlfriends in God… So lemme celebrate as many as I can find here today. You know I have a billion pictures you guys and I cannot put it all up so if your pictures no dey, no vex kk.

Triumphant theatre crew

my pastor Mildred muah

Ayomikun, my soul sister

Olaedo i have rechristained her, cos she worth her weight in pure gold… Muah

Vee, my angelic bankable friend

Sapphire, i also re-named her cos she is jus as precious to me as that precious stone

Cheeeechhhhhhh… My sweetest heart

Uchayyyyyyyyy… my super pretty housemate

Sola, my baby sister and the love of my life

with dum dum and uchay… My triumphant winning strong women

Kemi and Sola, My triumphant meeters and greeters team…

triumphant theatre ladies with our BABA ABLAZE…. hehehe. You all know i always find a reason to put Rev on my blog lolsssss

i miss this chic… muah muah

Well I hope the pictures don’t make you lose the point. Tz simple, evaluate your relationships. Relate with everyone, without discrimination. But please make sure that the people who get the bulk of our time are the truly uplifting ones who inspire us to greatness and in enny’s words, ‘’friends with whom we can pray and shop…’’

Time check; 10am…

Lesson; blogging is time consuming oh… Especially with the picture upload. WordPress is so dated and mtn is slow… crazy combo. Like a famous quote reads, ‘Interesting reading is damn hard writing’

Meanwhile it is Vincent’s wedding tomorrow… Yipee… Vincent (the more visible dude in the picture) has been such a blessing to the house so Triumphant Assembly, Shabach centre would be storming benin for his wedding. I am all sortsa excited about this trip and the wedding. Vincent is clearly one the BEST young men I know and I wish him the very BEST with this wedding and marriage. Nothing could have kept me from this wedding walahi and I am so glad tz finally here. We are leaving at 12noon today so let me go and prepare for the trip jare. I will gist you guys about it all. Infact I jus recalled that I have to hit my tailor’s place to fix something she didn’t do quite well on the dress and also do my nails to align with the wedding colours… hehehe… Fabulous abi? I know my own is too much, that is why you all love me.

Ok stay fabulous ok, and thanks for all the kind words and thanks especially to those who spread word about my blog. I am soooooo thankful..



PS; Girlfriends in God is actually the name of a daily devotional. you can subscribe to it and get daily week day emails (google for details) and enjoy. Tz a really great devotional for ladies… Thank me later 🙂

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