Take a break honey…

You deserve it

Those were the exact words the HOLY spirit said to me as I woke up at 4.30am. You see,I spent the night till like 2am journalling what the Holy Spirit was downloading. Such a sweet time in his presence while my family slept.

So I decided to go back to bed cos it felt like I had the world on my shoulders.

No need rising early again and definitely no gym.

Woke finally at to 9am. Both my Staff were coming in today, 3hours apart. I’m so thankful for them.

Wanna really sleep early tonight. And sadly, I misplaced my Spectranet mifi today. Must have dropped when I slighted the car when hubby and I were going to check out someplace we found for something.

It hurt.

It hurtsssssss can’t lie.

I’m so prudent with my finances but these days there seems a pull on it from everywhere.

Plus my work phone has decided to be resetting repeatedly without coming on. The phone is barely 2months old. Brand new oooooooo.

It is well.

Sorry Darlings, not much gist today.

Not even in the mood for The Johnson’s. I’ll publish with Hubby’s hotspot while I decide what I wanna do to fix my internet situation.

I’ll be fine when I wake. For now, before 9am, sleep is my weapon.

Good night Darlings

Day 7…

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