First things first…
Happy birthdays to my darling mentees who don’t stop haranguing the rest of us with twinees to triplets to Quads cos they are four born at the same time.

Dee Voke Bimz and Chi

Dee Dee Dee Dee Dee…
Fell in love with her blog from my first visit. Derinsola love, I am proud of you. I hope I say it enough.
Voke my latest mentee. You came in bang at the right time and you get a mention here. Lol. I’m surely loving getting to know and mentor you, Ovoketina. (Love your name btw)
Bimz Bimz. The latest graduate on the mentee lane. And from my Alma mater too. Whoop!!! Keep living for and repping Christ Abimbola hun.
And Chi… Kai. Where do I even start from? Chi and her trailer loada drama and theatrics. Chi can talk for Africa… Both in English and in French. Choi!!! But don’t try her when it comes to Bible study. She drops it like tz hot. Chi came into the FAB mentee lane late o but was overwhelmingly voted group leader by the rest of the girls. Very strong, unmissable presence, plus she is a very effective Chief Whip too lol. Chimamaka my darling, don’t ever lose your effervescent spirit and keep on reppin’.
Love you all my darlings and have a Happy and Blessed Birthday and year and life indeed.
*Group Hug with the Quads*
Ok now that your birthdays have come, can we now ‘hear word’ on the group? Ugh.

Ok so today is Prayer day. Whoop!!!
And I’m led to focus on the moms and wifeys. If you are single and you feel left out, don’t worry, just sow seeds of prayers into our lives and your future.

Quite a couple of moms and wifeys were among the 31 FAB testfiying voices but just so we are clear and you know I have you in mind, I’ll list our names.

Dumebi my Booski
Eniola my Sapphire
Mienye my amazing Prayer Partner
Water Walker
Naija wife

And cos I know some more FAB wives and moms, I’ll have to add them. Tz one big happy FAB  family after all…

Pastor M
*insert your name here if I missed it*

I had to read through all our posts and specifically pray for the requests you shared with us here.

You can refresh here

E’ testifying

#31F.A.B.Voices…E’ testifying

Booski Testifying

#31F.A.B.Voices…Booski Testifying


#DoubleDelight…NaijaWife and Afoma Testify

Ebele testifying

#31F.A.B.Voices…Celebrating Testifying Ebele

Priceless Testifying

#31F.A.B.Voices…Priceless Testifying

Tomiwa and Cannime Testify

From across the waters… Two moms Tomiwa and Cannime Testify

Mienye and Carolyn testifying

Still Mommy-lurvin' on the F.A.B. lane… Mienye&Carolyn testifying

F.A.B. Mrs. O Testifying (Sapphire)

#GrandFinale… F.A.B. Mrs. O Testifying

Our God is faithful. Faithful to do all He promised. Hold on darlings. And don’t stop praying for your home, kids, and all. Prayer is work but it works ooooo. And we should pray lest we become preys to Ekwensu.

One thing is undeniable- You can’t run marriage on the power of flesh alone. You will crash. So I certainly don’t play with praying for my marriage. I recall reading on www.inthemidstofher.com where she said she has not had to pray for anything as much as her marriage. At the time, I didn’t quite get it cos I was single. Now tho, I get it wella. BTW, you should visit her blog for some of the most amazing marriage lessons she shares. Now I don’t have kids but hey, tz not too early to start praying for them ooo. David is one of my second fave Bible character and we have been studying him on my FAB group. One of what we are learning is that David missed it mega when it came to training his kids. Ah!!! A whole DAVID. And the terms the Bible used were harsh sef. 

1st Kings 1:6 His Father had spoiled him ROTTEN as a child, NEVER once reprimanding him…. #Adonijah #CoupPlotter
2nd Sam 13:21 ‘…but he didn’t discipline Amnon. David doted on him cos he was the firstborn son…’ #Amnon #Rapist

They certainly brought him wahala. Omo, you need wisdom ooooooooo.
And the bible thankfully says we can ask wisdom of our GIVING God and He will give liberally…

Never too early to start praying for them ooo. Yesterday during our prayers, Rosebud raised a prayer request for our kids. I loved when she said that our kids will bring us joy and be a delight to our souls. Choi!!! And then Tobi said ‘Our kids dont do drugs, they do GOD!!!’ Kabaye!!! Amen!!!

I use the Power of a Praying Wife as a guide to prayers.

This Book is the BUSINESS... Infact 'The Power of a Praying' range of books

I’ll just pick out some lines from some of the chapters, pick out some points from all the momma/wifey posts shared and we can pray together. Both for our selves as wives and moms, for our husbands, for our marriages and for our homes. Of course this won’t cover all but tz a good start…

Let us pray…


Father, first, we are soooooooo grateful for the men, the kids and the home you have given us. Beyond words grateful.

We ask today that you help us to be model wives and mothers. The ones whose husband and kids bless and speak well of everywhere. Wisdom to build our homes on the right foundation, we receive Lord. Where we need change and transformation, we yield totally to you to do a quick work in us and keep perfecting us. Teach us and Make us indeed our hub’s helpmate, companion, champion, friend and support. We satisfy our husbands in EVERY WAY. Their hearts safely trust in us they would have no need of help from outside. Help us raise model children. Help us to be the kinda parents our kids would be proud to top-list as their role models. The seeds we are raising are godly.  Let our homes be rooted and grounded in Love and Peace. 
A submissive spirit is released upon the FAB wives in this lane. The spirit of LEADERSHIP z continually released on our husbands. They hear God. They know what to do. They command and lead their families in the ways of God. Our husbands are men of Faith. Men of courage. Men of God hallelujah!!!

Lord we ask that you teach our husbands how to be great fathers. Where it wasn’t modelled to him, we ask that you teach them. Let the heritage they pass to their kids be one rich in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Help us Lord to discipline our children right and not pamper them to stupor.

We speak wealth and riches in our homes. We use our wealth for the kingdom of God halleujah!!! In our homes, we walk by faith. We live by faith. Our homes are super abundantly blessed. We lack no good thing. The desires of our hearts in accordance with your will are granted. Whatever we agree together on as a family, stands. The devil has absolutely zero foothold in our homes. No thoughts of divorce or infidelity in Jesus name.

Model Christian homes are our lot… When examples are needed of how a home should be run, our homes will come up…


Thank you Lord cos our marriages are protected from anything that can harm it. We enjoy the godly marriage of our dreams, we ask in Jesus name, amen.

Now to more specifics…

Father we pray for myself, my Booski and Sapphire…

My wifey delights

Thank you for making our marriages increasingly the dream that we want it to be with the incredible doses of fun, spirit and love. Thank you cos my besties and I enjoy the most amazing marriages ever. 

This man has 'my number' mehn....

Thank you cos we have the wisdom to balance our lives well in such a way that our marriages and husbands don’t suffer. We may be new on this but wisdom of the aged is released on us in Jesus name, amen

Thank You for giving NW and NH more beautiful marriage stories to share with their teeming readers. Their marriage remains a blessing and ministry. Thank You Abba for NaijaChildren coming. We know that the wisdom to raise them is released on them in Jesus name. 

Lord we commit Water Walker and her hubby MK to you. Thank you for your increased blessings on their home. Thank you for all the FORWARD 2014 plans. We know you are working it out already. Thank you especially for her hub’s ministry and equipping her to keep birthing his vision.

Daddy, we thank you that Priceless is hub’s perfect helpmate. Her eyes are increasingly open to ways she can help him. Thank you for their amazing kids.

My darling Ariel

Oh and thank you for more and more culinary skills for her as she desires.

Cannime’s hubs and son remain the perfection she said. They have the wisdom to train their son. And she remains a perfect wifey to him.

Thank You Lord for an overdose of wisdom on Tomiwa and Adeolu as they raise their kids… Thank You for the right and godly family you will raise with them. 

Caroline has the wisdom needed to strike the balance between discipline and love. Wisdom to train her kids. Even as she takes the Sunday school class, she also imparts to the children godly values for life in Jesus name, amen.

Hot and sexy wifey is my darling Mienye. She cooks up storms for hub’s culinary delight. She understands hubs perfectly and picks all his signals. Her small oga at the top too is growing up in you. More and more married Christian friends you are bringing her way in Jesus name, amen.

Lord we also commit Inthe, Fey, Nonye, Diche, Rosebud and other Fab wives here that we haven’t mentioned to You.

I LOVE this picture... Diche&hubs Diche z Pastor M's sister

You know the desires of their hearts concerning their marriages and homes. Grant them Oh Lord in accordance to your will. You know what needs fixing, Lord wisdom to fix it. We call their marriages testimonies and delightsome in Jesus name.

Daddy’boo we are super grateful for my darling Pastor M and her marriage that you have made this beautiful testimony we all draw from (fly to her blog to understand why I say that. www.justusgirlsnaija.com ). Father, continue to pour your very life into her marriage. Continue to make her marriage an inspiration to the world.

Pastor M's Davidaaaaaaaaaaa <3 She z soooo pretty

Continue to place her marriage on that pedestal that shows the world that you can have the marriage of your dreams. Continue to bless her, bless her PK, bless ‘dassah and ‘vida, bless her ministry and bless all the amazing people and children that are in her life in Jesus name Amen.

PastorM's children @ DCC Married women's fellowship... #HOTwifeys

Father thank you cos you are helping the Weight watchers here. (Hehehe). And those who wanna lead healthier lives as wives and in their homes (kitchens). Discipline be released on us all including me, WW, Priceless, Mienye and the rest

Father those that are trusting you for family Vacations, thank You for making it a reality. Sapphire, Mienye, Booski, Cannime, E’ etc.

Those who are trusting you for the fruit of the womb and are expecting, thank You cos their desires are granted them and at the right timing where things are perfected in Jesus name, amen

Of course, we can’t forget those FAB Singles who are planning marriages this year/early next year.
Chinwe, Valerie, Tani, Ruth and others (feel free to add your name ooo). Lord make a way for them and cause things to go even better than they have planned it. I certainly can do with wedding plannings biko.

Oh and those trusting you for Davidic men?

Men that it is in them to fly you through 4continents for your wedding anniversary. #HoneyMoonistry #RevRocks abeg

Divine match-making we ask oh Lord. We will testify and rejoice with them too in advance in Jesus name, amen

And generally, I pray for my readers. By association with this blog, dear God, bless them and make their lives Favoured And Blessed indeed in Jesus name, amen.


To You our Sugar Daddy’licious who hears and answers prayers, we pray in Jesus name, amen.

Phew… I am a prayer-addict walahi.

Boko-haraming the devil and his kingdom

Did you feel this?
I hope you prayed ooo. If you didn’t, oya scroll back up and pray now now.


This wife's hotness (and natural hair) is going NOWHERE!!!


While we are on mommy-lane, lemme ask y’all a question. So I was watching Moments with Mo (abi with Bolanle and Dolapo) and the topic that day was ‘Child stars’. So I actually asked myself if I’ll let my child be a CHILD STAR. My answer (as well as Bolanle’s who I absolutely love btw) was a BIG FAT NO!!! Lol. Mehn, you gotta be at least 21 before I let you do anything ooo. 😐 Then I thought of KKB show and how my nieces was on the show cos well, they were using her school and some of the students.

My KKB niece

I guess I don’t mind stuff like KKB show, drama in church and school. As in proper children’s show in Naija ooo. But you see all those Disney kid star tins like HM, Reality shows, music stars like Willow Smith, etc, I no gree ooo. Lai lai to lai lai.
Ah, especially anything that would require they do music videos and apply make-up as kids. Mba ooo
There z dis beautiful young girl singer, I think she’s under 10 or so, won a reality show and mehn, when I saw promo pictures of her album and video? Choi!!! Why didn’t they leave her as a child? Why make-up and grown-up dressing?
Anyways sha, I’m not saying tz sin or is bad, I’m just saying tz certainly not for me. I’m all for ‘let kids be kids’

So would you let your kid be a Child star?

Any wife on the lane wanna pray more, holler at me. I could help encourage you. My prayer partner Mienye and I darriz…

20 Responses

  1. Amen. No. No child stardom for my kids. At least, not in the entertainment industry as it currently is. I’ll help them hone their talents finely and build their character solidly in preparation for whatever they’ll feel the need to become as adults. The whole idea is to help them grow into their best selves and achieve whatever purpose they are on earth for. Anything else? Abeg o. Childhood has a short shelf life, biko.

  2. Amen.
    May God’s covenant over your families and marriages be as the covenant with Israel.
    May ur homes be God’s home, God’s marraige, like Eden, where God freely comes in an surps with you.
    David and His other wives couldn’t discipline their kids,but Bathsheba was blessed with that wisdom, that she raised a wise son to be king, May ur homes never lack the wisdom needed to bring up Godly, goodly offsprings-urs and others the Lord will bless u with.
    Men will see ur God works and glorify ABBA.
    All of ur hearts desires this year according to God’s will, will not fail, and so will u be satisfied early with God’s mercies.
    To all planning weddings, Its is urs to ask and our Father’s to establish, for u will know no want at such a time as this.
    To all waiting on God for Husbands or wives- For in due time, in close time, great laughter and rejoicing shall fill ur mouths from d excess in ur heart, when God blesses u with ur perfect half.
    In Jesus name.
    (and now may d church/brethren shout. lol)

  3. Dear ‘E,
    I know kabaye means rhema(or I think it does) pls what language is it and what’s d meaning?

    1. Nne kabaye for me is just a heavenly language especially when logos enters rhema.
      I know CE peeps use it a lot sha. Dunno what language it is exactly

  4. Haha I see you behaved yourself! This post Is the truth!!! Nowadays we read some nonsense going on in some marriages. God will continue to make your marriage and that of the others heaven on earth, Amen. Psalms 144:12 would also be the portion of every parent here IJN!

    1. Lol yes boo I behaved myself.
      And that Psalms is the truth
      That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace: (KJV)
      Bless you boo. And AMEN

  5. i dont know about any other person but my mentor is the best ever. i celeberate you Mama E’. i bless God for placing me in your hands. you the awesomest Mentor evuuuuuurrrrrr. (thats how you now opened my nyansh to the nation *covers face*). these prayers are so powerful, i had to make investments into my future biko. You are blessing Ma. may Sugar Daddy strengthen you the more. xoxo

  6. AMEN and AMEN! Wonderful.. Happy birthday to the Quads.. Thank you so much for the prayers E.
    I don’t think I would want my child to be exposed to ‘stardom’ at an early age.. Too much pressure. I would want for them to experience the joy and innocence of childhood by God’s grace. But I am only a caretaker, God has the final say.
    Have a blessed week E, you look FAB as always xx

  7. E;licious the hot wifey and mama…noooooo, scratch that…It’s Eziaha, the FAB Ezi nwunye and Ezi nne…yes E’precious, my lovely sister…you know you are precious to me…thank you for all the prayers and mentions….yes ooo, I use Stormie’s book….the prayers are awesome. I love love love my husband and our beautiful three children, beautiful gifts from CHUKWU our most High GOD…I can’t over emphasise the importance of praying for my husband and children…yeah as wives and moms we need prayers toooo,.but our husband’s and kids need it more…Ezi nne thanks for praying for us, we do need to Pray for one another as we journey this favoured and blessed lifelong route…there may be stops on the way but no looking back until we arrive at our final destination; our heavenly Jerusalem, the eternal Kingdom of everlasting bliss, when I can finally put my feet up and fold my arms and get some good rest….loooooool. To be a FAB wife and mom, I dare say, no be small work o, 24/7 without pay o….but it is pure joy….praying for the Quads, happy birthday and all things favoured and blessed for y’all. Praying for our single sisters, May GOD bless you all with the right and blessed husbands,amen…and praying for our FAB lane prayer group, May the light of GOD shine brighter and brighter as we serve GOD more and more…kisses y’all…++++

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