You are doing the BEST that you can but it still seems like you are not ticking off the things that matter off your Planner.

You have days when it seems like you already lost by 9am and so you wanna throw the entire day away and just lay in bed instead?

Need some help not just maximizing your hours, but also knowing what activity to do best in each hour?

Read ON.

Because there is some wisdom below for you (and the friends you forward this to because you care for them)

The day was Tuesday.

My Home was teeming with humans.

Yes, it was JUST 5 extra persons BUT I am used to being ALONE, working in a quiet home from morning to about 2.30pm, or during the holidays, just me and my kids.

That Tuesday, I felt overwhelmed, defeated, and just plain sad!!!

Everyone in my home was there for a reason, matter of fact, they are part of my team at #JesusGirlsFitness, so they were technically working for me, but hey, still!!!

I asked the Holy Spirit to PLEASE tell me how to still make the most out of the day, because I didn’t want to just throw away my day. Had so much to do anyways…

I went into my room, alone, and went on YouTube. I saw a video I had downloaded but was yet to watch so I decided to watch it.


One thing Winnie said jumped at me, and by the time she was done, I KNEW I had gotten my day back…

Ntoi satan

So what did she say?

Interestingly, nothing I didn’t KNOW before now, but you see when Jesus hits you with new revelation on old knowledge, its BOMB

She said we should study our bodies and know the kind of people we are

Are you a morning or night person?

Do you work better in silence or with people?

Bla bla.

Then the Holy Spirit took it plenty further with me.

I know when revelation is about to hit so I cleared my table and brought out my diary.





Track with me, baby. I will bring it all together for you.

I drew 3 columns for each of those words, then on another page, I wrote out all the activities that are important to me NOW

Now, let me explain.

Some activities for me can only be done during my FOCUS hours, and these are really the times I work best.

I am a QUIET, ALONE kind of worker. I don’t want to see people when I do deep work, and I certainly don’t want to be interrupted.

Some of the activities in my life right now that require FOCUS are

1. My Copy Cure course with Marie Forleo

2. Creating Nutrition Plans

3. 1 hour no-interruption prayers

4. Video editing course

And more.

Those were some of the things I was attempting to do that Tuesday and failure was looking at me.

I mean, how can I do my courses when my staff and my kids would be interrupting me every 5mins?

Those are the things I do when I wake at 2 or 3am, or at 11pm when the whole house is quiet.

Those immediately left my to-do list for the day.

Peace = Mine again

Then my FRINGE activities.

These are the ones that don’t require any exclusivity of time.

Meaning, I can do two or more of them at once, and do all WELL. My domestic work usually falls big time here.


I can mop the floor, while catching up on my audio Bible reading for the day.

I can be washing plate, and listening to my fave YouTube preachers

I can be working out and listening to an audio book (I will like to do a post on reading, as not every reading should be in fringe hour’s ooo)

You can be visiting with me and we are gisting while I am picking beans

But, you get the point, abi?

Don’t ever waste your fringe hours, and QueenD talked about it in this post for Stay at Home moms

Then my FLURRY hour activities?

Those are the activities that I can do even if a whole market was in my home, and yet do it well.

So, even if I am interrupted 10 times, I can still do it well.

Some of them for me in this season would be

Reading at level 1 (as in novels, light reading and all)

Make up (I am learning basic skills)

Short prayers and take my affirmations

Kid’s school work


Ay!!! I don’t have to sleep and snore all through the night if I have much focus hour activities to do, and the waking hours will be flurry and fringe all through.


Those were the kind of things I should have been doing or planning to do that day, but here I was trying to do my FOCUS hour activities instead, and feeling like a failure.

Ah. Once Jesus was done with me, I KNEW I had hit major jackpot AND I wanted to also share with my blog family.

I also quickly re-jigged my to-do list for the day, and at the end of that day, I achieved better than I thought because a FLURRY kind of day demands only FLURRY activities.

Then I planned the next day in such a way that I am not wasting those quiet FOCUS hours, chatting or sleeping, but I am focusing it on DEEP WORK so when all the flurry comes later, I know what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do.

I truly hope this helps you.

I tried to make it as practical as possible.

So instead of feeling like you keep failing with your hours daily, what you may need to flip are the activities you do per time, and optimize both so all you can do daily is WIN WIN WIN.

Applauding your WINS



We all know that Nigeria needs prayers, abi?

If you, like me have STRUGGLED to pray alone without feeling overwhelmed, lacking ginger, or plain not knowing what and how to pray powerfully, say AMEN because now, all you need to do is join this MUTE group on whatsapp where my friends and I pray Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12noon for 30mins over Zoom.

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We actually JUST kicked off today, Thursday April 29, and by God’s grace we intend to keep it going.

Like I said, the group is MUTE meaning no plenty chats.

We will JUST send prayer schedule and link on the prayer days, and then any prophetic word we receive in the course of our prayers.

Nothing else, and if you know me, you KNOW this. The purpose of the group will remain the PURPOSE of the group.

We will pray POWERFUL, PROPHETIC, SUSTAINED and INTENSE prayers over Nigeria and push back the darkness that is looming.

Guys, we NEED to pray abeg!!!

So join group here

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  1. Chai. Coach E!!!. Flesh and blood CERTAINLY did not reveal this to you. See me always trying to carry out focus activities during my flurry hours and failing miserably at it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. No more wastage to my hours. Thank you so much for this overly insightful write up.

    Coach E, the way U are best friends with Heather, Christine and co is the way U are my best friend. Haha #Stalker. May God’s blessings always remain with you and yours in Jesus mighty name. Amen 💞💞💞

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