Response from my last post was incredible. Still coming in. Emails/comments/messages have been amazing with people sharing their testimony/faith projects with me. I’ve been blown away. Thank you all so much for sharing. My faith peaked. God is amazing shaaaaaaaa. Choi!!! I’ve had this testimony pending for a while from one of my FAB sisturrz about her job and then I heard one last night about a house from a faith brother of mine that stood me up from my bed and got me speaking in tongues.

I’ll share both here, with their permission but anonymously…

First off, the HOUSE testimony!!!

So I put this DP up and SOJ hollers at me that he has been confessing same for 2years and that he lives in a 5br duplex where he pays no rent and everything furnished down to mattress and his focus is now on buying the house as that’s what He’s believing for.

Ah, as a real FAB babe, I quickly asked for details.

Background of the story is he has been living by faith for a while and practising kingdom principles even when things seemed really hopeless especially housewise but he kept his confessions and praise on declaring big houses for himself. Then sometime in 2011, God told him he’ll move him out of Abuja and take him into his own. By then he had been confessing that scripture. Finally he got a job that they were to post him outta here. And for some interesting reason, HR decided to find him a BIG house, bought everything he needed and furnished to his taste. Now what the company thought was that the place would be like a Guest house for other staff when they come to that town BUT then there was a change in TOP management and restructured the way things were done which now meant NO staff would be coming there. That’s how the company has been paying rent for him oh. And before you think that’s normal company policy, nope. They don’t pay rent for any other staff. As you can imagine, jealousy comes with this favour package and so while staff be scheming that the rent payment stops, he’s trusting God to buy the house. Cos that’s his plan with his God.


I’ve left out company name and some details but it is not even like SOJ is a top staff that deserves this benefit ooo but see how God orchestrated a five bedroom duplex for him, then changed the rules from guesthouse to personal house and soon na landlord tinz…

Micah 7:11 is a scripture I confess which I see works here too…

 11  In the day that your walls are to be built [a day for building], in that day shall the boundary [of Israel] be far extended and the decree [against her] be far removed.

As in when God just wants to favour you, when He says ‘Eziaha, it is your time’ boundaries, protocols, etc will be far extended. Laws, decrees, ‘this-is-how-it-has-always-been-done’ and the ilk will be faaaaarrrrrrr removed. I recall someone’s testimony of how she worked from home in another state for a year plus mat.leave in an oil company ooo. It was like they didn’t know what they were doing.

I was encouraged by SOJ’s. God works in very many diverse ways but He gives houses for free. I quickly sharply told hubby this testimony and we sowed a seed immediately that night which he now told me God asked him to forward to another Man of God and spoke some kind strong declarations into my blessed life…


Now moving on to the job testimony of Nne…

While still on using your faith to believe for and get anything, let’s take this to bold-facing that JOB you’ve been eyeing since…

I’m sharing a FAB sister’s testimony on how she landed her job. Crazy stuff mehn. And like I always say, yours may not be a job, but whatever it is, Nne’s (not real name) testimony will further inspire you to reach out in boldness and GRAB IT!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo right after I shared my UN testimony, one of my FAB sister’s shared her own mind blowing job testimony with us in the FAB group and my goodness, I knew I had to share here mehn!!! So with her permission and in her words, here we go.
My interjections are in bracket…

I started my current Job August 2012, prior to that, I had spent a year and a half at a multinational *name withheld*, spent 6 months in Training school, and had started working as assistant Brand manager, I loved my job, had a “blessed” boss o, but still enjoyed what I did, I had always wanted to step away from engineering, so I was just happy I was able to do that and still love my job.

Some time in 2012, I saw the ad for my current job, the moment I saw it and read the JD,I just KNEW, I KNEW the job was mine, there was no iota of doubt in my mind. I can’t even explain it, I didn’t have any scripture backing it, I just had an assurance in my heart. I was SURE!
The jd fit me perfectly, IT background plus marketing know how, I was cocky when I applied sef. I was too sure…

Surprise surprise, I got a rejection mail, same day…

Looool, it was like someone was waiting at the other end for my application just to reject it.

I was dazed initially, but my first reaction was “Iro leyin people yi pa o, e ti she mistake” (you people are either lying or have made a mistake) loooool, but what could I do na, I forgot about it after a while.

During that period we were doing this seed thing for a new parking lot in Daystar which I attended at the time and it was spread over a 6month period, ending June or July, can’t remember.
I had felt led to give when my pastor announced it. Generally they don’t announce these things in Church, but pastor Sam said then that he felt led to announce.

My sisters, that thing was for me o
So, when this happened, I just tied that money to this and said, Lord as I’m contributing to your work, I need you to show up for me.
And promptly forgot about it.

A couple of weeks/months later, the ad came up in my radar again,and I thought, ‘Haven’t they filled this role?’

Then I remembered that shebi I had already “collected” the job in the Spirit, nobody can get that job o, except I expressly release it.

Then I decided it was as time to take that BOLD step, time to sleep at Boaz’ feet o, BOLD!!!

I just figured what’s the worst that could happen, then I googled “*** HR Nigeria”, (I had to remove the name of the company for obvious reasons)

No name came up but I kept seeing the country managers name, so I formed all possible email options o_o@…, O.o@…,oo@…

Formed like a million email addresses with the man’s first name and last name, put them all in bcc, prayed and sent it.

(This is CRAZY!!! I mean how do you think this up???? Form plenty emails with the man’s name and surname? Hian… This blew my mind walahi…ok let’s see how this ends…)

When I got the man’s response, I almost didn’t believe it, because I got so many bounced back messages, I wasn’t even sure which one went.

Sent the mail on monday, he responded on Tuesday and asked me to come for an interview on Thursday
My God is a sharp sharp God o.

(Like real sharp sharp. This company no be maimai ooo. Choi!!!)

I went for the interview, with my VERY unconventional hair style, it was the same dude and someone else. In 20 minutes, I was done.

My sisters, I got an offer of employment the next day Friday, all of this took 5 days!

With NO test, one 20 min interview, when I finished sef, I went “is that it?”

(Yes boo, that’s my kinda God. He’s amazing like that…)

Let me give you a quick insight, I work with *******, it’s in the top 50 of fortune 500 and one of the top 10 brands, the normal recruitment is HECTIC! Interview after interview. I had One!

Ha, my process scattering God

The day the girl sent me an email with my offer details, she told me to go through it and get back to her the next day or so.

I was so afraid they would change their minds, I sent an email accepting the we offer 30 mins later. Looool

It was so surreal I was in shock for days, I couldn’t even resign because I didn’t believe it.

By all means I wasn’t worthy, I came out  with a 2.1, low 2.1 sef. I had first class friends who didn’t have jobs yet, people were still asking about how I got my current job, and here I was with another job.

Ha, I was just dazed.

Not like I was particularly spiritual or anything, I was your regular struggling Christian.

(Was listening to a message recently from KCM and one thing the couple mentioned was that sometimes we truly don’t know sooo much but we act based on the little we know and God honors that. I see that in Nne’s case. At that level, she sowed, believed, claimed, acted and wham, she got it. )

2 weeks after I resumed, I was on my way to Dubai for a conference, I had never even been on a local flight until a year before then, looool. My passport was freshhh.

If you had seen me in that flight, you would never had guessed, I packaged properly, looool. As if id been flying all my life.

Shortly after then, I was headed to Germany for induction. I was still in shock all these times o, he LITERALLY pulled me out of the miry clay, literally and set my feet high.

That o, sisters, is my loooong overdue job testimony, inspired and reminded by E’s UN testimony.

Lessons I learnt
1. Be bold! No space to be shy o, reach out and grab what you have the assurance from Heaven for

2. Never ever underestimate the power of giving, it doesn’t come easy to us o, it’s hard, I know, but if you’re getting a push, just do it.

Thanks everyone. He’s just awesome sha, Times like this, I just lay flat and give thanks, cry my eyes out in thanksgiving, what will I say I have done to deserve this now? Ehn, what?

3. A rejection doesn’t always mean “No”, it could mean, “How badly do you want this? Now reach out and grab”

***The End***

I reaaaaaaalllly wish she let me share the name of the organisation but somewhere in the class of GE. Those type you see only on CNN and BBC hehehe.

I LOVE her point 3. A rejection doesn’t always mean NO oooo. How bad do you want it baby????

I don’t recall whose boldness it was we were studying in our Bible study at that time, I think it was Rahab, and so Nne’s story really drove it home. Boldness. Boldness in Faith and in deed…

Then let’s talk about seed sowing… Mehn aint no escaping it in this kingdom ooo. Sowing comes with the package. You MUST sow your way through. You must plant if not what harvest will you reap? So quit the comedy you are currently investing in and sow especially into fertile ground ooo.

Let’s not make this any longer. I know these two faith in HD testimonies will do something even more to your faith… People like you and I. Same God.

Ofu mkpuru okwu ezuola onye amamihe… A word is enough for the wise!!!



I got this title from a blog reader who is also a blogger. She mentioned me in her latest blogpost ‘Faith in 3D’. I loved the name so I just tweaked a bit and got mine. Thanks babe. Blog link is

Too tired to put pictures up… Sawry.

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  1. WOW! So inspired by this fab sister’s testimony!
    Lesson learnt from fab sister testimony I love this : A rejection doesn’t always mean NO, it could mean how badly do you want it? Hmmm! Confess it! pursue it ! Claim it! until it’s yours!
    Recently, a sister in my church gave a testimony on how started sowing towards her next income.
    She was believing God for an increase in her income. So this sister began to confess scriptures on increase, sow towards all kingdom projects in Church and started paying tithe of the income she was believing God for.
    She said though it was somehow difficult for her paying more than double of her usual tithe for a period of time but she still held on paying the tithe of her expected income. Some months later this sister got the exact increase in income she believed God for.
    This our God is indeed faithful o! Lesson is don’t always joke with sowing o and giving.Don’t underestimate the power of giving like the fab sis mentioned. It works ehn! Except you don’t believe in it then don’t sow/give!
    It’s time to confess mine too! That dream organization I have always wanted to work. Now I have got my faith so much activated and fired up with testimonies like this.
    Thanks E’ darling for sharing. Hugs and kisses

    1. Oh wow!!! Wow!!!
      Tithing by faith.

      Christians not be smiling ooo. An army is truly rising. Men n women who would dare to believe. Shattah!!! I should do this too ooo. Tithe in faith

  2. Wow! Faith soo jeered up. Mehn! See people pulling things with their faith o. Faith works ooo. I will definitely testify. Thanks so much for this mama. Ah! God bless you planri plenri. I needed this.

  3. one thing that always trips me in testimonies is how they are all seemingly easy when they happen…like you do not stress yourself for what millions struggle for…could only be favour! favour galore!
    our God is indeed awesome!

    More testimonies are coming..yes!

  4. Kai these testimonies are mind blowing n faith building!…process scattering God! Only YOU can do these things Jehovah. Mrs Olojo thanks for sharing.God bless.

  5. Singing* I stand I stand in Awe of YOU, Holy GOD to whom all praise is due….i stand in awe of YOU * high definition faith testimonies indeed…I just love that *na lie this people dey talk* bit… Bold kan, JESUS kan ni…Ahhh, mo gbadun JESU gaaaaan.

    Faith ehn…supernatural gift from GOD…grab it o, believe without doubting and sowing ehn, no escaping it o as E’ said…if one doesn’t sow good seeds how can one reap a good and multiple harvest… MBA nu…o dighi eme me. it doesn’t happen that way..

    CHUKWU daalu Sir+++

  6. wowzers well i am off to sowing, i have been praying for something for a while i have even bought the shoes i wil wear to this place but i am now believing it is mine. it just a matter of time before i step into my destiny

    1. Awwwwww hun
      Water the seed, and continue to water it with ur words and confession till ur harvest shows. Though of cos ur harvest can come in various ways ooo.


  7. Wonderful working God. I believe God is working on my own testimony too. God bless E for giving us this platform. Pls E send me your e mail of whatsapp no. There is somfin I wanna share wit u. 07032382907

  8. These day dunno wats up with my internet ild type my comment to post na war! well hoping this comment goes through.
    nne you are on fire this days oh! i guess the reason you have been posting frequently is because of me! walahi this is really what i need right now! i cant stress enough how these posts have encouraged me. Godbless you dear, we must testify. erm ive been trying to send you a mail oh. ive typed it already na to send remain 😉 i pray i grow liver enough to send it 😛

    1. Lol
      just hit the send button

      I will be expecting
      I’m glad this comment came through and grateful recent posts have blessed ya


  9. This Faith works ooooh !
    What has I been doing with my life without faithing it to get my desired testimony.
    Thanks E’ for sharing this to boost my faith
    Love U’

  10. Awww, thanks for the love too 😀

    haaaa, another one again. This my God sha!! He’s just too good. Ahn ahn. The knowledge of him shall fill the Earth oo, whether the devil likes it or not. This is a serious testimony to show that Na only God, and Him alone.

    Thanks for sharing again. More testimonies to come by His grace.

    Much love. xo!

    p.s: E, have you seen one post on BN that talked about the doctor that survived Ebola. Kai, Serious Faith, WOrd of God and messages like you mentioned in your post. It was awesome. I’m always happy about news like this 🙂

  11. Amazing testimony. Believing in God too for a miracle in my life, I key into this by faith. The violent taketh it by force. It can be tough holding on for so long, hoping for your dreams to come to pass, but we have a God who never fails. Would share mine soon.

  12. Hello E,I am a first timer n this is the first time am commenting on ur post. Your blog has indeed been a blessn n I key in strongly into this testimony of miracle enviable jobs. If he did ur UN job n this fab sister’s he will do mine. Just graduated n highly xpectant. God bless u

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