Hi guys, happy weekend. Hahaha at my title. Needed to pack as much gist into the title.


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A couple of months back. my FAB sister Kemi’licious,


a travel agent and CEO of Le Voyage Travel shop did this series of BBM updates on vacation spots in Africa and I was just wowed that some of these beautiful places were right here in my Africa. Somehow we have been brainwashed into thinking that all those exotic vacay spots are outside of Africa only.


Heck, I didn’t even know Zanzibar was in Africa. Just imagine that. I followed the updates and knew I wanted to share it here. Fast forward to this week, I ask her to collate them and mail to me so I run it on my blog and promote her Agency too. She agreed. I have her contact at the end of this post so please holler if you have questions.


I love to travel. I love to pack up, hop on a plane, take off, land and unpack. But I have not had many opps to travel as much as I would love to because… money. So I dream it, google it, enjoy pictures and come back to my room in Nigeria lol. But hey, these locations are not expensive at all, all are visa free or visa on arrival at the airport, return tickets are cheap ditto standard hotels. So hey, what are you waiting for? Most of these locations are PERFECT for honeymoon and family vacations but allow me to talk to the singles. Especially as a single working class lady who just wants to get away. Just round up a few of your friends and enjoy a girls-vacay-out. Hopefully, you meet a couple of cute Christian guys who love the Lord and are on a guys-vacay-out.

Hahaha!!! If there is a wedding, I better get an invite AND VVIP treatment- high table, chairlady’s opening remarks and all.

*straight face*

But really though, with 200-300 thousand naira, you can have a one week long vacation at any of these spots.

Just imagine you, your Bible and journal, a couple of Christian books and messages, by the seaside (Don’t forget your earphones please. BIG ONES) just taking in the beauty of nature, praying in the Spirit, catching rhema and just generally loving the Lord.

How won't you hear God retreating here?
How won’t you hear God retreating here?

I have told Bolaji that I am leaving KingDaveed with him this Christmas and going to Dubai ALONE. From the look of things, I should be popping into one of these fabulous spots in Africa in addition just to have a spiritual get away. Yup ALONE too. Hahaha. Or maybe with Sapphire, Valerie, Priceless and Dumebi. Haaaaaa!!!!

We would surely be #DisturbingZanzibar Hahaha

Ok please enjoy, these 12 EXOTIC VACATION SPOTS IN AFRICA from my girl Kemi, and be sure to share with me if you have been to any or plan to. And though these are Google images and some Wiki texts, I have friends who have been to some of these places and they say it is as good. plus I have seen their pictures too.

Kemi says accommodation and return tickets for each of these places is from N280 000 (two hundred and eighty thousand naira) pere. For a WHOLE week. Come on guys, EXPLORE AFRICA!!!





Located in Tanzania on Indian Ocean islands. This place is full of scenic beaches and luxury hotels and beautiful resort centres. It can be used for both couple and family vacation



Second largest city in Kenya. Located in African coastline of Indian oceans. This place feels like Hawaii or Bahamas. It’s ideal for honeymoon and vacation.



Located in South East Africa. Seychelles is clustered with scenic beaches, tropical charms and delicious seafoods. It’s recommended for all and sundry to enjoy a memorable vacation experience.



A less populated small country island located on the Indian ocean. This place has some stunning views with varieties of tourist attractions. It is ideal for family vacation.



Kombo Central is located in the south of the Gambia River and filled with a wide array of accommodation. There are varieties of activities including swimming, boating and other water activities are available here.

This place has various exotic places for vacation with the natural beauty of the country which attracts tourists all over the world. Ideal for all and sundry.

***53 EXTRA did a show on The Gambia recently and I fell in love. Until one lady played an expensive joke by saying JOLLOF RICE originated from Gambia Hahaha. What a joke. I may not be the biggest fan of Jollof rice BUT darling, DO NOT EVEN GO THERE!!! Gambia ko, Ghana ni***



The Fiji Islands are made up of approximately 333 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,600 miles north of New Zealand and 3,200 miles southwest of Hawaii. This island with its alluring beauty has a calm atmosphere and moderate climate which gives tourists the opportunity to explore nature at its best. It’s ideal for personal vacation.



Located off the coastline of West Africa. The ideal place for vacation is in one of the islands, Sal Island. This islet receives so much sunshine, it’s no wonder that its Santa Maria beach has such a great reputation. You can take a walk while watching fishermen, rent out a sun lounger for some serious bathing. Also, lots of water sports take place in the sea, so there are diverse activities for the whole family to get involved in to enjoy un unforgettable vacation.

  1. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt


Surrounded by the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh, a popular destination in Egypt is an amazing place for honeymoon vacation. The town has so much to offer, from long stretches of beaches, granite Mountain, stunning coral reefs, and amazing views of the Red Sea.




This country is endowed with great holiday paradise cloaked with turquoise sea, beautiful beaches and sparkling white sands. It’s a great place to be to enjoy the alluring beauty of nature.

Ideal for honeymoin, family and personal vacation.

***Also didn’t know Mauritius was in Africa. Choi***



With quiet tropical setting and wide variety of exciting activities, Lamu is a gorgeous paradise island in Kenya. Lamu Island is located on Kenyan coast and it offers adventurous activities for honeymooners and family vacation. With its natural splendour, a wealth of culture. It boasts if luxurious hotels, self-catering houses and fine restaurants that serves delicious seafood.

The Island is a wonderful experience.



A popular tourist destination in Tunisia and it has its own unique flavour. The city is home to renowned attractions in the country and some remarkable sights. Hammamet is a perfect spot for vacation. It’s an epitome of an African Paradise. The destination offers exotic combination of luxury accommodation, scenic beaches and amazing activities.



A destination located in Eastern Cape, about an hour drive from Port Elizabeth. The destination is a perfect destination for a relaxed and secluded honeymoon. It offers luxurious and romantic accommodation and dining experience and it’s known for its white painted houses with black roofs, canals and fascinating golf courses.


Breathtaking yeah? I thought so too.

Accommodation and return ticket for each destination is from NGN280000. Imagine!!!

Again most are visa free and the rest you get your visa on arrival including Seychelles and Mauritius.

The cheapest of these deals you can get is Mombasa. With 200k, you can do a week long vacay there inclusive fares and hotel.

For fares, Zanzibar and Mombasa are the cheapest (like 130-150k) while others range from 180k to 220k. Cheapest hotel is like 250USD for a week’s stay. Guys at dollar exchange rate of 250 (not funny), that’s less than 65k.

Please kindly note that prices are subject to change without prior notice depending of course on travel dates. So better start ringing Kemi to get your best rates. Men do something nice for your wives abeg. LOL. Even your fiancées. Send her there ALONE so that she can know what she will be getting when she agrees to marry you Hahaha.

For further information on booking, tickets and accommodation contact

Le Voyage Travel shop.

Office: 0809 840 9447

Mobile:0802 944 2507


Follow us in Instagram for travel updates @Levoyage_travelshop


Happy vacationing darlings. Take some time off the stress and RECHARGE!!!

And kemi thank you sooooooo much boo.

Stay Fruitful guys,

Mini vacay with KingDaveed haha
Mini vacay with KingDaveed haha



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  1. Omg!!! Des places r amazing! I particularly luv zanzibar, Hammamet & Seychelles. Just showed hubby d pictures, he likes dem a lot. Let’s keep our Fingers crossed Lollllll. Bt 4of us goin on vacation go make 2much sense o.

  2. Aww.. beautiful.. i thought Seychelles was somewhere in the Carribean. Guess my tops are Zanzibar, Mauritius and Seychelles. Btw. You look amazing!!!! I hate travelling alone! But it looks like i will have to.

    P.s. Thanks for your consistent posts recently everytime I open your page, my fingers are crossed, but then I see a new post and I have the biggest smile. Sometimes i don’t even read it immediately, trying to savour it. Lol. Something to look forward to. Just want to appreciate you!!!

    1. Me too on Seychelles

      I guess holiday travel is best with family jor.

      Thank you hun. I do that with my fave blogs too. I slow read ehn lol

  3. Sorry dear but you see
    The Wollof/Jollof tribe are found in senegal and gambia so thats where Jollof rice originated from. Its still west africa but its not originally Nigerian or Ghanian.
    This Dubai trip sounds interesting as long as it isnt spent shopping.

  4. wow! all in Africa? *now day-travelling from my office* And yes, i totally agree babe, the vacation is loooooooonnnnnnggggg overdue. kai!

  5. Lovely places. I will get there someday. Amen. Mama, dis una pichure too fine ooo. You guys are already on vacation. Beautiful environment you got there. Say me high to KingDaveed. He sits comfortably now like a king he is.

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