Hey Darlings,

Ah, so one of my BIG goals this year is to be CONSISTENT on my three blogs all year, and taking only scheduled and not random breaks.

So help me God, Amen.

What this means is that whether on www.coache.ng, www.stayhomemoms.ng or right here on my personal Faith-based blog, you can find a steady stream of content weekly.

Plus, I am about to get on YouTube, so that takes content creation to a whole new level

See why my hours HAVE to be driven by a vision strictly, and my sleep is purpose-driven.

Above all, I am enjoying this ride FOR REAL, and I know I am right in the middle of purpose!!!

Interestingly, God helped me create a SUPER confession that I say everyday concerning the content I create

Gosh, I laaaaaav every itsy bitsy inch of my life. And like my YouTube channel says, I am living my BEST LIFE, the one to be found in Christ!!!

Ok, on to today’s post. Classic Eziaha, rabbit trails everywhere first.

So we are talking embracing minimalism, and I am SO EXCITED to rock this out

John’s diet was NARROW, his possessions MINIMAL and His focus ETERNAL,

Truly, too much stuff can turn our focus from eternal to carnal

The funny thing was I don’t even recall where I saw this quote, but it was early last year, and I just wrote it down. With going minimalist, I see just how this quote applies.

I frankly am a cross between AMAZED, APPALLED and EMBARRASSED at just how much possession I have, and WAS planning to even still buy. I just love how minimalism highlights waste, in a way that is personal.

And this whole thing started as a joke.

One prayer I regularly pray over myself is that God orders my steps online and offline, especially for someone like me that is almost 100% culturally irrelevant.

I have no social media, and I recently quit on whatsapp status views too. So except it literally comes to me, I don’t know. 

So I ask God to bring what I need to know to me, either through technology or humans.

Then I REST. I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything at all.

So, the other day on YouTube, I was checking out these mommy channels for tips and all, when a video popped up on 50 THINGS I DO NOT BUY OR OWN AS A MINIMALIST!!!


I was intrigued so I checked it out and was WOWED at what came up.


She had a nice list of items I had in EXCESS, but the real trip for me was her attitude and contentment.

She wasn’t asking me to live like her. She was just stating her reality.


It really touched me ooo. I checked a few more and chanced on my new Best friend, Sarah Therese, more on her later.


After watching those videos, I knew it was time to embrace minimalism all round, and also on behalf of my family.

On my fitness blog, I already did the first of my #FitfamMinimalist series. You may wanna check it out here.

FitFam & Minimalist Part 1: My initial Baby Steps

Will keep updating.

On my Stay home moms blog, I did the first in the #MinimalMom series too and you can find it here

MinimalMom: 13 things I don’t waste money on for my Kids

Here, I want to share on a more personal level my steps to #EmbracingMinimalism

Gosh, so much to share so let us start and see where it ends. Then I continue the series another time.

I especially love this lifestyle because it forces you to more mindful spending, heavy saving, and stewarding the blessings of God well.

That God blesses us financially is no reason to have three cars, and have 7 types of irons at home.

So the FIRST THING I decided, instead of throwing out all my possessions lol, was NO NEW CLOTHES, and SHOES this year.

STOP before you DISCARD!!!

This cuts across home, outing, workout, sleeping, and etx. The only exception would be a CLOSE family member getting married.

No asoebi, no photo shoot clothes, none!!!

As it stands, I have MORE THAN ENOUGH.

In fact, I started to section my wardrobe. I left a whole section empty first, and as I wear and wash, I put those ones in the other section, so I don’t wear any of them again until I have gone round all my clothes. And if there is any I cannot wear for any reason, I give it out, simples.

That is the first step to decongesting and minimizing my wardrobe.

Funny how I have been hunting for workout wears in a particular design, meanwhile I have like 50 personal ones.

Same with shoes. I wanted workout shoes in every color so I kept buying. I am done now!!!

To blazes with designs, I will keep wearing what I have until I have worn them out.

With this method, I will be sure to replace only minimally.

I don’t need 5 workout shoes. 2 works just fine, thank you.

I am doing the exact same thing to my kids. Sectioned their wardrobes and what doesn’t get worn, gets given out.

Will only buy if there is a REAL need.

Another thing I went minimal on would be some fancies that I used to like. Let me highlight 2

1. Colored Pens, Highlighters and Sticky notes

Gosh, I have like a gazillion and keep adding to my haul. Now I am done. Thankfully, these things finish so I will not be replacing until I am done. I also gave out a few because frankly, I had way too much

Lol side note: Someone asked me if I was giving out my Bibles too. Lol

I am even buying more. I need a standalone Hebrew and Greek dictionary.

2, Candles and everything scented.

Another possession I had a lot of, and kept buying because I am looking for the perfect smell, lol. No more buying and I gave out all. Or I put it to be given out. I have a few people who love candles so I am happy to give them to enjoy.

I am going minimal.

3. Water bottles and cups

OK, this one is insane because, thanks to my fitfam lifestyle, I just have so many cups, mason jars and more. 

I have given out quite a bit and put the plug on buying any more. I have told myself that if I buy any mason jar for example (I am hunting for bigger ones), I must give out some of the smaller ones. I don’t want to use my commitment to Fitfam as a license to waste.

Let me run along. I will be back. 

Like I said, I am new on this journey so I don’t have a lot of gist yet.

Oh, I need to add that the first victory on this journey is the one you win in your mind FIRST.

Thankfully, I have conditioned my mind to minimal thinking. If I can’t find a use for it RIGHT NOW, I am not investing money into it for the future.

This mindset shift has already made me so careful of what I buy, gifts I receive, and more. Even in decoration, so many things I don’t want in my home or living room anymore. I certainly also don’t want in my kitchen, for example, my flavored oats and I blogged about it here

I don’t want anything extra, and I am fiercely guarding my space and joy.

And teaching my kids the same.

I love you, and if you are minimal, or have come across Nigerian minimalist, holler at your girl

God bless you


Living my BEST LIFE!!!


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7 Responses

  1. EZIAHA!!! had to just write your name in caps. You essentially broken down life into simple steps.
    Thank you!
    Last year, I worked with you and had to drop off for life reasons.
    But it birthed a desire to live a healthy and wholesome life. And Bang, I read your post today and I got my conviction that yes! I can live this wholesome life.

  2. Mama!!!!! I don’t know if it was in the minimalist spirit, I didn’t buy Christmas and new year cloth for my kids. I saw it on one of your post and it made perfect sense. They wore old clothes and everyone was fine. I am Embracing this minimalist lifestyle as it is also God’s provision for my finances

  3. Hi, I’ve been going through your blog really love your faith baised content! Thank you.
    Funny enough the first post I read was in regards to you trusting God for your home this was a post from 2014, I am currently trusting God for my new home, I know the exact building, just like you I have viewed an identical building and truth be told getting the tenancy I know in the logical will make no sense due to demand etc but God doesn’t move on logical I’m laying it all down and in deep trust for this I put no limits on the way our father moves he suppasses all understanding ❤️🙏🏼 please can I request prayer towards my new home thank you so much! commenting from London, UK BTW 😁, God bless

    1. Wow, thanks sis😘 and concerning your new home, I pray that God grants you the desires of your heart and more in Jesus name. Can’t wait to hear your full testimony.

  4. I also try to embrace minimalism.. I am really good with some things (like repurposing jars, plastic and bags) and I struggle with somethings(like having too many clothes I am attached to) .
    However I am actively trying to work on digital minimalism where I don’t buy a course until I finish another one, minimize subscriptions and I audit the apps on my phone regularly.

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