Hello my very dear people. Happy 2013. May the BEST in the land TACKLE us this 2013 in Jesus name, amen

I didn’t go AWOL ooo. I have a really cool story to defend my absence from blogging this year. Ready?

I had this amazing program in church, GAINING MOMENTUM… We usually start our year every year with the program in order to gain necessary momentum for the year.


I attended last years own for the first time and this year I knew I could not miss it. Usually when I have a major program, I try to go into hibernation… From BB, BBM, Facebook, blogging, etc, in order to concentrate and retreat. Unu ma na BB na internet can be distracting. (Yeah a lot of igbo will be featured on this blog this year so holler at all your igbo speaking friends) This year, my Rev was gonna be around again and I have so missed him. Twas so good to see him again.


Anyways Gaining momentum was really amazing. Every day a blessing. Plus the word for the year in DCC is I WILL TESTIFY.

Btw, my sister is such a hater. When she saw the DCC logo on I will testify she sent me so many beefy smileys cos her church word for the year is similar, “my year of testimonies” but she has no dp to use on bb for her church… Hello hater… Hehehe

dcc DCC 2013

In triumphant assembly, the word is Supernatural speed. I have been very very excited about that word since camp meeting. I am excited about both words walahi. On day one, Rev was in the house. He spoke on 5stones we will need to KILL any Goliath this year and seriously I needed to hear that.


I will do a blogpost on it as per I am a really nice girl. They don’t even come any nicer. You are welcome. The rest of the days were handled by PK except Saturday which was a CONCERT.


That day was amazing. Very amazing. Eben was in the house. That dude’s anointing is something else. But DCC Kennedy definitely was MY best Minister that day.


I had recently DL’ed his song Arugbo Ojo and didn’t know the person that sang it was in my church. Please feel very free to download it here http://bit.ly/Vav4je and spread word too. You guys need to look out for him. My fave line in the song has to be ‘Kaaaaaabiyesi, we declare your Majesty…’ and I am so thankful he repeated that line a couple of times. Calling God ‘Your majesty’ is a major REVELATION FOR ME… All the Song Ministers were on point.

So you see, I needed this break in transmission. And you guys missed me ooo. Chai, see texts, calls, etc. when I came back see avalanche of messages I got. I am special ooo. I go off for about a week and I am super missed…. Group hug and air kisses…

Aku m ♥

Cool story abi? I told ya. Plus i really love that my pix up there. I fine ooo… Very fine walahi… I lie not. Hi hater…

Meanwhile eh, one day of GM tho, I almost cried. Oh my!!! That day I was on the Projector, and I was to project the scriptures as PK ministered. Seriously when you project the scriptures when PK is preaching, you need to be really really fast and also think of what he is GOING TO SAY next and prepare ahead. The truth is that the people in the unit, DeeJay like Pk calls us, are trained and stuff so most times we are on point. Mehn, but that fateful day, I don’t even know what came over me ooo. As my Pastor say verse 3, na so Ezi go dey verse 5, when he now decides to  follow my verse 5, I jumped to verse 500. OMG!!! I don’t even know how that happened. Trust my Pk now, I dunno if he said ‘What’s wrong with the DeeJay today?’ Or what is wrong with EZIAHA today? I am pretty sure I heard Eziaha sha. I felt bad ooo. He now said please lets leave this DeeJay and open our bibles and read it jor… Seriously that day, I didn’t greet anybody after church ooo. I just left jejely and quietly. And all the way home I felt really bad and kept whining to Bolaji who even made me feel worse by yabbing me even more *Bolaji rolling my eyes at you*.


I got home and on the verge of tears I just prayed cos I knew the Devil was magnifying it beyond the real matter. I mean NOBODY was thinking about it again only me (and Bolaji) lols… Anyways I prayed and gave myself the punishment of being the DeeJay for the rest of GM. I needed to redeem my BATTERED image. In fact one of my fellow DeeJays had to ask me what went wrong. Cos I learnt really fast and had been doing well despite being a new member. Anyways, the rest of the days, I did so well. Yipee… Now I feel better. Plenty better.

Yeah that is another cool story.

My final cool story… I AM FINALLY A BONAFIDE DCC MEMBER… Whoop whoop!!! I just concluded my final membership class and IT’S NOW OFFICIAL. Shout out to all the people who are ILLEGAL members of their church. Repent already, It is a new year… *rolling my blue-lensed eyes at you* Hahahahahahaha

Ok, so that is all I have been up to. I have great plans for my blog this year. By the way shout out to Pastor M for all the props of my blog on her Fabulous blog. www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com


Infact in DCC, especially during GM, quite a number of people walked up to me and said ‘Oh you are THE EZIAHA? I read your blog from Pastor M’s blog….’ By the way, the comment that tripped me the most had to be when someone said You are prettier in person… yeah yeah Vain me, whatever… You know how we roll… Chew and swallow your comment slowly…

Big lovely Shout out to all fans of my blog. I ‘preciate y’all. Thank you soooooooo much. I have beautiful plans for this blog in this new year so stay really really tuned…

I might as well get my Christmas gist out of the way already by gisting you guys now.

Err, nope, check back in a few hours, I would have it up… So that this doesn’t get too long (Chu chu love I see ya)

Stay winning Sweeties’ and Happy new year

And to the lovely ladies out there, also make it your resolution to be a WOMAN AFTER GOD’s own HEART… That is so my heart cry this year.

Lisa Ebunoluwa



PS; Meanwhile Enny darling i really really do miss you… Sooooooooo much. Muah. I love you so much. I really do miss you darling… That phone call was REAL… Kisses

Sapphire _3Ibadan-20120126-02509



I got this picture off this amazing Christian group i belong to on Facebook… ‘BABES! redefined’ (more about this group later) Seriously I do not even wanna know the inspiration behind this cake and I AM DEFINITELY NOT eating cake like this… Eww… This kain creativity sha…

Shout out to all the BABES! that read my blog. we ROCK!!! Both on FB and in real life

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  1. hey sis gud to have u back! GM was awesome. lukin 4ward to readn more posts. was great seeing u n u really do look very beautiful.d dress u wore on sunday, ME LIKEY… U Rock! bless u

    1. Thank u Nkieru. Very kind of u dear. ‘Preciate. Bless ya… Lucky for u I intend to blog daily for a while at least… So stay hooked. Muah

  2. I got to know about your blog on Pst. M’s blog, and it’s refreshing, thanks! Abt MK’s song, it’s one of my fave worship songs, so much so that I’m going to do a review of the song on my blog This Diva’s Playlist (www.chymdii.blogspot.com). You can also look up my wordpress blog True Words (www.chymdii.wordpress.com), cheers, keep testifying!

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