Hon. Lizzie in da house, complete with her big big grammer looool
I met Lizzie some four years ago. I had just crossed to the Social sciences and I had to take some 100level courses so therefore I had clashing courses. Someone told me to meet the classrep of 100level to borrow her note cos not only was she efficient, she had the neatest handwriting… So I rang her up and met her in Queens hall. She was more than helpful, for someone who didn’t know me ( Or maybe she did cos I was super popular) . And all these years, Lizzie has been that… ResourceFULL and HelpFULL…
We later found ourselves in the same off campus hostel and Lizzie was the only person I could drop my key with, give my ATM card and pin to and generally just entrust with information cos she was just trustworthy. Even when you expect her to just go in and take what she wants to, she won’t. She will WAIT until she had taken permission. Ah, people like Lizzie are RARE ooo. One night my room got flooded cos I left my tap on and our dearly beloved caretaker decided to pump water and wham!!! The red sea in my haven. That night Lizzie came over with her friend and helped me put my room and all my LOAD back in shape. Infact she had more ginger than me sef. All through my stay in Anchorage, Lizzie was just amazing. And she took me PLENTY of pictures too looooool. She takes amazing shots walahi…
And yes, she also was one of my partners in crime whenever we had to harass either the caretaker or the landlord or both for attempting to increase rent, or light or water issues!!! Loooool. Fun times in Anchorage yo!!! I am surprised they didn’t evict us sef… I even hear some people are saying in school that she behaves like me now Loooool

Oh wells… Let your popsie catch ya :p
For my wedding, she was VERY helpful too. My momsie still asks after her


True true like Dee said, Lizzie can actually save your life

Lizzie ane Dimma

Infact, if i continue i will not end so I will just say God bless Lizzie cos she is indeed an ANGEL.
People, please enjoy the phenomenal Lizzie… (Don’t forget to grab your dictionary *wink*)


Hi FAB’ers!!!…
I’m Lizzieebunoluwa, a student and multi-faceted enthusiast(which is really a fancy way of declaring my inability to define my steadily unravelling identity) who gets an inexplicable thrill out of the beauty of people,music,food and words.
I live in the ancient city of Ibadan(for now).please feel free to make a lucky guess within the 30 and below age category 🙂 trust me, the odds are in your favour.

****She is less than 20 ooo :p but way mature for her age ****

You see, i mulled over a thousand and one ways to project a legendary F.A.B VOICE entry. Its a shame as no especially bright ideas jumped at me..lol. So,I’ll just move on.
   2013 was in a sense, a year of years for me. It seemed to me like  two distinct years, the before, the after and every other time in between.
I ticked off boxes as i journeyed through the year, learning firsthand (not altogether pleasantly) lessons on choices, trust, giving, the power within, accountability, change and most importantly the pilot of time. I even learnt that I mattered, that I was important, remarkable, different and awesomely so at that. Severally, I was surprised when people admired,complimented or expressed awe at my person. I didn’t think I was that great, I thought I could be a better person, last year made me see differently and learn to appreciate myself.

While I feel like it wasn’t a great year that marked much success, I also learnt a huge lesson on cultivating an attitude o’gratitude and i’m grateful for even the seemingly ‘small’ miracles and results i’ve got to show.
I yet live people! There’s room for more…
  Oh did I mention 2013 heralded my dramatic journey to blogging and wealth of knowledge&relationships i’ve gained from it? Yes it did. So you see, lots to be grateful for.

Its my utmost desire to lead a richer, no-holds-barred, wholesome& of course, resplendent 😉 life this year, one whose essence is drawn SOLELY from its birthed source – GOD, enjoying the BIG PICTURE as He unravels it. 

This year, I “musto” become  francophone and perhaps german or spanish speaking too. By God, I must. And if I have to physically drag myself, I will, till I also start my long-planned piano lessons.

A couple weeks ago, a lecturer was speaking to me and when he learnt I was in my final semester in school, he asked, “So what’s next, Masters or Marriage?”.
Oh my, that cracked me up. I had never heard it put that way before, plus it kinda rhymed. So, I laughhhhhhhed.

***This sounds like Doctor Okafor or Omobowale? Correct? Both of them made me look like someone who was wasting her First Class degree by not taking advantage of scholarship opps and going for my masters immediately!!! Loooool. Me I told them MARRIAGE and career ooo before Masters biko IF I chose to…***

The poor man was both surprised and amused. Anyways, as plans of that sort go, I would just tick the “none of the above” option. Lol.
My reason is simple, this year,I have to, for the sake of relief, God’s glory and my parents w̶h̶o̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶a̶n̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶m̶i̶t̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶e̶d̶u̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ , first GRADUATE o!..lol.. Seriously, I need to already,  ahn-ahn, its not like its a PhD o. Its Bsc o.

***Oh please shurrup jor. Someone that hears you will think you have spent more than 5years in school meanwhile you haven’t and you have almost graduated sef…****

In keeping with the need to graduate, i’ve gotta draw on inner&external reserves of grace,strength&resource to write a remarkably-resplendent project, ace my final courses and finish victoriously…uh..this is the point where y’all begin to (a̶s̶k̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶a̶c̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶ ̶n̶u̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶e̶n̶c̶o̶u̶r̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶m̶e)̶ ̶ fire prayers for me.  

Dear FAB’ers, I would to God, that i trust more, giiiiiiive more,risk more,raise the bar on shocking faith expressions daily,put myself out there more and VALUE myself more  in 2014,
   I would be doubly glad if in keeping with leading a wholesome, no-holds-barred etc life this year, I enjoy divinely orchestrated relationships that will harness my gamut of inclinations, skill set&interests and set the tone for measurable success in building capacity and a career path for the near future.

***Ok i percieve that most of y’all didn’t quit get this… Basically what this oyibo here means is that she hopes to meet people who will help her maximize all the potential within her and ultimately help her to find and be on the career path that best suits her even as she graduates. You know, more link divine direction and encounters… Phew…****

  Lastly, I don’t really like suspense, so just in case, the rapture happens in 2014 and you don’t get to hear my testimoniesssssss&news of the fab 2014 I had, let me post it ahead now. The title will most likely read;
    A WOMAN MIGHTILY HELPED BY GOD – Lizzieebunoluwa’s 2014 experience.
Awesome …yes? I know!
It won’t be long now.

Till then,
Stay F.A.B,Winning&Resplendent 😉

*** Who go come remain after rapture na? Loooool. Amen darling. I truly pray you meet helpers of life and destiny. BTW babe blogs at www.lizzieebunoluwa.wordpress.com ***

Nicely wrapping this #31Voices up… Whoop. I certainly hope I didn’t miss anyone out (Jenny ooo I dunno why I can’t reach you ).
Will run the final testifier tomorrow after which I will drop my last words…
Also would create a page where I will have everyone’s entry link together in one place for easy access…
After which I would take a one week break (or two) from blogging.
Trust me, I have earned this holiday. I need to retreat to refuel so that I come back refreshed and we will refire from where we stopped on an even higher level… Plus with NYSC over, work go soon start so I need to ‘arrange’ some things
That sounds like a good plan yeah?
I think so too

One love my people *in Tu’s voice*

Just incase y'all be wondering wetin this resplendent mean sef...

The Resplendent E’
Going FORWARD…Still Testifying

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  1. And I’m the first!!!! Yay!!! Hehehehehe!!!!! Finally!! LizzieOluwa!! Awesome woman of God!! I pray for you, chica. You know I do…
    Eziaha, your asides are incredible! I’m still in stitches.

    1. Hehehe… *hands her a medal*… Fine girl like you be rushing for first position 🙂

      ***** ***** *****
      Yes, and your prayers count. A lot! Thank you for relating.
      Bless your large heart!

  2. Everything said about Lizzie is very very true. Absolutely correct. She is mightily dependable. Through her actions alone, you can tell she is a True Christian. I love you Lizzie and God loves you best, so He will most faithfully grant you your hearts desires. XOXO

    1. Ah Dumebi Dumebi! aka Lady Dee
      Thank you for reaching out with a simple yet remarkable prayer.
      God’ll not forget your labour of love nwanyi oma.

      Your testimony too, Men’ll blow your mind with favourable testimonies too.

  3. I absolutely agree! Lizzie is one amazing(!) woman of God. You only have to meet her to realise that and her grammar was really moderate in this post o. See you at the very top honey!
    And Eziaha, your interpositions were absolutely hilarious.

    1. Ruthie of God!!!! First thank you for being in my camp jor. My English was moderate. Yes 🙂
      Pay Eziaha’s interpretations no mind jor.let her be yabbing me. I have very bright ideas on how to get back at her 😀

      Thanks a lot Ruth fpr the prayer&beautiful words.
      Bless your heart!
      Stay resplendent 😉

  4. Lord!!!!!! Eziaha ooooooh!!!!
    Like Dinma said, your asides ehn, no be here o! I laughed ehn, sotey I wan…. Never mind.

    Eziaha, first THANK YOU!
    As shy as these words of adulation have made me, I’m honest enough to say I’m glad&thankful for these testimonies. Thank you BIGLY!

    Beht Eziaha, you cracked me up no be small, and that explanation that ended with the *phew*? Oh my word!its not that bad now.
    Anyways, Welldone o with the “Resplendent E’ ” you signed out with&the public identification that your picstitch of the meaning+your picture shows..
    I see you!
    I know how to catch you the next time you raise a brow at my use of the word :p

    Amen to your prayers 🙂

    Here’s to many more testimonies.

  5. We finally get to read the amazing Lizzie’s testimony… Girl! The things people say about you and the compliments paid to you make people drawn to you! God bless you and may God answer your prayers

  6. Lizzy’s time, yipee! I just had to come out of my waka-pass mode and drop a comment on this one.
    I don’t know how she does it, but this Lizzie babe has infectious energy and excitement.
    She’s got unpopular insight and the sound of her laughter is beautiful almost as much as she is. (now I sound like someone who has a girl-crush on Ebunoluwa).
    Anyway, I am aware last year promised laughter and didn’t seem to deliver at some point, but blessed be God by whom we always triumph.
    I am fiercely proud of this woman and I know she is reserved for very noble purposes.
    Amen to all her prayers/expectations- and E’s – for 2014

    1. Lily-sweetheart mo!…..awwwwnnnn, you dropped a comment? What a pleasure!!! Thank you darling 🙂

      And these words? Colour me pleasantly surprised and all blushed out!

      Whoa! Those are remarkably beautiful words right there plus timely, uplifting prayers.
      Bless your heart Ore!

      P.s; because I read the comment before dwelling on the name, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why a certain Lily had such personal knowledge of me 🙂

      Oh well, *hugs*

  7. Lizzy’s time, yipee! I just had to come out of my waka-pass mode and drop a comment on this one.
    I don’t know how she does it, but this Lizzie babe has infectious energy and excitement.
    She’s got unpopular insight and the sound of her laughter is beautiful almost as much as she is. (now I sound like someone who has a girl-crush on Ebunoluwa).
    Anyway, I am aware last year promised laughter and didn’t seem to deliver at some point, but blessed be God by whom we always triumph.
    I am fiercely proud of this woman and I know she is reserved for very noble purposes.
    Amen to all her prayers/expectations- and E’s – for 2014

  8. I LUFF LIZZIE!!! 1 Hug and Kizz for you.

    As a learned individual I didn’t need to run to dictionary.com! Mwahahaha.

    Lizzie will never lack helpers or encouragement in Jesus name!

    Since we will all be caught up when the trumpet sounds, feel free to share the testimony in heaven 😉

    Resplendent E! is playing rough o. 2 weeks fa. Okay let us negotiate. 1.2 weeks nko?

    1. Sisi Blu of Life! Kai!you are one delightful person. Thanks for your shout-out yesterday&prayers today. Thrilled my heart some.

      Ehen, thank you o help me tell E’ ,one doesn’t exactly need a dictionary jor

      This rapture thing though, Lol
      Okay, agreed. But you already know the testimony na 😉

      Thanks agaiin ma’am!

  9. I got to really know Lizzy during Eziaha ‘s wedding!I av met her a few tyms b4 but mehn!biko I gatto giv kudos to dis babes!she can work,highly dependable,she no dey tire!infact I respect her choi!
    I pray for u dear!u shall manifest great works,ppl will pursue u to favor u!u shall experience pleasant surprises!your 2014 will be extraordinarily resplendent!u shall trascend to great heights,n u wil not crash!ehrmmm,had to pray for u!you are a very wonderful girl .
    I bn dey wait for ur “testimoney” tey tey

    1. Okay, did I miss the memo where y’all agreed to get me all teared up with your words? Oh my word! Your prayers, Dr Valerie could very well be the most heartfelt i’ve heard in awhile. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you.

      A resounding Amen ma’am!
      God blessed you richly. Thanks fpr holding your breath patiently and your thrilling response. Its humbling

    1. Tomiwa, you need to read Lizzie in her default state. Only then will you appreciate the great effort she has invested in doing away with “big big” grammar to give us this easily readable piece.

      1. *chuckles*… I still love you o Shola, but perhaps not responding in the affirmative would further help my case this time. 🙂
        I sincerely appreciate the defense though. How gallant! ;:

  10. Awwwwh, LIZZIE you are such a sweetheart….one of my team leaders in Gratitude world…. May God bless you, uplift you, guide you, embrace you in the arms of His love and keep you steadfast and sure in all things and at all times in Jesus Christ holy name, amen. Love you girl +++

  11. Saw this mail in the morning b4 class, screamed in my head but didn’t open it..class things+wanted to read when I can comfortably be with my dictionary for it to all sink in. Loool
    Are you less than 20? E,sure you got the age right? Cuz I remember a certain b4 b4 convo o..but moving on…
    I say big,huge resounding AMEN(S) to your plans for 2014 babes, God will bring them to fruition. +masters or marriage? Buahaha but seriously, God will indeed give you direction on which path to follow and eitherways, we”ll share your FAB testimony on here.

    1. No lies babe, I keenly awaited your comment. Walahi, I knew it would be legendary *insert hearty laughter*… I could vividly paint the screaming scenario sef … Lol
      Frances!!!! No doubt, its been no small pleasure makingyour acquaintance
      A resounding AMEN to your prayers.
      Ezigbote buhahaha@masters or marriage. Lol.
      Cheers dear! Keep glowing!

      P.s; Don’t mind E’ …lol…I intentionally did not respond to the age thingy. You&i both know the true age, don’t we? 😉

  12. Whilst I have observed a similar “flow” in the writings of the fabulous Eziaha and our resplendent Lizzie, I never knew they are so closly connected! I had the privilege of meeting Lizzie in a most unusual way about six years ago and she’s one polymath that has never ceased to amaze me. She’s nothing short of exceptional (and that’s my simple way of declaring my inability to describe the uncommon blend of talent, wit and godly character that she is). Great things are spoken of you Lizzie. I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll “turn the world upside down.” May you continue to be a bright and a shining light. We’re proud of you dear! Thank you Fab sister, for giving us this inspiring testimony.

    1. Oh my word! Its official! I think you can just colour me speechless. Wow! Shola!!! I didn’t even know you were acquainted with The FAB Sister. Its amazing!

      Did I hear you say unusual?hmmm, talk about an understatement..lol

      Thank you Shola! Since its become your default to celebrate me so, even beyond my thoughts or vision [did I mention how absolutely exciting it is to be publicly called a polymath? Whoopeeee!!! 🙂 ], God’ll increase your greatness across regions&men’ll respond in overwhelming adulation of your God-enabled exploits .

      I tell you, more beautiful words ne’er spoken!@
      “She’s nothing short of exceptional (and that’s my simple way of declaring my inability to describe the uncommon blend of talent, wit and godly character that she is).”
      Thank you again Shola. You words of affirmation& delightful prayer is the marked reason why I count you twice (without doubt o) when I count builders of my success story 😉
      God bless you BIGly!

  13. Lizzie the laughing one. This babe can laugh ehn! I remember the day she came to my house, she just kept laughing at everything I said (and yes Eziaha, we were laughing at u). At some point I was wondering if she wasn’t mocking me cos I didnt think I was that funny. But beyond the laughter, the thing that intrigued me most about her is how selfless she is. I haven’t known you for years darling but everyone can’t be lying. Plus your comment on my blog excites me. God bless and direct you dis years sweety.

  14. Where have I been?? I almost missed Lizzie. SUch a sweet person I have never met. There are just some people you feel would make good friends and Lizzie is one of them. Reading all you comments confirms it. I wish you an exceptional 2014. and lol @ what next masters or marriage as if they give you husband as you collect your certificate.. But Girl.. God can do both.. 😀 All the best as your graduate 🙂

    1. *wide smile* Thanks a lot ma’am!
      I really appreciate the kind words and prayer.
      God bless you real good!

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