Hey people…
Week off to a great start yo?
I feel particularly like I am taking down giants this week… Where dem dey??? All I have been singing to my Sugar daddy is ‘Lord make me courageous’ . That song ‘Courageous’ by Casting Crowns is my ringtone. And my daily song dose… Best line has to be
‘…the only way we’ll ever stand, is on our knees with lifted hands…
Make us COURAGEOUS!!! Lord make us COURAGEOUS…’
The theme this year for my church is ‘FORWARD 2014’ and our dear PK took his time to preach on ‘Courage’ for the whole of January. For the kinda big dreams I have, nne I need courage so I’m not even laughing oooo. And you too shouldn’t…
Special thanks too to Yolanda for sharing the song ‘Solution’ by Hillsong with us here on Ru’s post. That’s another song i cant get enough of too. My best line has to be
‘…Politics will NOT decide if we should be your hand and your feet…. God be the solution… We will be your hands and your feet…’
Awesome song. And it sounds like something Casting crowns sang too. Love the rock thing mehn…

Ok, This week is the last I will be running this testifying series. Just reading through and sharing all your dreams and plans for 2014 here has been a major inspiration for me. Such a blessing. I feel really blessed. And I know reading through has done something for everyone’s faith here.
Remember to step out and start achieving. Two months almost down… We should have our testimonies already. Trust me, I am with everyone in prayers and I trust that ad we step out in the might of Abba to do, He will meet us on our ways and crown our efforts with success, amen. BTW, my darling virtual bestie Jenny, I can’t find your entry ooo and I have mailed you to resend. No show. Please resend. Except I am dreaming that u sent anything at all.

Today I have two amazing persons… Sparkle and Belema. Both FAB’ers. One a Pharmacist, the other a Doctor. Yet to meet both. But I feel like a part of their lives.
Since Belema has a picture attached, she will go first…

Gorgeous Pharmacist

Hello Mrs. E’…
Here goes my 2014:
My name is Green Ibelema, I’m a 22 year old Pharmacist, I live in PortHarcourt, Nigeria.
#itchy palms!! First of all I specially love any year that ends with an even number and since 2014 happens to be one, welcome to my world.
My E’ inspired thanksgiving journal awaits me and I’m super excited about what I’ll be filling it with beginning from January. It’s gonna be my year to be adopted into Nigeria’s NYSC scheme *drumroll* and thanks to all the inspiration from my darling online sister I never had (E-Aku’m) , I know i’ll have one absolutely amazing year.

***** Oh my darling I am so happy i inspired you. Indeed like I did, you too will have one FAB year… Will do that entry on my NYSC year before camp opens for BatchA14 in March, I promise****

As for travelling, 2014 won’t pass me by sha.. I’ll do more travelling than I’ve ever done..see new people and places. Better now that i’m a fab single lady.

*** Not to burst your bubble on this but NYSC actually has a rule against travelling during the year. You have to take all kindsa permission Loooool. But trust people to still find a way he he he****

Also, as a talented singer and performer, I know I’ll be going to high places this year.

***We have a great number of persons who can sing here ooo. As much as ibnam beefing y’all, I am truly wishing you the best as you sing to our Daddy’s glory…***

Errm, I’ll also be needing extra prayers for my front hair to grow because I love me some braids and the selective alopecia isn’t helping me lol.

*****lol selective alopecia indeed. Try aloe vera and Igbo leaves. Then maybe you should give braiding a rest for a while for the hair to grow…. Or just stick to real big box braids.***

Finally, because I know now that I will marry well,i know it will be a great year for I and my man (calling forth things that be not as though they be)

***Amen amen amen…***

2014 will definitely be my best year yet..
My sugarest daddy said it, I believe it and it’s settled!
So, cheers to great and consistent friendships, and living the Christ life on an even FABer lane. Let the year begin!

***Amen my darling. Amen. Muah***

P.S: thank you Fantastic E’ for being a source of inspiration to me and a lot of other young women. I pray that you experience higher level of wisdom with each new day that comes. Can’t wait for your baby

*** hehehehehe. Me too can’t wait. But please make that BABIES šŸ™‚ ****

OK, on to Sparkle. Not her real name but I dunno if she wants her real name up so let’s stick with Sparkle….

Yup she is a FAB doctor too

I’ve always toyed with the idea of sending you a mail for the 31fabvoices..but have been too lazy to. I knew i was still going to send you an email of mine even if it got to be in Feb and didn’t get posted..but Reading Vee’s post this Sunday morning kinda gave me the push to send it sooner.

*** I love how posts keep inspiring others. Sparkle was officially the last to send in hers and though I had stopped receiving, I just felt led to add hers… ****

2013 was a beautiful year for me..it didn’t start out extra cool but ended on a cool note.
After months of up and down travelling i finished NYSC, I got a job some months after and passed my primaries exam.

*** Congrats Sugar. Mega mega congrats. Tapping in for my FABers trusting God for a job too***

Most especially in 2013 i decided to know and depend more on my own personal relationship with God rather than depending only on my pastors own and got settled in a church . Its been a good walk. Ending 2013 was just a springboard to 2014. I look forward to more fab stuff this year.

******Aww sweetie. Amen. I am so happy for you. Yes we need to know God for ourselves and not just what the Pastor says of Him. One of my FAB mentees shared this with us yesterday and I was literally blown away. Love you Darling Joy. And still on my mentees, Happy birthday to my darling darling Teniola Olivia.
You know I got love for you like I got for chocolate. White choc especially. Grow in grace darling and I am so super proud of you my love*****

I also desire a deeper and closer walk with my maker. I wanna be on a long sweet walk..no holdup,no wayside stops,no loitering. Eph 1:16-18 is a daily prayer.

*** Men, if those verses charged everyone who pray with this ehn… Lol. I love other versions ooo but KJV just does it for me and I quote
‘… 16 Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; 17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints, (KJV)…***

*i choose to be wise this year. Cant remember when last i won a soul . I want my life and conduct to preach Christ but also my lips too. No shying from that no more! Can someone help me with an amen?


I want to start my residency this year. No comma . This decision is me conquering fear. I start residency and finish in record time. Amen.

***You know I didn’t even read this before I spoke about giants and courage at the start. My love, please I am waiting for this testimony OK? ***

I wanna travel to an African country this year. I dunno how that’s going to happen but I’ve already gotten details for some countries,so that is already in motion. Nothing wrong with starting early.

I used to love reading oh but i dunno what happened. No i know, i got lazy!! But am dropping that garment. I plan to go back to my ex fave past time-reading. Laziness n social media cant stop me..il start small 1 book a month….and proceed.

****I trust you have started yeah? ****

I started earning early after med school. During house job, but my finances are nothing to write home about. I’ve set a budget i shall follow and a saving pattern. I’ve fixed a amount i wanted to have at the end of the year. So help me God. Amen.

*** AMEN darling. You need it. Faithful in little, then God will bring more… A money diary would help. Many apps online can help too ***

I look forward to meeting my brownsucre this year. He has been cat walking towards me for too long..I have prayed for him,so its time he starts jogging and running so we can start our Fab family. I pray for him and my twin sons. Amen.

*****Aww twin boys… My twinee also wants twin boys while me I want princesses jor ****

In same vein i want to see my close friends in meaningful relationships this year..and beautiful marriages.

I look forward to meaningful Christian friendships. Saying no to compromise friendships. Need to stop giving excuses.

I am changing my indoor shoes to outdoor ones. Am too indoor bound. Well there are pros to that but i realised i’ve been indoors too long cos i realised my social tank is low.

****brown sucre won’t catch you indoors ooo Loooool. And that’s the thing with medicos. Too much book and they can forget they are also social animals. He he he. God help you darling…****

Suddenly this is getting too long(at least in my eyes). Make i stop here. This 2014 nuffin is stealing my joy. I shall testify kpom quim!

****This kpom quim made me laugh ooo Loooool. Like we say it in Igbo to signify an ‘end of discussion and I must testify’ kinda talk. You go Doc***

E, i dunno if the slots are up for the 31fabvoices but even if its just you reading this ive got a witness.
God bless you darl and the works of your hand. And God bless your home.

Plennnnnnnnnnnnty hugs(just close ya eyes and imagine them).
Love T.

****Bless you too my darling… Receiving the hugs… Did you order the messages yet? Love you FAB T… Muah****

Have a giant slaying week y’all…
I totally totally LOVE you all…

Take your pick... With or without?

Going Forward with COURAGE!!!

My girl Booski has this lovely post up on SUCCESS
Easy read. Plenty life lessons. Enjoy

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  1. Beautiful Belema and FAB Doctor Sparkle… May God’s holy will be the centrepiece of your lives and may your desires/goals all be met for you to testify and give God all the glory… amen.
    Peace and love +++

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