Don’t Stay Away….

On Saturday, a friend of mine visited with me. It was an arm twisting kinda visit. Meaning I had to near-threaten her to come. She’s younger and respects me, so I could do that.
It worked. She came. At almost 6pm.
She had stayed away TOO LONG and I knew SOMETHING – a LOT of things – were wrong.
Staying away was indicative of that.
And I was right.
Spot on right.
Infact the Holy Spirit had told me that she was not just staying away from me, but also from others, and then was filling the relationship gaps in her life with the wrong people.
She confirmed exactly that.
She had given up on stuff where she needed to be in faith for. And stayed away from people who would COMPEL her not to be in that faithless state of FUNK. Like me.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. I agree with Proverbs 13v12 which is also why the same Bible goes ahead to tell us to be PRISONERS OF HOPE.
Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you…Zec 9v12

Good Lord we MUST anchor on to hope…
I shared a couple of things with her, stuff I’ve tried and seen work, which the Holy Spirit would have me share…
In no particular order.

1. You are not alone. It may look like your case is different in the negative. And it’s the worst. Everyone around you is enjoying life, sharing testimonies, but here you are, seemingly the only one suffering. That’s not true. All of us, and that includes ALL OF US, have what we are battling. It doesn’t look the same for everyone but it still shakes and rocks our world. And not the kinda Rock my world MJ sang about. Or was it MJ sef?

2. Don’t isolate yourself. Now you don’t have to surround yourself with a Multitude but even if just ONE PERSON, please have an authentic, godly relationship in your life able to speak strength, faith and hope to you. If you are married, don’t think for 1second that it must be your spouse. While that is the best, it may not be your reality that your spouse will get you. So ask God to show you who and don’t lock yourself up.

3. Watch your Engagements…
Like I said in this post, a lot of us are ENGAGED on social media but disengaged for real. Life abhors vacuum so we will be tempted to fill that void with the wrong kind for our season. It could be straight up bad company or we surround ourselves with fake, shallow, fluffy relationships on social media that don’t go beyond seeing the fake smile on your face. Won’t dwell on this. Read the post.

4. Warship… For me this is a combo of worship and word for warfare. Now honey, you may not need to spend hours in the word. Heck you may not even wanna pray or sing but can it plat in the background. Leave worship music playing. Let messages be playing around you. Like I said, you don’t have to sing or write, just let it play. Soon the power will push you to active participation.

5. One word…
Again like I said, I’m not telling you to have this long confession and say it morning at night. But honey even if it is ONE WORD from the Word, just say it. I have always had my family as my screen saver but recently, I took all down and put screen shots of really specific Words I’ve been standing on. Screen saver, live wallpapers, lock screen, everywhere.
So I’m constantly reminded. And also recite these words out of my own mouth. The situation around may look OPPOSITE from what I see and I may not feel like it but I still speak. Nothing deep but I never let the devil make my current situation shut the Word from coming out of my mouth.


Whatever the thing you are trusting God for, HE WILL DO IT. kai He so will.

Just hold on to whatever shred of hope and faith you can. It will do.





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  1. Wow! This blessed me.. I feel like i am going through so much now and its literally overwhelming me as i think about it every slight second.. Even to read the word has been a struggle but am grateful for support around me.

  2. A friend sent this to me and I am beyond blessed. I’ve been recently overwhelmed with my situation and it seemed God is taking so long. But thanks for this piece. I think I need to take to the background worship and sermon always.

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