Ok guys, i need a graphic artist. preferably a student or corper wanting to make extra cash on the side.
All these 10k and 15k per design people are not even working for me right now. I need someone who works for me. Please recommend ooo. Thanks.

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  1. Ermmm.. Eziaha.. I don’t know where to start from buh this post is like a hurricane for me. Just this morning, Father was telling me about building spiritual capacity and how that its not about speaking in tongues for one day and stopping because there a message to preach. Father also talked about meditating on the words for me first before others i.e eating before dishing.. Its really amahzing the way that this post just confirmed each and every word that Father has been saying to me. Choi! E’ Yaa just blessed. Thanks a zillion for this. I just had to speak in tongues as i was reading this post. Couldn’t hold it in.. Thanks again.

  2. Just reading this and although I already had plans for tomorrow, I’m cancelling to make sure I attend this summit. I want to soak myself into knowing more of my Purpose here on earth and also to fulfill and impact every single person I come across. I didn’t come to this world to be dormant without affecting lives….

  3. Capacity..
    Sit down first… my stage.. navigating “being in the bush with taking care of sheep and goats” but I know this bush is mostly for capacity building.

    There has to be a filling up for there to be a bursting forth like He always tells me..

    Bro Gbile Akanni would say.. “sit down first”.

    Thanks E.

    And for design.. for simple ones you can do/learn yourself check out http://www.canva.com

    Would have suggested my bro.. great designer but erm, not a corper/student.lol
    You’ll find one 🙂

  4. I cannot even comment on the post, I have assignment to do.
    I do know a corper graphic artist. Do I send you his contact?

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