I have heard so many voices in my head in this few days of being a Mrs. It is almost unreal yet funny to me. Like Baba Adeboye says,

‘…it is what is in you that will come out…’

Lemme take this a step further

‘…It is what is in me that will come out as VOICES under given circumstances…’

What do I mean by VOICES and how does this concern Single ladies…? Patience is still a virtue darling. I would get to it as soon as I get this out of the way…

*clears voice*

*steps to the mic and taps it for effect*

*Switches to Southern VERY AFFECTED accent*

*waves and blows kisses as I speak*

‘Major major THANK YOU to all my very dear FAB’ers for all the prayers and loving that you guys have showered me with on my new life as a Mrs. I feel major over whelmed and ridiculously BLESSED to be shown this much love *wipes tears*. You guys make me feel really fab. God bless you all mega and a special fabulous welcome to my new FAB’ers. I see you all ooo and I have done well to respond to all comments and emails (I hope). The feeling you guys give me is PRICELESS. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the way. ‘

*Squeezy E’hugs and Luscious wet kisses*

Now the VOICES I have been hearing are not the kinda voices that would land me in Yaba left. Far from it. They have been positive kinda voices. And by heavens, I am sooooooo glad and privileged to be hearing such voices. These voices have been guiding me in the BEST of ways. Awesome. So which voices have I been hearing?

Let me paint scenarios.

They are real life btw…

Scenario 1

We got back from honeymoon on Monday evening and Tuesday I had to go to the market. Major major shopping. Turning a bachelor’s pad to a real home is real work I promise you… I came in a bit late and tired and we had to leave for Shiloh in like 15/20mins and hubby was already dressed but had to step out to pick up stuff from the supermarket in the neighborhood and was like I should hurry and stuff cos he didn’t wanna be late. It was a tough call to sort out all the market stuff and still prepare to go to church. Now understand that it was our first appearance in Winners as a Couple and my hubby just likes to show me off so it meant I had to make an effort in looking good. I had already resigned that we would go late cos I can’t coman kill myself jor
mmediately I heard PK’s voice…
‘…Your husband will appreciate it if you find a way to still apply your makeup and look good and still NOT waste his time than waste his time all in the name of make-up. Men don’t like all this time wasting business so if you have to hurry through it or better still do your makeup in the car, he will prefer that…’

Immediately I hurried through clearing the house, changing into one of his fave gowns of mine, made up minimally but fabulously and guess who was READY when hubby walked in…? Yup you guessed right.

Scenario 2

The evening we got in, as expected, we were both TIRED, especially me.
To get to the Island usually involves air, land and sea so it gets quite draining even though it was a drama-free journey. The hubby had found himself some snack to munch on in the meantime while I just rested. I bought some plantain just before we crossed the sea so he had already said he would love to have Indomie and fried plantain for dinner as the house was totally EMPTY. Dinner time came and I was still tired but I had proceeded to the kitchen. He was like ‘don’t worry babe, I know you are tired. I will just manage the snack I had and then tomorrow you can go shopping and cook…’ He definitely didn’t want me stressing myself frying plantain and cooking indomie. I was about to jump back into bed when I heard Inthe’s voice

‘…My name is Inthe and I am a MANIPULATOR…’
Now this is a bit strange seeing as I have never heard Inthe speak but trust me, I heard the voice ooo. Now if you don’t know Inthe, welcome to earth lol. She blogs at www.inthemidstofher.com and I have written about her blog severally here. She blogs Christian relationship and marital stuff. Her blog is my go-to yo!!! It is like a reference blog for me. She once did this post on being a manipulator. In fact read it here.
On hearing her voice and recalling the post, I immediately decided to be a ’husband-manipulator’ too. I went in and prepared the baddest indomie ever cooketh and fried plantain and set it right in front of hubby.
Agh, his gratitude knew no bounds. I definitely scored three hat tricks on that one.


Scenario 3 is locked in two

While cooking I always hear Rev’s  voice when he said that we wives can decide to cook the same kinda ordinary meal that he probably has eaten a billion times before but when we cook it, it can taste like some 5star chef dish because we can be SPEAKING IN TONGUES as we cook it. Trust me, that was all I did with that indomie and plantain (and of course all meals I cook from now on) and I might have as well used jazz. Oh but there is a jazz of the Spirit and I constantly hear my Rev’s voice telling me to jazz up my meals.

Lemme see how my meals won’t be the BEST tasting ever hubby will have especially as I committed to feeding him FAT in three months, AMEN

Many more voices I have heard and keep hearing and every step of the way in this absolutely endlessly exciting, fabulous and blessed marital journey of mine. From the big to the small decisions, I hear the sweet Holy Spirit gently teach and remind me of the right steps to take by bringing various VOICES of amazing people that I have ‘ingested’. Like Adeboye said, It is what is in you that will come out ooo. Imagine if all I have been ingesting has been crap, (and trust me, premium CRAP exists out there in VERY LARGE doses). Crap is all that would come out of me. Like I would have heard a VOICE that would have said afterall we are both tired so if he is hungry, he should go in and fix his meal himself thank you very much. And before long, my enemy’s marriage would be a statistic. Lol

So how does this concern my Single ladies…?
I am sure most of y’all already know what I am driving at but I will still spell it out. Now that you are single is the PERFECT time to start ingesting and enjoying and over-dosing on all the positives of marriage as our Sugar Daddy meant it to be. Read the right books, Cds, blogs and for the sake of all the fabulous, please hang around the right people and marriages. There are avoidable mistakes darling and VOICES can help you. The right voices that is. Make the effort to find them cos there is a reward.
And no, it is NEVER too early to start darling…

‘…A wise woman treasures and STORES up knowledge, a true TREASURE…’ Proverbs 10:14

It is afterall the woman’s place to build the house and to do that, you would need to hear MANY GOOD voices…

So darling, be wise today. So that you too can hear VOICES when it matters…



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  1. Lovely! Glad you have such an amazing repertoire to draw from. Great investment of your single days.
    I smiled, laughed and beamed with pride all at once. Go girl! Here’s to more voices and more leverage for you based on the ‘wisdom of the aged’.

  2. Spot on! Absolutely healthy combination of humour, wisdom and gospel truth.
    Thank you for sharing Mrs Olojo 😉
    Enjoy more voices&resources to build a blessed,resplendent marriage.


  3. So glad I found your blog….thru pastor M, inspirational….I have just been smiling all through. Now I can sleep and forget my worries.

  4. Well said. Thanks for sharing and btw I am superglued to your blog, a confession I must make. HML & to more voices darling.

  5. WORD! Babe.. I’m ingesting, I’m ingesting!
    I had to go and read that Inthe Post again mehn.. Like you, her blog will be a very useful guide/companion yo! 🙂
    I’m glad you’re walking the talk! More grace hun xx

  6. Nne, here’s to u hearing more and more voices ooo, cos d journey is verrryyyy loonnnggggg, 4 life actually. I miss u o *wipes tears*

    1. Miss you too baby
      My twin in *u know what*
      Back breaking hug hun
      All things being equal I should be in church on the 25th
      Love love love and major thanks for your PRICELESS friendship

  7. Voices happen a lot,good or bad it jus does,in every decision u make,even at work,it can be a whisper(usually),or condemnation,howbeit,if u dwell on good,uplifting words,like d bible,sermon,xtians books,blogs,den we’ll win,jus like fabE,has pointed out.
    Tz also impt to act on d ‘voices’.imagine hearin d voices n choosin to ignore them?it sure happens!
    Welcome bak fab E Olojo!

  8. Sweetie, it’s great to have you back! Fab one dear…..hmmm, voices. This is my first time ever of posting a comment on your blog, (been ‘ too shy’ to) so I expect drum rolls, lol… thank u for forgiving me for u know what. Enjoy the marriage of ur dreams darlin. Mmmuah!

    1. Drum rolllllllllllssssss my crush of life
      Thanks for commenting
      Lol. You know I no fit vex for you na. Thanks a lot darling. Amen amen amen.

  9. The best part of this is the fact that you obey the VOICES.
    Cos that is the koko. We all hear them. I pray we keep enjoying the grace to obey amen.
    I love the last picture.
    Then babe your shape is smokin oooo
    Don’t finish Aku m ooo. All this hotness.
    I am also glad you had a great honeymoon. Most people don’t get the privilege again cos of work
    Lovely lovely lovely.
    God bless you hon. You sure are one girl full of life

  10. Lol!!! No wonder the increased traffic to my “manipulator” post. E’licious… What can I say? You know me? God has brought us together, the gates of hell can’t prevail. You and your boo sha! I dey fear for am
    Small cuz it’s obvious you came into this marriage prepared and armed for battle. Go on sohun!! I’m rooting for you!!!

    1. Whoop whoop
      Thank you darling.
      How come you see my posts late? You should subscribe already jor. I actually tot u had seen it cos u tweeted something at me in this line.
      All my friends are now manipulators!!! Lol. See the way we have been manipulating our hubbys.

  11. Ah, I fear una o. Voices…that’s a different level. But I’m happy you listened to it. You’ve obviously strengthened your listening ear so it can decipher voices and pick up sounds from afar (from the way you write, lol). You hubby is in for a treat oo *runs away* 😛

      1. *Hugs back* Lol Sure I am on Twitter. Twitter handle is @worshipandswag. Will find you too, and I agree with you on the ineffectiveness of the reader. Some times I want to be notified of new posts asap but it doesn’t work that way.

  12. Congratulations Dear,…Marriage has no choice but to go smooth for you. Just got a grip of your blog, I’m a new blogger, soo i’ll def be seeing more of you. Hope the moon was beautiful. God job dear and greet Akum for me (hope I got that right). Lol

  13. Beautiful post as always. Single or married….Ladies: this piece is timeless and priceless.

    Oh how good and pleasant it is, to read your blog posts E’. The spice, the variety, and the word, ooooo the WORD… The Word becomes flesh, alive and active in your writing oooo. I have learnt valuable lessons reading, and laughing too I must add.

    Your blog rocks E’. Squeezy warm hugs right back at ya.

    Peace babe, peace ++

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