Are you a leader? Then I have ONE question for you.

Have you experienced overwhelm or burn out at the end of an achievement?

The applause may be LOUD but within your soul there’s no joy. You may even have sacrificed some important relationships while achieving your goals.

In this video I share what helps me enjoy my leadership, while ditching overwhelm, burnout, frustration and other negatives.

First, as a leader you MUST set your goals not only around the results you want to see but around the joy and energy you want to feel.

It’s not only about achieving and getting results but you must pause to ask, how did I get those results? What did I sacrifice? What did it cost me to get them? How is my soul, is it healthy? Is there rest in my life?

For me, I made a decision that it won’t just be about what I am achieving but also about my values which are SPACE, REST and MARGIN.

Has going after my goals cost me time with my husband and children? Has it shortened my rest/sleep? Has my relationship with friends taken a back seat? Na ahhhh not for me at all.

I’ve decided that I will achieve my goals in a healthy way without compromising the things that matter. So how do I ensure my values are not sacrificed as I go after my goals?

I discussed extensively about this in the video HERE but I’ll give you a sneak peak lol.

By constantly having moments of quiet introspection and journalling.

I do this almost daily, asking myself questions like – my to do list has lots of ticks but what did it cost me? Did I have time for the things that matter to me? My spiritual life, family, sleep, exercise, eating healthy, is my soul healthy? Or am I just feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at the end of my achievements.

From my honest answers I can start to audit my life and make necessary adjustment and you should too. I use subjective and objective markers to truly evaluate my results. I really break this down in the video, watch it HERE to get all the juicy details.

However I understand that to everything there’s a balance. Some busy seasons of our lives will require intense focus from us but we must be careful not to allow a busy season become a way of life.

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Leaving you with the Shalom of God.


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