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Ok lezzdodis…

I mentioned in a previous Post that my church is branching out to the Island yeah? Refresh here

So we held our first ever worship service there on the first day of the Sallah holiday Tuesday and kai, the worship that day was too pure.


DCC is like the world’s best church sha. DCC and TA of course. I mean, Being part of this most amazing family just makes me feel like the TRUE and ONLY Apple of my Sugar daddy’s eyes. Don’t hate please.


Anyways, I woke up that morning later than normal (Praise God for holidays) and after a bath and family devotion and some pictures, I zoomed off to the property. It was my first time there and when I walked into the property (which is bang on the road btw just in front of Meadow hall school after Ikate round about (the third one I think),


I immediately fell in love and started taking pictures. I mean, the place was dripping with GREEN and stuff. A real GREEN LAND

This Post is a picture post.

I recall being in Amuwo when we started. I was in and out of Lagos and every time I came, I saw incredible transformation right up to what we have today which is just AMAZING totally. I wish I had the ‘before’ pictures. But I know that at some point we had just sand on the floor *tears* and plenty things used to bite me crazy kai. I recall dreading a particular all night there lol. Then you wear heels at your own peril cos the heels would sink in and spoil your expensive shoes. Trust ladies na, we all flipped to flats. I used to be tripped by all the flats I used to see then sha. And service was under canopies ooo and that meant sometimes the rain would beat you despite. It beat me once sef. Today we have a dome. A VICTORY DOME.


The first ever in Nigeria and it costs 100s of millions. Like I said, DCC is a classic case of ‘the wind blows where it wills and you can’t understand it the way you just can’t understand the way of spiritual people’ I mean, young people’s church. incredible exploits.


Now Islanders can join us in our Davidic covenant of 100 percent Victory 100 percent of the time… Like our ‘Grace’ at DCC…

‘As David NEVER lost a battle, so will God’s walk be with us…”


I will bring you the AFTER pictures when God has done just a bit of what He will do with the ISLAND CHURCH. So that you too will hit your jaw on the floor. This before fine pass our Amuwo ‘before’ sef yet Amuwo is such a Tourist centre now… yup TOURIST attention!!!

You will see a lot of E’ in the pictures. Feel free to beef…


Screen_20131018_132537 (a small part of the property)

Greenland. green meadow. Ah. I love this place yo!!! I feel like porting…


Min Jethro took the opening prayer and i loved the part he read from the bible where David was dedicating the temple stuff they had gathered for his son Solomon to build the temple. it seemed so apt.


Several people led the worship session and Ada, the Ada I drooled about here led too. ah, it was heavenly.


The property even comes with a swimming pool


which i am praying PK that we don’t seal up cos the proposed children’s church is somewhere around that area.

Le sigh…

we had a good time peering in and looking at the Spirogyra… loool


I actually wanted to push Ada into the pool as she peered in but hey, I love her too much jor…

If PK doesn’t have it covered, mehn, it will be quite a sight when we are done renovating it…


Quite a number of people showed up and the worship was just heavenly. DCC dey worship sha… kai


 I have a friend who thinks we have way too many programs in DCC and that PK no dey let us rest small. any holiday, wham!!! we dey church loool. So he always wonders if people show up. Mehn, DCC people are incredible. the workforce dedication is second to none yo!!! Don’t dare ooo. We show up in our numbers… DCC workforce is an inspiration. I am glad to be one too.

When PK says even if he were not the Pastor, he will love to work in the house, i believe him.


Pk took some time to charge us up. And you know PK always delivers yo!!! The God in Pk i love the most jor…

then we have this amazing walk way that is a mini bridge.


i mean totally amazing. you cant imagine how this place would look when we are done with it. You would mistake it for that narrow path that leads to heaven


Please ignore the mgbeke pose. Hehehehee

You see why I call it DCC Carribean Island? Apt yeah?

Ehen more pictures…



Trust you enjoyed our before… i will be back for the AFTER. I might have relocated but i MUST come back and take more pictures when we have tushed up the place even more. Notice i didn’t say ‘finished’ the place cos in DCC, we are always progressing. So don’t hold your breath for the term ‘finished’ in DCC

Ok, it is time to go home…

Again, have an incredibly amazing weekend while i enjoy my VERY long holiday… One week plus. Hal term break at my school. I should totally be a consultant for prospective Corpers. I am having the BEST service year ever. hehehe. NYSC rocks jor but hey can’t wait to pass out in Feb and move on to even greater things. Whoop…/

Peace, Love and JOY++



Titi you just made me tear up at work. This your VN eh. I for listen on my way home ooo. Thanks hun. God bless you and I love you mega. Thank you

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  1. Awww. You’re right! This is Caribbean in Lag! 🙂 Congratulations DCC!
    Now it’s closer to me, I definitely have to pay a visit to DCC!
    God bless PK and the entire Davidic Marshalls!

  2. Dear eziaha, my no1 blogger, the only blogger whose blog i dont get tired of reading..walahi i have practically gone thru your archives and i still sometimes catch myself going over old stuff unashamedly,lol.well you can blame it on your unique style of writing, too sweet abeg..anyways the koko of this my write up be say i been dey wait your posts oo, e don tey small sha..lol.ehen that reminds me, remember you promised to put up the americannah story, e be like say u don forget us oo..i dey wait dat one well well oo..lol..anyhow sha i am sure u are taking your time cus you wan blast us with ur write up ba?lol..its all good, this is sha my way of saying i really appreciate the effort you make in dishing out really lovely pieces to us, ur loyal followers, u never dissapoint oo, never…kai well done jo,carry go,,we go always remain loyal..hugs and kisses your way,beautiful..x

    1. hahaahahahaha
      Kai, I wish I did the Americanah Part 2 immediately.
      Now I may have to re-read the book to tell it well.
      Procrastination no good walahi
      thanks so much darling for all the loving… I totally appreciate all the loving. THANK YOU SO MUCH dear.
      I had been very busy but I have a Post or two coming up like real soon. You can hold your breath, lol.
      Again thanks hon. Blessings!!!1

      1. You are welcome darling anytime.as for the americannah story, do take your time, am sure u are really busy, its u nah, we totally understand..Blessings right ack at ya..x

  3. Awww.
    I love Dcc and pastor Kingsley a lot. Since I came back home, I usually visit dcc when I get an opportunity to visit lagos.
    Congratulations on the island property. It does look Carribean indeed.
    Dcc is such a lovely church.
    Well done E’
    We will await the AFTER pictures
    Mrs. D

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