#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 25

Whoop!!! I’m walking on sunshine as I type… Actually I am typing from heaven… I have MK’s Sound of heaven album playing as I type away… I only got in from the concert a second ago and it was HEAVENLY (Pardon the blurred pix. It was late) I am not promising to give gist… Or […]


The best part about living on the Island has to be that it is THE ISLAND *insert smug shrug here* The roads are better (well, compared to my other house on the mainland in Festac town where the roads are sorry…), the Island people are tusher (or pretend to be loool) (again compared to festac […]

The Word for NOW… #CelebratingBirthdaysRIGHT

Happy sunday Munchkins, I had an amazing time in church today… Reconnected with my Abuja folks in Lagos church, Pastor Kingsley preached a fantastic message on THE ANOINTED WORKER… I laughed so hard today in church hehehe. And my girl Chinma and her cousin are now DCC members… Whoooooooooooooop!!! Happy Sunday again… And Happy new […]