Today I was out with my brother. We went to check out some houses we were looking to rent. My agent, the 100th I was seeing, called and said he had found some that would suit us. Twas a pretty fruitless journey. One was still being built. The other too old and dirty. The ones we had been seeing earlier were either too small, too big, too expensive, or had too much work to be done on it. You see, I’m d last child and so if a house needs work, guess who will end up doing all the work and supervision? Yup you are right. So therefore I wanted a ready made house abeg. And I was also thrilled about the location cos it is close to my church. Coming from VI to amuwo for church is NOT even funny.
You see, I have been on this hunt for a while now. Almost 2weeks. So there are a few four bedroom duplexes up for rent I am yet to see around amuwo festac area. I don waka eh.. I don almost turn to agent sef. I can tell what a house would cost before I am told. So I was just lamenting to my bro about some agents and persons I had met on this journey. Before then, I had been telling him of all the dreams I have for the new year. The kinda stuff I’ll like to do. People I would like to work with and stuff. I had talked marriage and how I would love to live. I had particularly talked about the kinda VERY private area I would love to live. You see, compared to my sibs, I’m really a nice person. I don’t like trouble. I’m very polite. I treat people with respect irrespective of status. I’m very polite in turning down an offer or a request. Infact I was telling my bro of how an agent shouted at me and walked out. Now that dude ordinarily I would not even talk to. But as he was airing his wahala, I had many smart and maybe not too polite comebacks for him but instead I kept apologising just to calm him down before I talk. My dear when dude finished talking, he walked out on me, and my apologies ooo. My brother was MAD… he was like ‘why would you let him talk to you anyhow. Blablabla’ infact my bro wanted to call him ooo. I was just like tz no biggie. Hapu nwoke. I wasn’t even angry. I have a sis who is just like me. She’s very polite even to her domestic staff. Infact I think she lets her driver get away with too much. But my other sis and bros. Ah, when they talk eh, everybody enters under the table ooo. Infact last week tuesday, we, all my sibs, were all together ooo to see the houses I had streamlined my search down to. They all left work to come and see ooo. From outside, my bro would look, snort and say ‘is this it?’ Or ‘let’s not bother going in’ in the most uninterested, disgusted, and bored tones. My sis that looks like me will still look for the good qualities first before she disapproves. And my other sis? she will insult me (if possible the agent, lawyer and house owner) for wasting her time. Then she will REPEAT the specifications again incase your brains are on vacay. Chai… That day I had a great time laughing. Twas good to see them all sha despite the drama… Love ’em. Warts and all…
So the gist is I’m really very nice and polite. But where the ish lies is in the fact that I expect people to be same, especially service providers or business owners… Was gisting bro of an agent who after I told him specs, sent me a text that I thought was hardly polite esp to a potential client. I mean I knew he had to pass that particular info to me but there are more polite ways jare. He said something like ‘I hope you have the final say on the house because I will NOT look at a property twice with you’. He didn’t know me. We hadn’t even related at all. We just got introduced and wham! Dat text. Of course that quelled any further plans I had to do biz with him. He called me taya. I just put him on ‘pause mode’.
Another agent sent a text too saying ‘I hope you are driving. If not you have to hold money for cab for both of us’. Ah… I was upset ooo. Twas the way he said it that upset me. I mean we hadn’t even met ooo. We hadn’t even discussed well. You are already looking for cab money. In such a rude tone again. Indeed. I also didn’t use him even though he kept calling… So I was gisting my bro and saying that ‘I just can’t stand rude persons especially when they are providing me with service for my money abeg. I won’t be rude or talk back at you. I’ll just ignore You. I think people should learn how to be polite when dealing with others and all that so that they stay in business (esp if people like me plenty for town)… I also talked about my hatred for lazy people especially young people. I just don’t like unmotivated people.
I also complained of lagosians always on edge and in a hurry. Terrible driving. No knowledge whatsoever of ‘right of way’. Commercial bus drivers almost sending you to igbobi (or india). Okadas just come out of nowhere. Lagos is too fast paced. People are touchy and irritable. They lack Vit D walahi. Gosh… I was going on and on… People oughta be nicer amd stuff. I also added that I was getting tired of house hunting and that me ooo I’ll build my own house. Cos that seems way easier. I’ll build it just how I want. And if possible own an estate to ensure that I have the right sensible and polite neighbours. And my brother said something that almost killed me with laughter… He said “Eziaha, you just don’t need to build your own house, you need to BUILD YOUR OWN WORLD… You have an unreal expectation of this world. People are largely nasty. You gotta have a level of madness to deal with them if not they will keep riding You. People don’t come nice. Except you create your own people in your own world that you will build.” I laughed eh… Chai…
Dude said he was serious ooo. He said he can actually live in this my world sha but he doubts about others.
The interesting thing is that I have had a lot of people tell me that. Oh you are too optimistic, too trusting, too naïve, too nice, easily forgiving, too giving,too innocent, etc. No I’m not perfect boo don’t hate, but I’m really the kinda girl you would love in your life.
I really live my life. I don’t want anyone to make me someone else because of their experiences. I love my life the FABULOUS way it is and I’ll pray to always attract the right persons (and I think a lot of you love me for being the EZIAHA that You know). I’ll keep speaking that I’ll attract these kind, that I want. Yes I’ll BUILD my own world, not with bricks but with my WORDS. The scripture in Mark 11:24 afterall says ‘I shall have WHATEVER I say’.
Building her FABULOUS world.

I need an amazing agent ooo. That knows amuwo inside out. And is polite and conscientious and nice. Did i already mention POLITE…
Yay!!! Not long before I’m in ibadan again. I’ve missed that town jor hehehe. I would be there for just s week but I’m sooooo looking forward to that one week. I get to worship at my Triumphant assembly… Yipee. I’ve missed Shabach centre.
I need interesting xmas carols to attend abeg. In lagos or ibadan. I’ll be in ib from thursday 13th to thursday 20th. In that period both TREM and The fountain of life church would hold their carol. Gosh. So painful cos I really wanted to attend both. So anyone in ib within that period im open o. Thankfully TA’s own falls within that period. Whoop whoop… DCC xmas carol is on xmas day. Not sure i will still be around then.. So let me not lose out totally abeg. I want exciting Carols. Not the ones that they have remixed all the known songs ooo with something annoying. No ooo. The vintage carols with vintage carol songs like jingle Bells and oh holy night biko.

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  1. Hey dear lemme know when you have the fun carols to attend.I need to attend at least one before this year ends and yes !the vintage ones I’ll prefer the opera kinda ones too.maybe we should find out when chapel of resurrection does theirs,tz usually very interesting.

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