We are LIVE! #Buh-bye stock cubes is LIVE. You can register here.

Join me and my faculty and board members on this journey. All the details are here.

In 2020, my friend Ezinne CEO of Somre Foods, educated us on cube-free living on a group I was leading at that time. Strange as it was then, I took it up as a challenge. I share A bit about my transitioning here.

Its been 2 years and counting, my home is a  completely cube-free home and I can instantly taste it when food has been loaded with cubes.

They lied to you!!! Want to know more? I said more about it in my latest YouTube video You’re the ONLY one left.

You don’t need cubes for tasty meals. In fact, it is SOOOOO USELESS, no kidding.

I can help you transition into minimal and then Cube free living in three months, and we are calling it, ‘Buh-bye stock cubes’. But I won’t be doing it alone: I would be doing it with 10 faculty members and 2 board members.

The interesting thing about this is that, it’ll be a 6 weeks(6 Saturdays) Live cooking session from 12th of November, 2022 to 17th of December 2022, just before Christmas! You get to watch me cook while I interview my friends, all 12 of them, male and female, who have adopted the cube-free or absolutely cube-minimal journey on a zoom call plus a Q&A session. And you get to have access to the replay till March 2023. Amazing, right?

You are the only one left flyer.

You really are the ONLY ONE LEFT!!! And that’s not cool. Will you come with me as I teach you the many tips, skills, and get involved in cooking that have NOTHING to do with seasoning cubes? I am your plug to cube-free living.

Are ready to transition into cube free living?

You can register for Buh-bye stock cubes here.

You can also Register by paying directly to:

CoachE’Squad Ltd

And send an email of confirmation to eziaha@eziaha.com.

I look forward to welcoming you to my kitchen as we cook cube free.

Excited to serve,



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