Here you go… My E’terview. Kept my promise cos Jmad and Femmetotale did too. Hehehe.
By the way, I had a smile and laughter filled day… Hehheeh. I just couldn’t stop smiling. Good thing birthdays are once a year ooo. I for don proud gan with all d sweet things I be hearing all day long…

So Femmetotale and Jmad put me on the hotseat. Let’s see what they got…

Part 1: Femmetotale’s piece!!! She’s anon… No pix… Hehehe.

“When she smiles, it’s like someone turned on the sunshine.

I call her my blog choco but she’s that and much more. When she writes it’s like I can hear her speak and her effervescence shines through her words. She’s a vibrant person and she’s not afraid to say what she believes. If you think it is not possible to be born again and fabulous then you just have to meet her. She’s warm and nice, friendly and jovial. I haven’t met her in person and may have met her several years ago but we talk as though we’ve known for a lifetime (one of the things to thank social media for…not just the serial killers and misfits on dating sites.) She’s a femmetotale in every sense of the word. Beautiful without being haughty, eloquent, kind and above all, born again. So anyway, this quintessential lady is being celebrated today and I have the privilege of putting her on a hot seat. So here’s 10 simple questions for you to answer and please be as honest as a new born baby…lol.”

1. If you were lost on an island with an option of taking only one thing with you, what would that be?
My connected-to-the-internet iPad (I am yet to buy mine so let’s say stealing my sister’s iPad lol)
2. Chocolates or vanilla?
3. Pink or green?
None. With a gun to my throat tho, Green
4. Ever had a crush on an actor? (And 2face doesn’t count…lol)
What’s that? What did he do to you? Hater much!!! He has acted a really wack old Naija movie sha loool. Terrible movie. Hehehehe. Well Idris Elba but Ken Bevel of Fireproof and Courageous is fast replacing him. Especially cos he acts Christian. Tyler Perry too. But who hasn’t. Pls note sha, my crushes are harmless ooo.
5. Ever had a crush on anyone else?
All my crushes are female. I know. I’m shameless. Lol. Had an object of my crush from DCC send me an invite today. Turned it down cos I didn’t know. When my ‘agent D’ mentioned, I almost fainted. Had to grovel for her to have her resend. Now she’s on my BB. Nne if you read this, I’m very honored to have you on. I promise to be good. Loooooool
And to my agent, biko gburu aka… I n’ekpo ezigbote oku… Hehehe. I already said I was shameless na.
6. What’s your most embarrassing moment (I know this is a cliché but be honest)?
Seriously nothing!!! I’m pretty daring. But I’m embarrassed everytime I should know something and I am asked and I don’t know… Does this make sense? Lol.
7. Ever worn ill-fitted clothes?
Ah!!! Hardly ooo. All my tailors know it must be t̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ fitted hehehe. If I bought it or was gifted from my sisters especially, I’ll always amend to fit. Momma calls me ‘madam amender’ lol
8. If you were called on stage and you realised you wore bathroom slippers in your hurry to get to church. What would your reaction be?
I’ll quickly borrow one. If I can’t, I’ll go up and crack a joke about it so everyone notices it and that’s outta the way and I make my speech… Not feeling awkward the whole while wondering if they have noticed!!! Life aint that serious.
9. What gives you the greatest pleasure?
For now ooo, seeing as I’m so stressed, SLEEP!!! But for life sha, it has to be Le Boo.

Knowing that I didn’t miss this one hehehehe
10. How would you describe your perfect day?
A day in which I wake at 5.30am, do all I planned to do and still sleep at 9pm. So far, I haven’t had any… #toosad# Or maybe ‘many’ is more like it.
11. Dogs or cats? Which would you prefer?
Dogs. Aren’t all cats witches? #justasking. Loooool.
12. You’re just about to pay for those lovely shoes you’ve been eyeing and someone walks up to you to ask for help to pay hospital bills. What would you do?
I have a discerning spirit. I’ll look inward to know if he’s for real. If yes, I’ll give. There has to be more where that came from…hehehe. And for the records sweerie, I don’t eye shoes, I see, I buy… 🙂
13. Would you give up the last bar of chocolate?
14. Where will you be 10 years from now?
Consulting especially for major NGOs and IGOs. Running my own firm ooo. Three kids, twin girls and a boy. And running an educational centre for Pre-varsity peeps. So that they get the best outta their uni experience and come out either employable graduates or as employers already. And of course, having a ministry especially to teenage girls. I think those years are too crucial. Hit it right there and a teen is good-to-go!!!
15. A ticket to Spain for your honeymoon or one week all expense paid suite in Transcorp hilton?
Anyi ka n’aju nke aha? Hala Madrid!!! Transcorp ko… Transkettle ni

Curtain call on Femmetotale. Thanks for the sugar sweet prelude. One day, we go siddon talk… I love you Sugarlump… And you are quite the Femmetotale yourself. She blogs at
Show her blog some lurvin’ yo!!!

And this is JMAD, my STARship
She blogs at
Show some blog’love. Would have added pix but her pix dey her blog so visit.

You have one wish for Nigeria, what would it be?
Let there be light!!! Both NEPA light and Spiritual light. Too much darkness abeg.
A blank cheque to go on vacay, where would that be?
Dubai and Paris and Seychelles and Hawaii and Jamaica… (na blank cheque na)
How did you feel when you put up your first post on ur blog?
Well. It was a normal feel though cos I’ve been writing all my life (facebook,mags, etc) so the blog was just another platform. But in retrospect, had I known how this would have played out and how FABtastic my blog would become, I would have been more excited… Hehehe. My blog is a testimony. My writing gift makes and keeps making a way for me… I’m grateful for the gift mehn!!!
Havin passed thru uni, what’s one advice you’ll give a jambite
There is a time for everything. School is 4years to 6years. That’s small compared to the life ahead. Invest the few years well to rock the many years after.
5. Are you comfy with PDA (now dis will get aku m smiling)
It sure will. I am ooo. Nothing illegal tho… But I sure am… Le note Le Boo hehehe. But he may not believe this tho cos I act all prudish looool.

6. Cheque of 5million as a birthday gift… What would I do?
I’ll pay my tithe first. Then ask God to double the rest looool.
Ok, We have been land shopping so investing in that line would be prime. I’ll also put some into my new home. And then get myself my Orange Kia Picanto. I’ll also treat my nieces to a fun weekend somewhere and get something real speeessssh for my sibs esp my sisters who have given themselves for me. Finally, I’ll sow into fertile ground yo!!! My pastors sometimes I swear are like dependable kalo-kalo. You drop 5k you get 5m loooool. Try it sometime… Hehehehe

That’s all for JMAD my Starship. I love you Sugar. And I loh that you loh me too.

Ok on to others…

Someone asked me, you always seem so happy. When last did you cry? Not tears of joy ooo.
I hate this question first of all. Hehehe Because of the answer I have to give.
Today!!! I have bawled my eyes off today. Loooool. Something happened that just ticked me off. Totally. But I was reminded that my Victory is in my Joy and I can’t afford to lose it.
I’m keeping my Joy and its very effervescent within me. Devil, throw your best shots. And watch my joy deflate each easily…


I had a most amazing day full of laughter and smiles. I’m indeed obviously blessed and amazingly beloved!!!

If I wasn’t E’, I’ll envy E’. It has to be legit. Hehehe. I can’t even visit FB. With my 5k friends, looooool. Major avalanche of greetings. Too sweet.
Thanks everyone. Major major thanks. For the tweets, pms, dps especially the pix I had forgotten I had…, calls, texts, ish!!! Especially for the thoughtful words. Crafted specially for me. Just like I lurv ’em. I’ll do a post compiling most in pictures. I promise. That’s cos I wanna show off. Show off the God in me… And my Sugar daddy!!!
Thank God for screen grabber. I grab taya… I saw my pix trending taya. I RT’ed taya… Ha ahn!!! Muah!!! I even had two amazing kids sing HBD for me and their mommas sent me the voice notes… Uche’s Danny boy and Pastor M’s ‘dassah… #tooCute# and both ended with I love you aunty Eziaha. Lol.
It was well worth returning to BB for this abeg. Can’t trade this for indomie and egg complete with vegs and shrimps (my sis knows how to roll that joint sha. #heaven# hehehe).
I’m also sorry I turned down most BBM requests that came. Especially when I didn’t know who it was or wasn’t sure. I guard my bbm list jealously… I’m so sawry *puppy eyes*
Congrats to those who made it into my BBM today… Major congrats. Hehehe
I also apologise for the calls I missed!!! Today was busy. I was on the road for the better part.
Special shout out to the sweeties who especially mentioned that my compensation car ‘ E’Orange ‘ will soon manifest… Adedoyin, Dumebi/Ayo (can’t recall who exactly now), and Nwanneka… Amazing prophecy una give. Shows that people are reading and taking notes!!! Love you plenty.
Yes ooo. My car is here, hallelujah!!!
Of course, biggest shout out to Le Booooooo.

His hilarious but TRUE PMs caused major wahala. Loool.
I apologize this post aint fraught with birthday pix. I’m too lazy to get out my lappy and blog. So my bb blogging will have to do…. And uploading pix on bb is hard frustrating work… Esp with eMpTyheN. Plus I didn’t do cake. Wasn’t interested.
Finally, to those of you who forgot to wish me a HBD, its alright. Don’t beat yourself up cos I didn’t even notice or miss you. The whole world did celebrate me. Feeling very overloved. But your HBD in arrears is most welcome darling so feel free to keep it coming. 🙂

Thanks everyone. Many thanks. From my heart’s depth, I’m grateful…
I am overwhelmed.
Chukwu gozie unu ncha…

My Birthday- the MORNING after…
Sunday morning at Oriental hotel, my darling Pastor Kingsley will be ministering at 11am on ‘In pursuit of happiness’. If you are on the Island, make it oooo. For most of you, church would be done so please drop by after church… Holla Islanders!!! You get to feel PK again…

My Birthday- the EVENING after…
Sunday evening is PITA. Live in concert. Whoop!!!
“The 1st time I heard PITA I imagined him in a sold out gospel concert- well that dream is happening LIVE 2moro- PITA Live In Concert —the story so far… featuring Cobhams Asuquo, Lara George, Timi Dakolo, IN HIS IMAGE, and others holding tomorrow Sunday 30th of June, 4:00pm at David’s Christian Centre, Victory Dome, fagbems bus stop, Amuwo.
Tickets are Selling for 1k regular, 5k Vip, 50k table of 8—call 08095913399”
This Post was published on the 29th of June 2013. But WordPress delayed it to 30th. Ok actually I slept off while struggling with WordPress. It is a June 29 post ooo. So I kept my promise

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  1. you see why i say this girl is my twin. she loves God, Loves her boo, loves fashion esp shoes, loves teenagers and wants twins (although i want 2 boys, so my boys can marry her girls. #yesweareselfishwithourDNA# love you plenty boo.

    1. That would be the coolest ever darling… My kid(s) marrying yours!!! Oh my!!! Ds girl sha, you love me, you can’t help yourself!!! :p
      I love you much Sug. With all my heart

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