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Day 2 of my THANKSGIVING… letting some my friends know just how special and wonderful they are to me…  Like I said we are going to do this for 5days and I know I still would not exhaust everyone I know but you have promised to forgive me, yeah? Cool… i love you too…

So let’s do this… Right after you have looked at my very stunning self of course. It is after all still in celebration of MY birthday so….


Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

My Pastor and my Friend… gosh!!! I still think we have Unbelievers in the world simply because they HAVE NOT HEARD PK preach. You can’t hear my pastor and not wanna serve God. He makes it seem like the ONLY WAY TO LIVE…PK’s messages will make you feel incomplete if you have not given your life to Christ. I call him ‘all season’ cos I am ALWAYS in the mood to listen to him IRRESPECTIVE of my mood. God bless and keep you and PM for me. I am sooooo thankful I have both of you in my life. Oh did I mention that PK once while preaching used a conversation I had with him to buttress a point in church and called me ‘my CORRECT daughter’. Yipeeeeee. Guys, if PK calls you CORRECT, you should be this excited… hehehe… Oh and he still owes me for using me to preach hehehe

And his delectable adorable wife… Pastor Mildred… WOW!!!  How do I start? The first time I met her was at Just Us Girls conference at Lekki. I fell in love with her at first sight. She looked resplendent. Chai!!! She had on a black and white gown and red accessories. OH MY!!! I am sure that was when I made up my mind to join DCC as my home church in Lagos. I love when Pastors’ look good. I think Pastors’ should look good. It should be a sin for Pastors’ to not look good. It makes the anointing flow better in my humble UNDEBATABLE opinion… *straight face* Meanwhile Pst Kingsley said I was carnal for looking at her dress… hehehe. Oh and then Pastor M opened her mouth to speak and the flow was perfect. Complete woman indeed. No wonder PK looks at her with so much love… Oh then she has this amazing BOOK; ‘Just us Girls’ and the book is as practical as they come. So fuss-less yet loaded. I learnt plenty reading her book… Oh and she writes amazing… Here is a link to her blog…www.justusgirlsnaija.wordpress.com Thank me later…

And just before i catwalk away from PM, we both have something in common…Aside PK as our Pastor, SHOES….hehehe

Motunrayo Anowo

The best thing I love about Tunrayo is the fact that she is REAL… forget ladies being emotional, she is one LOGICAL FEMALE… As tough and no-nonsensy as they come. I feel she is the kinda person you go to when you need to hear the truth. I’m glad I met you darling. You may not know but you did help me put some things in perspective… and no i dont mean that one that you think i mean… hehehe. And I love you…

PS. why do I not have a picture with you please…? Oya Tunrayo answer ooo. And while you can before Master’s is up and we separate, better come and snap PINSHURE with me ooo…Hmm… Protocol go plenry larra ooo…

Uche Amobi


Uchay baby… my fellow picture LOVER… hehehe… one of those who have made ANCHORAGE QUARTERS amazing for me. Love you muchos girl…From the first day i saw her moving into my then new hostel, i liked her and offered to help her out. I have loved her increasingly since then…


Shabach centre would have been bland without the flavor of you guys. The ABSOLUTE BESTEST. In my world and definitely in TA worldwide. Every drama rehearsal is REAL. I particularly love how God just breathes on our drama such that when we minister, it blesses souls. Biodun, you have been a REAL blessing. God bless you. Much respect dear…


Ruth, we couldn’t have asked for a better HOD. You have been a great Leader, Your future is definitely bright. I love the way you show care and love for each member and yet you are firm. You are a real amazon. I LOVE YOU.

Yomi, our able assistant, much love girl. You totally ROCK… With that killer mannequine figure… Chai

Vincent our scriptwriter… you know ALL I got for you is PURE LOVE. You are an inspiration. Your commitment to God’s work and house is MODEL. In such a short while drama and indeed TA has felt your impact. God bless and reward you darling. and while at it, please stop giving me trouble… I AM NOT INTERESTED…

Titilayomi, Bunmi, yemisi, Kaycee, Seun, Valerie, Ebi, and everyone, YOU ROCK…. Kisses and a BIG BIG GROUP HUG. GOD will definitely reward our commitment. Pator Vino… we miss you so much too. I miss you pleenty… God bless you for your labour of love… Meanwhile Bunmi, I have special love for you… I pray for an opportunity to work with you in the future. Please keep dreaming BIG.You have a beautiful persona…

Titilayomi… A sweetheart in all ramifications… and my patner in crime and carnality Spirituality hehehehehe…. LOVE YOU MUCHOS DARLING…

Shabach theatre, WE ROCK!!! Oh how i will miss us all… But i am sure we all will TRIUMPH wherever we go, amen….


Ansd while still on Theatre, can you girls stop being ‘carnal’??? You know EXACTLY what I mean… Ruth please talk to your people especially Yemisi, Bunmi and Titilayo… *straight face* hehehe… Don’t worry people, our ‘carnal’ is very coded…




Awwww… Class would have not been same without you girls. LOVE LURV LOFF LUV you girls absolutely. Will miss you when we are gone and I definitely wish you girls the very VERY best in life post UI…

Pastor Bunmi Kolawole


My Pastor pumpin’ and blazin’. Shabach Centre’s resident Pastor. Everly on fire for God. With very precise words of knowledge. That’s what trips me the most. I also love the fact that you can pray, you have helped my prayer life a lot. And my Word life. I can’t even recall what Shabach centre was without YOU as Pastor. This may sound selfish but I’m happy I am leaving before you leave Shabach. I can’t imagine being in Shabach centre without YOU. And it is not just me ooo. Plenty of us hehehe… You have been a FIVE star PASTOR to us and I can only pray that God keeps blessing you for us all… Hugssssssssss and Lovessssssssss

Olamide Craig

Lamide you know why I absolutely love and respect you darling Sir abi? But lemme share it with the rest of the world. He made me make right choices in my early UI years. He had this very cool Christian Club Chayil and they were all about sexual purity and virginity amongst students. I remember the quote on the posters then- ‘Virginity is like a balloon, just one PRICK and it is gone’ and it had a picture of an air-filled balloon with a pin about to prick it. It has never quite left me. I love to see absolutely handsome, intelligent and sound men STAND FOR Christ. It is the coolest thing. He inspired a lot of us in his UI days. And am sure you can imagine that many of the girls had crushes on him obi? Spiritual crushes ooo. But he stood RIGHT.  And is still standing RIGHT…Btw, have I mentioned that he is MY BLOOD BROTHER? Yes ooo…  And he is a Doctor too. I am sure many of you ladies would not mind having him as your personal Doctor. Oh and the best part, he is single… wink wink… i am taking money applications

Chioma Chuka


CC is one of the BEST writers I know. She inspired me to start writing notes on Face book first and then when she started blogging, she inspired me to start this blog. intelligent chica… So, that you are reading this is all thanks to Chioma, the Fairy godsister. Meanwhile that’s her blog domain name so hook up and read. Or is it www.chiomachuka.com Google 🙂 Thanks girlfriend. I remain LOYAL… kissesssssssss

Temitope Ikenye

God bless you darling for always being so open, sincere, inviting, accommodating, loving… Chai!!! God always bless you. I feel blessed and special having you in my life. This is one girl whose room I go to without even a call… and she is always happy to see me. Tope loves me. Whenever I complain to her about anything she has a way of making me feel better and always tells me what a wonderful soul I am and how EVERYBODY should like me and never beef me. And when she has to correct me, she does so too. She is soooo comfortable in her own skin that she can celebrate, without any grudge, whatever success story I share with her. Tope, I respect and love you. God bless you…

Tola L-Vii


My ‘WOTS’ friend. One of Face book’s testimonies. I met her on face book. Bless that day. Tola is just a deep deep female. Very intelligent and argues intelligently too. With very valid points. She says I too can stand her but I doubt. Tola has a mental capacity I covet… walahi… You rock darling and you know it. You have been a great friend even when I have been ‘busy’ and I love you for that and more…

PS; Good thing I had not uploaded this. Tola just shared a great testimony with me. Nope i am not sharing with y’all but Tola I am so proud of you hehehe… Wisdom is the principal thing. That is what the bible says 🙂

Ehen did i also mention that Pastor Kingsley is the spiritual son of Rev Albert who is the spiritual son of Rev Victor? So depending on how you look at it, Rev Victor is my great grand father… hehehe But seriously this generation of great men are all connected to me and i am so thankful for that…

 Rev Victor my great grand Father 🙂

Rev Albert my Grand Father from Pastor K hehehe

Oh please the final mention… Remember how i told you that PK is a great Preacher… Some of you already know him from TV. Ehen, Sunday July 15 we have a program for Just us girls in Church that is David’s Christian Centre in amuwo odofi. Theme is MAN-ners… Yup MANners and it is for the Ladies to learn about the MEN from the horse’s mouths at. 4pm. If you need help on how to get there, holler at me… And err if you come, i promise to give you some dollars sign autographs for you… hehehe…

That’s it for part 2… have you seen your name yet? lolsssss. It would probably come up in the next one so weep not CHILD… hehehe

Btw have i mentioned just how much I am loving doing this… i think i am going to collate the reactions i have gotten so far on this for everyone to see right at the end of the series… Hilarious!!! You would think this is the BOOK OF LIFE…. lols… keep it coming ooo. It is all harmless fun, i hope… and yeah i tweet using @eziahaA… kindly follow…

Love and Kisses

Your Fabulous Black sis


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  1. Its a lot of fun reading all this,but I am not shocked, its eziaha now.lol! if I wasn’t following u on twitter, would run to do so now, but I am already. Putting some spice in writing,that’s how we roll, weldone girl.

  2. Awwwww…I like Dr Craig nd his theory of d virgin nd d prick…many interpretations for that *winks*, bt most of all its good to know we hv men who r virgins around. Its a really good feeling. Imagine wen two virgins meet, its goin to b awesome nd d angels will sing :d
    And Eziaha, y do u hv every pastor as a father naaaa. Wt happened to ur real father? 😮
    I can’t believe u put up anchorage pics on internet *rolling eyes*. Oh well…pls tell them to paint d place abeg.
    Pastor K nd his wife look divine. They look like stock-brokers. U shld see hw pastors in my villa look like…like its a mortal sin to look good…more like a village headmaster nd his wife. God forgive me *angel face* Nice writing, my fab sister.

    1. O’tega Dumebi Ononye, u won’t kill me walahi… Hehehe. But I’ll match u word for word…
      Leave my anchorage alone. Did u offer to paint and we said NO!!! Lolsss
      Yes ooo. Divinely looking PK and PM… LMAO at ur village Pastors lolsssss. God is watching you ooo
      I’ll let Lamide respond to your comment about him… Hehehehe. Oya Doc,over to you…
      Yes ooo. My Pastors are my Fathers in the Lord… Propelling me to go further. My real posie is a star… Don’t worry you will soon see his picture. I never finish na…
      Thanks darling

  3. Auuuuuuch ⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣ love, U̶̲̥̅̊ knw U̶̲̥̅̊ r one of d pple I av worked wit dat av always made me smile,doin d work,even wen Ǻ♍ tired, U̶̲̥̅̊ av a smile dat breaths freshness nd strength  pple,⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣ Fø̲̣̣я̅ jst been U̶̲̥̅̊ nd HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance babe,happy τ̅☺ av met U̶̲̥̅̊ nd I love U̶̲̥̅̊ plenrieeee:*

  4. So, I read that and I am touched, Thank you much for your kind words. I love talking to people who challenge me, women in particular. Sisterhood is not something that is cherised enough these days, by this, I mean the sisters one chooses. You are without a doubt, one of the finest I’ve met. Mentally adroit, witty, with a keen sense of personal style to boot! I admire your principles, your willingness to defend your convictions. I’m pretty happy to have met you too… Even though you thought I was a boy!

    I can’t wait to see you achieve great things. My own Goldilocks! I’d say, I knew you back when you were a self assured 20 something year old… Happy New Year… (Your birthday signals the start of your personal year) Happy birthday and I hope to the Ancestors and to God that you fulfil all the potential you were endowed with.

    (Kai! I’m not usually this mushy but you brought it outta me.) 🙂


    1. Awwwwww. This is by far the sweetest thing I have heard you say… Sooooo sweet… Thanks a whole lot. I’ll read this for a long long time.
      I forgot to add that Tola can speak English walahi… I always take notes and grab a dictionary too. Hehehehe. And Tola doesn’t wear weaves. All her hair and more… That takes courage ooo. I fitn’t.
      And finally I tot u were a boy cos u had on a very dark image now abi? U didn’t put up ur picture on facebook haba. Don’t get me started ooo. Lolsss
      Thanks Sugar…

  5. Happy birthday in advance sweetheart, and it’s my privilege to be in the school of people who have colored the life one already so beautiful, in and out! You’re blessed to have loads of loads of amazing people around you, and that’s testimony to your brilliance!

    I hope you have a fabulous birthday babe, loads of love!!
    The Fairy GodSister

    P:S – so this is what you wanted my picture for!! SMH!!

  6. HaPpy birthday to you. Lovely post. I love when people are stylish when it comes to dresing especially preachers, it makes christianity more exciting and alluring. Success in your exams

  7. Ok, so I took my time and read through the whole stuff, smiling some, laughing some (esp when u talked about the virginity balloon getting pricked), and moved to tears at some point. Glad to know some people still share my views (not about to ask for his number but…. u know now… ***winks). I’d like to give you a clue as to who this is but let me allow you to wonder small. @ Chioma Chuka, more grease… u doing a great job (wonder small too) lol… Happy birthday in arriance, Eziaha!

    1. Not fair na… Who is this…
      If u tell me, I’ll give you his number… *seriousFace* you obviously are a feddy girl tho for knowing Chioma… Thanks tho… The birthday never reach sha…
      Oya tell me who na

  8. Eziaha,am so grateful 4 dis…but ur write-up has bn generating serious arguement on my bbm,looooool

    1. Lols… The series is generating plenty on mine too… God will help me for starting this… Hehehehe. ※ ♈ōϋя ωεL©º♏Є dear

  9. hmmm…dint evn knw u v a blog rili nyc n nw u r mkn mi rili jealous*big grin*…hapi bdy in advance

  10. Wow! Again am amazed!like seriously,am so glad to b a friend nd part of d peeps who hv coloured your life.Infact its an honour nd a great pleasure to b in this multi- talended!beautiful!dresser!show stopper,lover of God,all a girl wishes for,fab black sisters life.#BIGHUGZ#!Lol at ‘fellow picture lover’ picture lover is even an understatement for Eziaha!u r a picture obsesser!if drz any word lk dat lol!.U rock girl! Nd am blessed to hv u in my life too! Loving u mucho! #Big Kiss on d Lip##wink#hehehe.Super Hot Blog uv got here baby.

  11. Lol. I’m loving this. I should steal this idea and do a series of thankful posts too.

    Very small world though. I know Lamide too and he still looks tres cute. A tres yummy doctor who plays the guitar and can cook? That’s the dream *swoon* So he’s single huh? *grabs phone to call* hihihi

    1. na wa ooo… lamide is getting too much attention jare… hiss much… yes i am beefing…
      please dont call just yet… call me and pay then il link u. trust me i am a better link oooo…
      thanks toinlicious darling

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