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Happy Sunday. I LOVE Sundays like ABSOLUTELY. Always have and absolutely always will. Reason is simple: I get to worship my Father with fellow Believers corporately. Worship experiences are always amazing, and when I think of places where Believers are not free to worship, my heart breaks in sorrow and at the same time swells in gratitude. We who have the freedom to worship should not take it for granted.

Today’s service was da bomb dot com and I found myself teary at some point. Everything about today’s worship experience was just so heavenly.

I attend Daystar Christian Center now for almost 6months, and I recall how the first couple of months were full of tears and apathy. Gosh, moving was HARD (and story for another day why I moved from DCC that is David’s Christian Center but no drama trust me) and I just coasted at the beginning. However, sometimes in December last year, I heard God clearly tell me that THIS, Daystar, was where He wanted me at this moment and in this season. If I was being disobedient, then I would miss out on what He had on the other side of my obedience.

I KNOW when my God says something, and I also KNOW that He releases GRACE to obey. I truly missed being fully involved in church. Enjoying every bit of it, and since the Lord had led us to Daystar, then it was time to fully immerse.

PEOPLE, it was like the moment I decided to fully immerse in Daystar, then wisdom, ideas, grace, favor, etx started to flow in my direction. Not only that, the worship experience at Daystar which I wasn’t feeling AT ALL before, all of a sudden began to be EVERYTHING. The WORD, the WORSHIP, everything was just a blessing. Once Membership school opened, I joined 100L so that I could be qualified to serve.

One of those 7am mornings

7am for 6 straight Saturdays has been real yawl and yesterday we had our exams and guess who scored 100% haha.


Talk about BEST haha. And I am looking forward to starting 200L in April. I also attended the Career conference last month, which set my heart on fire. I came in and took 3weeks off the social media aspect of CoachE’Squad to put A LOT in order. WISDOM for Next Level has been dropping like crazy. Today, I went to drop my name to join the media team, but I doubt they will take me until I am done with 200L but let me sha drop name haha. I also joined the HOME CELL and we have been attending religiously. Next week, I start DLA, that is DAYSTAR Leadership Academy and I CAN NOT WAIT AT ALL. Gosh. The wisdom I get daily from church and all I learn therein through its many programs and events. Funny how the WORD this year at Daystar is SOAR and late last year, the Holy Spirit laid it so strong in my heart that T D Jakes latest book SOAR was my book for this year and my NEXT LEVEL.

Thanks to my blog reader who gifted me this BOOK

Today in church was the first time I sat in the main auditorium. As a Nursing mom, we get to sit in Annex 1, which is like for Nursing Moms and Dads and their babies.

Church earlier today. The Word was DA BOMB. Daystarng

Today however, I asked a friend to come worship with us and hubby said I could leave them in Annex 1 and go worship in the main auditorium, so Uche could experience it LIVE. The moment Uche got in, she said WOW!!! I was totally stunned by church today, and by the time Choir was done, we both went WOW. Nothing like hearing GOOD MUSIC live. I had tears.

Ignore the jagajaga pix lol

Late last year, I cried cos I didn’t like being in Daystar away from DCC, and the whole experience was TOO DIFFERENT for me.

Today, 6 short months later, I cried because GOD IS SO GOOD, AND He knows my life and will NEVER LEAD ME ASTRAY.


I shared all that to say this…

Sometimes, God is leading us to a place or to a thing different from what we are used to, and we close our minds and so it all even looks worse. I challenge you today to PLEASE, be open to obedience. There is SO MUCH waiting on the other side of your obedience. TRUST Him. HE IS TRULY A GOOD GOOD FATHER.

Have a blessed week guys. Gotta prep Lunch so I can have time for my Yankee Pastor Steven Furtick and the Elevation Worship Experience.

Come on and bless His name for YouTube LIVE haha.


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