So it is another fabulous weekend whoop!!!

Btw, second post in one day… Am i smoking or what?!?!?! Hehehehe. Anyways, today is ‘Open House and Parents forum’ at my school and so between welcoming and directing the parents upstairs (And PLENTY smiling too which you know is the easiest thing for E’ to do), and also coaxing them into actually joining the forum upstairs before picking up half term results (some parents can be in such a hurry and who blames them jare…) I am here blogging… And I am also scoping some mother’s dresses and jewelry and shoes and inhaling perfumes made in heaven

Next week is actually our half term week and so work/school is off for the whole week!!! Can you believe my good fortune lool. But I am halfheartedly rejoicing sha. Because I hear, (dear God, this is one rumor I hope has NO iota of truth) that I (being that I work front desk) would have to work half through the holiday albeit half day that is two days a week from 9 to 2pm. Ugh!!! I haven’t gone to ask in the admin office cos I fear a confirmation. If nobody tells me before COB though, I will enjoy my long week holidaying biko. Moreover, a friend of mine is expected to POP next week and me wanna be in the hospital when that happens jor…

Anyways, this is another amazing weekend in DCC and even in my life personally. But lemme gist you DCC first

Our Single ladies meeting this month comes up tomorrow and it is themed INTER—TRIBAL MARRIAGES.

 Ekamma James(1)

The topic touches home. I am in one and all the drama that has led up to both the traditional rites (which thank God has finally happened) and the Church which is still in the COOLER is INCREDIBLE. The topic annoys me silly. I mean, the devil just thrives on division. Always looking for what to use to cause division because he knows Unity is one of God’s strongest tool. If we are not looking for tribal difference, it is religion, and sadly, we even have intra-tribal differences. Haba. I hate the devil sha. So if you are a single lady in any such relationship or know anyone in one, please find your way to

David’s Christian center DCC Victory dome

Fatgbems bus stop, Amuwo odofin, behind NEPA, Lagos

This Saturday October 19 at 10am

Single ladies meetings are always amazing hun so darling make it if you can. There will of course be QnA sessions too. And you can get the message and keep listening when you go home. Even if you don’t have that issue, you may have to counsel someone through it so…

Free tip; Feel free to pick up the MESSAGE Inter tribal marriages by PK. He preached same a while ago and it is a most amazing message. Still listened again last night and found it really insightful. The bonus to that message is that he spends almost half the time talking about raising and disciplining a child. Hilarious and yet very true words. Thank me later.

Then on Sunday, THE ROCK XTREME which is the DANCE ARM of DCC will be having their second ever DANCE CONCERT like you have never seen tagged UNRESTRAINED.


The first one they held, I was still a student in Ibadan and missed it but no way I am missing this one. Even wild horses and demon-infested pigs can’t stop me. Rock Xtreme can dance walahi. I MEAN, THEY WOW ME EVERY SUNDAY THEY DANCE.  Then there are other dance groups and people coming too like Don Praizzy, Tochi, Squad 1, Rhymovator, Soul Quest (Winners of Maltina street dance season 1) and many more. Personally, ROCK Xtreme is the reason i ma going majorly…

Same address as above is where this is going down…. 4.30pm on Sunday October 20, 2013.

Please come on time 4pm better. You really don’t wanna miss this action do ya?

For more information on any of the above programs, holler at us on 08023993842 and 08051733863.

Our website too has more info

Cheers to a fab weekend hon…


PS; Shout out to Ojay darling. i got your mail. Got me blushing. so i thought i should get you blushing too. hehehe. I will respond soon hun.Hugsssssss

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    1. This story is long mehn.
      But when we say inter tribal in the Nigerian context we know what we mean na. Various tribes here. Simple. Though a school of thot believes the term itself is a creation of colonialism. It is yes but it has stayed.

  1. Hahaha…demon-infested pigs?how did that get into that expression?smh…lol….
    Keep scoping perfume o…I don’t wanna hear about any nasal allergy/irritation/infection….

    And oh,Mega Congratulations at the conclusion of the traditional phase….

    Cheers ma’am!

  2. Hehehhehehe, demon infested pigs kwa, lol. I was tellin som1 abt d singles sisters meetin and she said she didn’t see any reason 2b der, I was so sad o walahi, after nw dis same person wld b buggin me wit questions abt relationships nw dat she has d opportunity 2attend dis kind of meetin she no wan go. SMH

    1. I thought about this while writing. Some people who actually can afford to make it will ignore.
      Tz well. This ignorance thing I now get why they say tz no excuse oooo

  3. Tribal this,tribal that.its seriously annoying.The moment my grand dad mentioned that “na urhobo man u go marry o” I quickly told him that “na who God say I go marry I go marry,regardless of tribe” so make nobody carry dat kain leg reach me.
    Its really silly to me.

  4. actually overblushing right now..thanks so much eziaha..infact i am going to take a snapshot of this…too excited..btw i have replied your waiting to hear from u..thanks..x

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