You know, I am building my own Book reader App THE FAB E’ BOOK app (which by the way is costing me an arm, a leg and 2 uteruses lol) and after we reached an agreement, the last thing I told her (Yup, I am using a techy female GEEK) was

‘…I LOVE colours. I am a super sanguine, so let the colors pop and let it be BEAUTIFUL!!!’

Sisters, I am all about THAT BEAUTIFUL LIFE yo!!!

I have even been accused of favouring finer Chicks over fine Chicks hahahahaha. Like, can you imagine? I won’t even answer that accusation, but I would say that I can hardly see a drop dead BEAUTIFUL Chick and NOT compliment her. Either her, or something she has on, or a BEAUTIFUL quality I admire in/about her.

My GORG  bestie and Mercy Lokulotu photobombed us

There is just something BEAUTIFUL about being a woman, that makes compliments like ‘i LOVE your cheek bones’ never awkward…We held our very FIRST Propel Lagos meet on Saturday,

and I recall being kinda blown away by the beauty of 2 of the Chicks I was meeting for the first time. as I hugged them, I was sure to tell them emphatically ‘Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful’ more than once.

Which is why, it is easier to get me to attend an ALL Chick meeting than a meeting with some testosterone (shout out to my male readers tho. One love mehn haha)

I am so thankful that we never run out of Chick only events. I think God just leaves everything and camps with His Chicks whenever we gather to call upon His name. Aside blessing us with spiritual AND material blessings, He blesses us with the gift of humans!!! Follow Girlfriends. I still recall Warrior in Heels. Kai!!! Do you guys know it was after that meeting I started SavedFitnFAB?

All because I heard DDK say ‘Apostles in the Market place?’ Do you know how much DDK has changed my life? Do you even know the ripple effect of that meeting as per the many other relationships the prayers birthed there has brought my way? (if you listened to the mesages ddk preached, you would have heard all the prophecies she dropped. My Spirit can’t stop thanking my Pastor Mildred for both organising that meeting, and then insisting I meet DDK. You know, God truly does LOVE his daughters and I know He drops BEAUTIFUL gifts when we gather to worship Him. Material gifts and Gifts of Sisters. It doesn’t always happen immediately BUT something drops in your Spirit, teaches you just how to pray, directs your life and brings you to your Squad, both Teachers, Helpers and Covenant Friendships.

Then can we talk about the BEAUTIFUL refreshing that happens to your Spirit when in such gatherings. Just sisters, lifting up HOLY hands in worship of Jesus!!!!

Not gossiping or being catty. Just pure fellowship!!! Dunno about yawl but where Chicks gather in worship of Jesus, and when the Host is Mildred Okonkwo, the darlingest Pastor I know, wild horses can’t keep me away as long as I am around ooo. See ehn, if I’ve seen God beautify a life, Pastor M’s life is it!!!

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with Pastor M!!! She’s BEAUTIFUL and honey, i’m not even talking the obvious physical. I’m talking the beauty within. The grace mama carries, the results mama has, the helpers mama has, the ministry mama has, oh the FAITH Mildred Okonkwo has is BEAUTIFUL!!!

From infertile to THREE kids!!!!????

And so when she shared the theme for this year’s annual Just us Girls conference, I knew God is definitely ready to make His girls BEAUTIFUL!!!

You have my permission to do whatever to be there. (err, legit sha). I don’t even know why Beautiful is NOT tomorrow!!! Or even now!!! Gosh!!! Ah!!!

Yes these AMAZING people above will be there but who cares??? Jesus will be there guys!!! JESUS!!!!

J E S U S!!!

The One who makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL in its time. The testimony giver, the way maker, the destiny changer, the friend-provider!!! The One who can change your story in a split second and make your life BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh sweet Lord baby Jesus.

I. Can. NOT. Wait!!!

No, seriously. Forget about your challenges and just come. Infact, bring them and come exchange it for BEAUTIFUL gifts. And if your life is already beautiful, AMEN!!! Now let’s take that beauty to the next level so you can impact your world with even more beauty. It is this Saturday 24th at 4.30pm. A touch of Pink is dress code but hey, come as you are if you don’t have pink!!!

Oh and that thing I said above about ‘who cares?’ err, I care about the other BEAUTIFUL people coming abeg.

Let’s look closely now…


Yawl know I have a spiritual crush on PC (sory Remarhed lol) Heaven usually kisses earth when PC ministers.

Yesterday as He ministered in Church, God knows I just got lost for a minute or 10.

How. Can. Anyone. Be. So. Anointed??? Was looking for brother man to get a hug but he disappeared soon after.

Come, you will see what I’m saying when you hear PC.

And oh Accapella!!!

Not many comedians have got me rolling like him. Clean and funny jokes? Count me ALL IN please.

Oh and the guest minister Pastor Jerry Eze???


Just bring your journal cos heavens will open!!!

Clear out your Saturday guys.

See you at BEAUTIFUL cos honey that’s where Jesus will be… Yes. And AMEN!!!

Love love love and remain BEAUTIFUL!!!

Eziaha. (& my BEAUTIFUL Pastor K)

our first Propel meet held on Saturday.

See ehn, God is too good!!! This is really a great time to be a Woman. I’m sharing bits from it on IG and all my social media accounts. @eziaha on IG and Eziaha.com page on Facebook. Phew!!!

Definitely BEST time to be a Woman.
Don’t worry, the second lagos Chapter is starting next month. This first is already at capacity… email propel@eziaha.com

PPS: my 6k promo is still on.

Time to burn fat before Christmas. Once I hit a 100 Chicks, I’m stopping. Hurry guys. And super thanks to all my friends and blog readers who just carry my matter on their head and referring Clients.

God bless yawl.

Oh and im working on Christmas pressies for my December squad.

Yawl wanna turn up then…

PPPS: My book is still on FIRE!!! 

Email ebook@eziaha.com or drop a comment with your email and get your free copy. (Oh btw i need a GOOD graphic artist. Tnx guys)


Can yawl believe it? 5years of blogging. Gosh the Lord is so super good. Thank God for booming stats too. And thanks to all my mentees who help me out with social media publicity. Phew, to birth and nurture a dream truly takes a village!!! Thankful for my Village!!!


I got back from church to this message from my mentee. She had been offline a while… This was a convo she started on her own…

I doubled up in laughter. Hahahahaha.
Can i be frank guys? Comments are AWESOME and i LOVE them but mehn, i write for more than comments. I write to BLESS AND CHANGE the lives of my readers. And mehn, THANK YOU for living for Jesus even more cos of my posts. He is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! Comment when you can tho, love the feedback, but beyond the comment, LIVE IT just as i am…

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  1. I have to agree with the mentee on just being blown away. Sometimes I’m not even sure what to say.Do you have the same 24 hours we do? You’re even building your book reader. You know you’re blessed! Keep writing for us biko! And yes to that Tee! Can previous participants people have it too? Lol!


  2. Too many nuggets of wisdom in your blog posts.Always. I always find myself nodding and agreeing and saying to myself ” what a babe! too awesome, so inspiring” sometimes i find it hard summarize my thoughts into a comment. Keep being the awesome, inspiring person that you are. Great Job as always.
    The Tee? I Like!!!.The inscription is sooo apt. Love it! “More Jesus, Less Food”

    “Beautiful” sounds like an awesome way to spend the saturday evening. I’m completely sold on hearing “PC” minister lol.. Hopefully i’ll make it down. but if not, i look forward to reading all about it on your blog!

    Peace and Love

  3. Why is there no love button? Like is not even cutting what I feel about this post and not just cos it’s about me but it’s the truth dripping in every phrase. You know I love you Abi? I’m always asking right? ? Just feel like I need to show you more often. How proud I am of the woman you are becoming….

  4. Thanks E’ sincerely your blog is another i follow after my Mentor Pastor Mildred Okonkwo. It’s all gonna be BEAUTIFUL…I trust GOD. And also when Mam calls for a program i get so excited cos she is always eager to share the Grace in her life. Another thing i love your fitness how you losed all that weight mehn i can imagine. Love you E keep up the awesome job wish to join in that weight loss program.

  5. Awesome!!!. you write so well, not just words but applicable teachings. making woman know they are worth more than they think and are destined for something better to the world.
    i really admire the grace you carry. This can only be the good and perfect work of God.
    i await your book.

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