This life eh…
Ok, my boo knows that when I start any first with ‘this life eh’ I am about to bring a whole lotta E’ drama on…
But seriously though, this life eh. People of the world eh…
You know, someone I absolutely love shared a testimony in church a few Wednesdays back. She was diagnosed of a medical condition at 16 and they said her womb would not hold a baby. The testimony here was that after all the devil’s WEAK theatrics, she got pg as the perfect new year pressie, on January 8, 2013, eight years after marriage. The testimony is sweeter than this but I don’t know if I am permitted to share it on blogsville.
What however struck me about the testimony more was a mail she received from a certain someone who said among other things that ‘…she was a wicked woman and all she was doing was eating her husband’s money and that was why she would not have a baby’
That statement sent shivers all over my LIFE. How can someone say such a thing biko nu? Don’t you fear God? Allow me to assume that this person must have children and all, hence guts enuff to say it. But, one thing she missed was that children are a gift from God. Simple. It doesn’t come from you knowing all the best bedmatic moves, or from NOT eating your husband’s money, or because you have been good and nice. It is simply a gift from God. If you have kids and you recognize that, you can’t say that sorta thing.
That tells me something about how ungrateful we can be as humans.
Ingratitude to the one who has given us such BLESSINGS freely to enjoy. How dare you use it to taunt another. Shame!!! SMH!!!
I have seen young married or about to marry girls say things like ‘Upon all her shakara, I still married before her’ What’s that? How dare you? If only you know that it was GRACE that brought your husband. Your own works are NOTHING outside of GRACE. ‘I don marry now and she never marry’ KAI.
Or maybe, you have a job, maybe a fantastic one. You now start looking down on your mates who do not have jobs YET, and be taunting them behind and sometimes to their faces. Blaming their condition on something you think is their fault. So you think your degrees and connections brought you the job abi? Na real wah ooo.
Or maybe you seem to be enjoying breakthrough on all sides, and where you have friends who seem stagnated, you now suddenly start feeling on top of the world. And looking down at the rest.
I am really pained as I write this. At the ignorance of men.
I put this to you very plainly… If you recognize grace at work, you won’t ever have the mouth to look down or talk down at someone or boast about stuff.
And I even feel that if you have the guts to taunt someone else, then your blessing is really NOT that ‘babara’. BABARA is Yoruba for really big!!! Like BIG!!!
If your blessing is really big, then you will know that your own efforts did not bring it. To boast won’t even occur to you. You would be flat on your face in thanksgiving. Your mouth won’t find the guts to utter such high quality RUBBISH!!!
I recall that text message from my prof that told me that I made a first class, and graduated as the BEST. I cried all through that day. After screaming my sisters’ and brother’s head off looool. I had a couple of classmates who had extra year and maybe their CGPA dropped some and took them to a lower class of degree. I knew mine was GRACE because my grades SKYROCKETED in final year, despite all the extra stuff I took up then. I knew the study I did could NEVER have brought me that high. At all. I heard some people say things about a few extra year persons. I could not. I was too awed by how good He was to me, to say anything about anyone else, whether I felt they had it coming or not.
Post graduation, I have seen God’s hand on my life, turning all I touch to gold and shining light on my path. I know that not every graduate can answer the question ‘What next?’ with conviction, like I can. But I know that is all God. Not me.
Filthy rags, fllthy rags. FILTHY RAGS!!! All our righteousness is but filthy rags. On our own, we can achieve, sustain and become NOTHING.
Again, if you recognize GRACE at work, and you have BABARA results, your permanent attitude would be gratitude leaving you with no time to look out for who got it or didn’t.
Be careful to say that next unkind word. Stop and think. Did you bring it to yourself by yourself?
We serve a faithful God. Very faithful one. I know right.
Cheers to another FABtastic weekend.
This week went by in a hurry sha…
Today is Parents forum… Or what is popularly known as Open day in my school. Looking forward to it 🙂

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  1. Luvly post baby,certain pple don’t understand d concept and magnitude of Gods grace and realize that we don’t deserve dis grace but he stl chooses to Show us grace.may we not take his grace for granted.well done Hun I celebrate u

  2. It’s really amazing how meeeeaaaannn some people can be eh! Can u imagine someone sending a message like that to someone else! Envy is a mighty fierce thing oh! You know, I am always amazed when I remember that the wives of the main hebrew patriachs were all barren at first. I mean, Sarah, Rebecca and Rachael but their stories did not end that way because God miraculously gave them children that turned out to be great men. Talk about children of faith! I hope the lady did enough shakara when giving her testimony jor.

  3. K. You started this piece with “This life eh”, but trust me, this is a beautiful drama{unlike the one you guys had at work today} lol.
    Now to the issue, its simple, Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. In order words, every babara happening comes from the Baba Himself. Its sheer insanity to want to take glory for them. If you still got liver to wanna take glory, then its nt babara. There are things your intelligence cum smartness CAN NEVER deliver. In as much as I detest indolence and a visionless life, I still strongly believe that at the base of every high flyer is a force stronger than the natural, God. So, let’s have a rebirth. You want to take glory for dt job, dt wife, dt child, then be ready to take glory for the breathe of your nostrils. That’s where it starts from. Only the living can plan howebeit acheive.
    Kudos baibey. Already watching your series on air. Even tho d studio may be somewhere in our house. Lol

    1. Which house biko nu…
      Except we will be living in CNN headquarters.
      Truly ooo, if you can take the glory, then tz not babara…
      I love you baby and tz cos of how wise you are that I will marry you over and over again!!!

  4. Everything is by His GRACE sis! For those who bring down others due to their condition /predicament;lack of job, child, husband ,wife e.t.c they don’t know what GRACE is all about. Its GOD and GOD’s grace alone! Av a fanbastic weekend sunshine!

  5. Kem kem,
    I’ve missed you here ooo
    Yes ooo. Tz all grace.
    What have we that we got on our own? Nothing
    Just grace
    Muah my love

  6. daz how edom was gloating over isreal’s misfortune and got God’s punishment-obadiah’s account. now I understand d statement better(jacob av I loved Esau av I hated), pride in achievements + gloating = downfall. truth is majority of us Christians make this huge mistake. Toh! I hope we’ll learn d truth and work wt it when we learn it. Thanx for d document, I guess I shud transfer to my system as suggested. I thot my phone viewed power point but guess I was wrong. Av a great wkend.

    1. Have a fab weekend love
      And be sure to access it Ooooo
      This weekend.
      Downfall indeed oooo
      Lol at toh! Please who taught you that. I tot twas strictly igbo ooo that’s why I don’t even use it publicly.
      Thanks love

  7. Babes, u hit the nail on the head… Totally.
    U know, Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. When one person runs another down, it is simply showing the contents of the person’s heart. The repercussion of this is what he/she fails to realize. Life and death are in the power of the tongue and words spoken to others have a way of coming back to our lives. A person that speaks life to others will have life and one that speaks death to others will have death in one way or another. The Bible clearly states that whatever one sows, that shall he/ she reap. People are a fertile ground where seeds are sown and whatever kind of seed is sown in a particular quantity, the same will be reaped…in proportionate quantity.

    Thank God for His grace that will continually abide. I sincerely hope we all (especially our generation) learn to speak uplifting words and not destroy lives with our words. God help us.

  8. You have inspired me ezi! I found Christ recently and it has been a fab experience in fellowship with the spirit. Everyone esp le ladies needs to fight for their souls and lost souls..our ultimate duty. May God continue to increase you 😀

    1. FABtastic to hear sweerie
      Very happy for you
      Amen. Increase bless and strengthen us all.
      Keep living victoriously. Thanks for dropping by.
      Love ur email addy btw 😉

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