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Sorry to break the flow from PURPOSE IN MARRIAGE and all but two things happened to me yesterday that I am pressed upon to share and encourage us to GUARD OUR HEARTS. You really don’t have to agree with me, but like I said, they happened personally to me so…

Let me start with something that came off Heather Lindsey’s page. Ok so Heather is someone I follow really closely. I mean I come on IG and the first person I check is Heather cos I know her page just breaths life. I don’t even care for IG stories but I check hers. So she had mentioned something on testing all spirits and that not all ‘Christian’ music from Gospel artists should just be swallowed like that. In my mind, I was like ‘Oh sure thing’ until I noticed that there was a backlash going on her page, which she further addressed. So most people thought she was alluding to Tasha Cobb’s new album which has been getting quite the rave. I had seen it on SJR’s IG page but aside POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I don’t know so much about Tasha’s music so I didn’t bother checking. So apparently on this album, she featured Nicki Minaj on a particular song where she rapped and all, so people felt she was judging Tasha and all that, plus doesn’t she know that as she featured Nicki, she would be able to win some of Nicki’s followers and we shouldn’t judge or dissociate and more. Shebi me I could have just scrolled away at that point yeah? No ooo, Me I now scrolled to Tasha’s page to even see the song and the feedback and then I saw this really beautiful post about Nicki and her heart for God and how her feature would bless people and more. I was even happy like oh wow Nicki don turn believer, till I scrolled to Nicki’s page!!! And that my people, was where my wahala started haha. It was like pornography at its peak. I even opened one video where she had naked girls twerking and was like ‘coming soon’ etc. I mean, I am such a prude if you like, so I watched that video like 3 times to be sure of what I was seeing cos I couldn’t BELIEVE that we still had such. Instantly, NO KIDDING, a spirit I cannot even explain came upon me. It felt like something was calling me to some depths of impurity… like if I was struggling with masturbation or pornography, I would have succumbed to it. I don’t even know how to explain how I felt until I just got up and started rebuking and binding that spirit from my room and life. Like it was SO STRONG. WOW!!! Instantly it came back to me… WE MUST FIERCELY GUARD OUR HEARTS. Music has such a strong spirit and it can overwhelm you. Let’s even take it away from Tasha for a quick moment…

I like something Heather said. It went something like we are just called to PREACH THE WORD. We don’t need to associate or collaborate with darkness to get the gospel going. Once we start to do that, it creates CONFUSION. I think that sometimes as Christians, we kinda misconstrue the fact that Jesus wined and dined with Sinners. Yup he did, but I don’t see Him giving them a platform during his crusades. We are called to LOVE everyone and be INCLUSIVE yup, but we really should avoid things that would bring confusion to the body. We do NOT have to GO THAT DEEP to win anybody or their fans. I truly am at that point where I wanna REALLY guard what is going in through my eye and ear gate especially.  It can be tempting to compromise on X and Y for the LIKES and APPROVAL but hey JESUS ALREADY APPROVES OF US!!! It really is a narrow road we walk ooo. so easy to veer off.

I recall one Naija movie that had gotten quite the rave, so I bought it and all I saw was a promotion of immoral values with very great camera, Acting and scripts. I didn’t even get to the end, I brought it out and broke the CD. Not in my home biko.

We gotta really test all spirits. I also believe that our levels of spiritual maturity should guide us too. I recall mentioning my encounter that night with my hubby and he said he had seen the video and I am like HUH??? WHERE DID YOU SEE THAT KINDA VIDEO BIKO lol and he said actually it was a screen shot on LIB or so. But he didn’t even look again or have it affect him, but it just gave him context when I was speaking about it. Phew… abeg lets guard our hearts biko.

And like I said, it is not about being judgmental. I think Tasha is one heck of a talented Minister and Jesus alone knows the heart behind featuring Nicki but would I be interested in the song, or do a thing like that? NOPE!!!! I see more confusion being birthed from it than salvation. I mean Nicki gave one shout out to the album but all over her page, I’m seeing nudity and nonsense. Lol

Ok so moving on to the second which is shorter haha.

So yesterday I took my usual evening walk and on the way I met an acquaintance our kids were in the same crèche, and incidentally, she is a midwife in my hospital. We don’t have ANY relationship outside of cordial. So she was like how am I doing? Blablabla. Shebi I could have just said FINE and kept going haha. That’s how I entered a convo with her and was like I just passed my due date, etc. omo, come and see the words she started saying. Those words were just crazy seeds OF FEAR she was planting in my heart, which I should have been quick to uproot IMMEDIATELY but instead I just said a casual IT IS WELL, to which she laughed and said ‘When women want to give birth, they become more spiritual…’ and that was mu cue to leave. So I said my goodbye. What I should have done on that walk was pray in the spirit and uproot those seeds intentionally BUT I DIDN’T. I just waived it off casually, but we cannot be CASUAL about guarding our hearts and uprooting seeds. It is an ACTIVE process. My people, at night those words came back to me and I started to feel anxious and all kinds of fears and emotions. Suddenly I also felt like I had REDUCED FETAL MOVEMENTS lol. So I said I would go see my Doc in the morning. I am not due to see him until Thursday but I couldn’t wait biko. So on the way I rang my bestie Vee who just kept on reassuring me both as a friend and a Doctor, but told me to see my Doc still and let her know what he says. Then I ring my hubs who instantly picks it in my voice and says that I sound anxious and all that, but let’s hear from the Consultant. Anyways, I go to the Consultant and discus it all with him. I recall saying a prayer before I went in. I said God I believe that YOU are going to speak through him. I don’t know or care if he is a believer but the words I need to hear, He will say. The consultant has quite a funny name so I am unsure where he comes from or his religion (Dr Steven Lemadoro). I got in, he did all the examinations, offered me a sweep WHICH I DECLINED (God forbid a painful procedure that may not work lol), and just allayed all my fears in a very professional way, and gave me options. I truly felt at peace as he spoke. Then the funniest thing happened… as he updated my records on the system, I heard Him singing WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE. Hmm!!! I had NEVER heard him sing or say anything to show his faith. That right there sealed it all for me.

When I left his office, I knew I had been casual with the words of that chick but thank God He used WORDS from the Doctor to uproot the words. On my walk back from the hospital, which is really close to my house, it was a more peaceful Eziaha again. Do I blame that Chick? Nope. I just get to GUARD my heart and my eyes and my conversations a whole lot more fiercely.

Ok so there you have it. All in 24 hours lol. Now I am further reminded to GUARD MY HEART especially ONLINE. I hope you do too.





Can you guys believe we have just TWO days to the end of the month yay. So two more posts and we would have completed our #AugustFruitful31 series and I didn’t miss a day. Yay. I am so proud of myself sha. Will conclude the purpose and wifeyhood post tomorrow and end with a super exciting post which I have called YOU ARE SO EXTRA haha. Oh hopefully I can work on scheduling both tomorrow and/or before my baby shows cos if he does, no post ooo haha. Ok need to go for my evening walk.

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  1. I can’t believe August is about to end oh.
    I am proud of you too. So pregnant and still managed to post every day, and not just anyhow posts, it is a huge testimony. Talk about fruitful.
    I like the Jesus, sinner and crusade analogy. You are right. People get in a huff when some Christians try to guard their hearts but they don’t know it has consequences for some of us. They don’t even know it what you are dealing with or what you battle with as a result of letting down your guard because you/they think it’s not big deal.
    Satan I looking for any opportunity and we shouldn’t be the one to give it to him in any way.
    I used to think hanging out with my colleagues is joints was tolerable cos I drank malt until the Holy Spirit set me straight. There were spirits in charge of that place, revelry,drunkenness, fornication ,adultery, lasciviousness and idle talk. And what I was doing was giving them an inroad into my life.
    Besides if a new believer saw me coming out from there, my conscience was clear of course but it may affect his or her faith. Imagine! They would think, “Sunday school teacher in a pub with guys”.
    And I may never get the opportunity to correct that assumption.
    Na so I accept being called a party pooper and I siddon my house.

    1. Oh my gosh you just preached a whole message up in here.
      You are soooooo so right. Please party poop all the way to heaven lol
      Thanks for the kind words boo

  2. The spirit of masturbation is real and wrecking lives of many. So happy it is being talked about now.

  3. Timely and beautiful post ??????. God bless Tasha and Nicki but like Heather said on her post, “I ain’t going to hell for anybody” ???. Fellow pregger here ? and during this last month I’ve had to flush out a lot of unsolicited and fear-provoking ‘advice’, if it’s not building my faith then I don’t wanna hear it lol.

    I always enjoy your posts, thank you so much. This made my day.

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