Hey yawl.
Phew yesterday was just gangsta. Never been so tired in a while.
I kept hearing EXERTION in my head, looked it up and I truly understood it. I really felt like I used myself up until nothing was left. I was so emotional that I cried too.
So I had to be wise and do what wisdom demanded…
I shut down!!!
Couldn’t even talk to my hubs, and thankfully he understood and let me be.
By the time I woke this morning, I felt 100% better. Even though I still had some open eye moments at night, I still let my brain stay shut!!! Finally dragged myself up at 730 and truly felt better. I didn’t think going to the gym was wise so I stayed home and generally still kept things lowkey.
By noon though, things were full blast on the homefront but thankfully, strength had been gained to handle it. In fact a particular news hit me today that I screamed all my reserves away but it was well worth it.
God is so faithful. Just wanna encourage yawl to HOLD ON TO GOD. Pray and pray and pray without ceasing. When the CLOUDS BE FULL… RAIN WILL HAPPEN. And baby, when it rains, IT POURS!!!
Oh and btw, I have been praying for a prayer partner and I actually think God has finally endorsed one. Haven’t told her yet though cos I wanna be doubly sure haha. God knows I need one. The same way He brought me an accountability partner in Aijay, I pray this happens with a Prayer partner too.
Ok guys, that’s all for today. I have an antenatal appointment tomorrow and this Consultant will throw me the ‘Induction’ card, I am sure. Oh wells, fingers crossed. This baby and pregnancy has brought me so much good news and testimonies that I can’t even wait for a final birthing.
Sleep calleth but I have been watching this nonsense movie on YouTube which I will continue till I drift off. I am even too embarrassed to say the name. A super old Naija movie starring Genevieve NNAJI. Old, as in Obasanjo was President at the time.
Someone come cease my phone… And my data

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