Hey yawl…
So I needed some info from my mom today but both her phones didn’t connect. Rang my dad with the hope that they were together but they weren’t so he said to call her office line instead. I got engrossed in work and forgot. Next thing my mom is blowing up my phone lol. When I picked she said she thought I was hospital bound, and wondered why I didn’t tell my dad. Lol.
Last night, my sis rang and when I didn’t pick, she rang my hubby. Haha.
This morning I have received messages from my friends on BABY NEVER SHOW?

Haha. This is going to be an interesting ride but unlike last time, I’m not getting anxious. Due date is Saturday 26th and we are crossing it all for that date. Or later. BabyCentre moms are the real MVP though. I just stay laughing at all the stories especially for those who are being harassed daily with questions of baby’s arrival.
Ok on to today’s post. Funny how I was sure I was going to have this baby in America. I had even started saving and planning then I realized that I DID NOT!!! Lol. This blog is a major reason I wanna move to America not to have a baby…

I look forward to living in America for 3 or 6months straight. I think that would be the BEST 6MONTHS OF MY LIFE lol.

First, I would have to move with my mom or MIL and a domestic help. Very very important or I’m not going anywhere lol. That is because I need them to take care of my kids and homefront while I travel from state to state cos that trip is not for ‘Mommy cawwy me’ lol. I will just deposit them in an Apartment and travel from State to State. Lol. Of course return often too. I think we would either be stationed in Houston Texas, or Baltimore, MD especially cos of my mom and family.

I would also travel between July to December cos that’s when the conferences I wanna attend happen mostly.

Ok so what would I be doing in those 6months?

In no particular order…

I’ll attend Elevation Church several times. Hopefully ‘Inside Elevation’ and ‘Code Orange Revival’ happen in those months so I will be there DAILY. I’m too sure I will meet Pastor Steven personally, ask the ONE BURNING QUESTION I need him to answer without the cameras, and take pictures with him.

Oh I’ll attend AT LEAST 3 Propel women Activate events. I would really love to hear Lisa Harper speak live so ill be bias to the ones she would be present. But at least 3 sha. Hopefully I am there at the time of recording a Propel Curriculum so I join the audience.

I would attend Pinky Promise Conference of course. And i should attend the Gathering Oasis church twice… 1 Sunday service and 1 Bible study.

I would also look for and attend at least SIX events Lisa Bevere is preaching at. Can’t be less.

I’m talking full on STALKING. And I’m taking TONS of pictures with her (She’s relatively accessible). My BIGGEST dream would be to spend the weekend in her home just sitting and listening to her. Plus she hosts a Propel Chapter so I should crash that too. But if I spend 6MONTHS in Yankee without a personal encounter with Lisa, I’m not coming back. Ho ha!!!!!!!

OF course i FINALLY get to attend LOVE LIFE with Joyce Meyer. Kai. And at least two more Joyce Meyer conferences. Do I think I would SEE Joyce personally? I frankly am unsure. But i had this CRAZY dream once and how i met her was incredible. It was backstage. So God can definitely do it but ill probably be too overwhelmed to make any sense or statement for the first 10mins…


Aside Propel, I’ll also attend at least THREE churches where Chris Caine is preaching. I hope to hear her live at Gateway, Life Church and a Chick only conference. That I will see, hug and take pictures with Chris is not debatable.

Would also love to attend HillSong church in NYC.

Then I would fly to L.A. and attend One Church Sunday and midweek. Has to be both PT and Sarah on either days.

Would also attend The Potter’s House,Dallas OF COURSE .

Gotta hear Bishop LIVE and his super pristine wife First Lady Jakes. TPH Denver too cos SJR been preaching up a Tornado there as their New Pastor.

Priscilla Shirer is definitely not left out. I’m sure to catch a ‘Going Beyond Ministries’ event at least twice then stalk 3 of her preaching locations.

Lakewood Church is definitely one church I would be attending regularly (like Elevation ) .

Would love to hear Joel, Victoria and OF COURSE John Gray preach several times.

Hopefully their women event happens in those 6months.
Would love to attend Bethel Church at least twice too.

I would also love to attend some Leadership seminars and my top 5 would be

1. Christine Caine’s. It sells out in hours so I have to REALLY be fast to register.
2. Steven Furtick’s. That’s INSIDE ELEVATION which I’ve mentioned above.
3. Bishop Jakes. I think it falls around end of year too.
4. Bethel Church. Though I think there’s happen earlier in the year.

Ok so on to music concerts…

Would love one with Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Another with Kari Jobe. A HillSong concert of course. Elevation worship too. Then Bethel’s Nights of Worship.

Per foods, I’m so looking forward to so many healthy food options especially cooking and trying new recipes when I’m home in Houston. I look forward to a wide array of fruits and vegetables. Then high fibre and good carbs. I love that with some effort, you actually find a ton of healthy foods and NEPA is not an issue.
That said, I’m also here for Pizza and Icecream and would be trying out a WHOLE LOT.

Not sure about fun and stuff but cos I have my kids we would have to factor that in too right? That’s where my mom and help come in handy too. But we would definitely do loads of that together on vacation some other time. Or maybe at the tail end of the trip after I have achieved all of the above.
So there you have it. I really pray next year is the year.
I truly wanna relocate for at least 3months or 6 to America

Pray for me yawl…


My hair HURTS!!!

Dunno who sent me to do this wool. Anyways this too shall pass. Lol. Hardly slept last night. Two days now and hardly any sleep, with my hair adding to last night’s vigil. It is well with me. Going shopping today to stock up my home for a couple of weeks at least. Will do my nails too later today and get a particular décor for my Nursery.
Oh this hair HURTS!!! Kai

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