Happy Sunday yawl.

Just got in from church and i figured to get this out the way first, before i move on to the day’s work

Before I jump into the concluding part of this post on Confessions and Prayer journal/schedule, let me share this. So my son has twins in his class and we have a birthday book gift with their pix on it. They are identical girls and I cant tell them apart, but my son actually can, even from the picture. It is amazing what kids from a young age can do. The twins also remind me of when I desperately wanted twin girls. In my 2017 confession, I actually thank God for blessing us with our twin girls ‘Olaedo and Nwando’ this year. Haha.  (I am sure my friend who is Olaedo and has a daughter called Nwando is coming for me haha)

Then when I realized I was carrying just one child, I changed it to ‘a daughter Eziaha Christine’ whose names I was gonna shorten to E’Chris lol. That girl was gon’ be FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! I am sure God was just in heaven laughing and saying see this one I have made ‘mama boys’ already. Now though, if we decide to have a third child, I would rather another boy. I feel so equipped for boys (Thanks Lisa, Shirer and Havillah lol), but hey God knows best, and according to my hubby, we are DONE with kids. Haha.

Ok on to today’s gist. Let me kick off with a question and I really love it because as I was writing, I was gonna touch on it but I forgot. Good thing someone asked me.

My question: So your confessions are solely based on what you have heard from God or is it a mix of both what you are believing God for and what you have heard directly from Him?

Mehn, it is NOT only what I heard from Him ooo. Me sef I have DESIRES and stuff I am believing for, but you know what I KNOW? I BELIEVE THAT God places DESIRES in the hearts of His children, so even when we desire stuff, it is indirectly from Him. He is such a good good father and wants to bless us so sometimes it is a rhema, but sometimes it is just a ‘desire’. So as I start to pray about it, He starts to confirm or lead me to drop it for an even better plan. Which is why with God we cannot afford to be rigid, instead we must be submissive and then TRUST Him.

My dear, even the random thoughts of those who trust God are inspired by God most times ooo. Doesn’t even always have to be the deep stuff.

So today I wanna talk about my Prayer schedule and journal.

Typically, because my life is SOOO FULL, I have about a gazillion things to pray for and about. I am literally powered by prayers. So how do I organize it all into a structure that works.

Pretty simple.

First, I get a cardboard and write down ALL the things I am praying about in a particular season. I do mean EVERYTHING and in detail. I don’t just write Prayers for CoachE’Squad, I write the number of clients I want monthly, transformation in their lives, active squaddies, staff future and present, open doors to partner with kings, corporate engagements, social media posts and publicity, families of my squaddies and their health (cos when anyone has sick kids, they start slacking understandably so), vlogs, tee shirts, workout videos, media interviews in print, tv and radio, etc. Mehn, I break it all down ooo. I don’t just write prayers for my family, I list every possible thing I can recall. When it is time to pray for my mentors and mentees, I also break it down. By the time I am done, it is a REALLY long list. Then I draw a line into days of the week and start to insert various points into each day. some things feature once a week, and others daily (cos eez a serious something). By the time I am done, I have covered it all, and as new issues crop up, I insert into various days and as somethings get answered, I remove them from list. So it is a constant update. Sometimes a complete overhaul when a season turns and another begins. One other important thing is I pray with the Word. For everything I pray about, I have Scriptural backing, makes me bolder when I pray. Then of course, I pray A LOT in the spirit. I once heard Rev Victor Adeyemi quote someone and say

‘The will of God is deep in a man’s heart and if you pray in the spirit long enough, it will continue to rise till it enters your consciousness’

So I have learned to also tarry in the spirit, that way I know I am praying His will, I believe as I do that, I get more clarity in my life.

Then when I pray, I actually BELIEVE that God hears me and WILL send me answers. It is not just a rote activity, it is fellowship and He will do His own part.

Like I mentioned yesterday, this provides me a guide and makes me more intentional so I leave nothing out. If I can be detailed and structured about most areas of my life, why not my prayer life? But hey, if God lays something else on my heart when I go to pray, I pray about it too.

I hope this helps and answers the question from those who have asked?



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  1. Thanks alot Coach E’ I have been literally blessed. I am obviously leaning in and gleaning from you. Your life is indeed fruitful, thanks for all the details. Kept reading and when I realised that I have finished reading, I was like, really, the post is over, wanted it to just continue. Thanks once again babe. Really appreciate, now time to implement.

  2. I’m definitely buying my cardboard, I have loads of prayer point and I have been wondering how I can put it all in one page. Thanks alot.

  3. Thanks for this. It’s such great insight and I will still have to come read both again.
    I love the part where you said God puts random thoughts in our heart. Sometimes he puts the prayer points in us so we can pray what he wants for us to come to pass.

    Good to know I am not weird hearing God during corporate worship or in Church. As in people are concentrating and I am writing down stuff God is breaking down for me. It can be funny at times.

    Well done E. Safe delivery and avalanche of fruitfulness in Jesus name. Amen

  4. While reading, I muttered “wow no wonder she is thriving”. This is really amazing. I’m hoping and praying for the strength to incorporate some or all of these into my prayer life. I don’t know if you are still taking “requests” on what to write about. But if you are, here is my question: how do you handle “unanswered” prayers? You know, those things you really trusted God for and were SURE it would happen, but it just didn’t.

    1. Awwww thanks hun.
      You sure can apply jor.
      I love the question but answer may come later not this month.

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