Ok I am so glad I get to finally be doing this post. This is not one of those posts you do in a hurry because it is supposed to be serious and deep looooool.

The question of CONFESSION and PRAYER JOURNAL always arises with me. First thing I would say is that I am neither an authority nor perfect, but I just LOVE JESUS and want to do whatever to stay close to Him. Our walk with Christ can never be casual but must be intentional, and this I understood even better after watching WAR ROOM and then Shirer’s book FERVENT.

I know some people say with God, you should go with the flow, and nothing rigid and routine BUT I don’t exactly agree with that personally. It really REALLY helps to have some kinda structure to your prayer life, BUT it is even more important to NOT be rigid about it, meaning if you wake and planned to say pray for your friends on a particular day according to schedule, and the HS says just WORSHIP ALL MORNING, you throw away your schedule and WORSHIP. The schedule is a guide which HELPS A LOT but let your relationship and fellowship with Him be fresher than a rigid schedule,

Something else that happens with my prayer and confession journal/schedule is that I keep updating it. Amazing how we can just OUTGROW something. And if you are in the flow, you will KNOW when God wants you to tweak this, or discard that. So my plans don’t always look the same all year. I go with the flow of the Spirit.

Oh, did I also mention that I am not perfect ooo. Some days I struggle, either with laziness or a busy schedule, and I miss my confessions, but on most days, God and I are good per confession lol. And on days I miss something, the devil comes to guilt trip me but satan knows how I deal with him, and this doesn’t even concern him, so I bind that nonsense guilt and repent instead as I am CONVICTED.

Lol I am saying all this story so that nobody says Eziaha is PERFECT and an AUTHORITY ooo. I, like you, am also working out my salvation daily, and with a ton of discipline.

Ok  with that out the way, let me share how I do with my prayers and confessions.

The very first thing I would love to talk about is CONCEPTION AND INTIMACY.

You see, CONCEPTION for me is the act of taking in what God is saying to you, and that stems out of a place of INTIMACY with Him. Now let me explain this using sex between MARRIED couples. Before a woman conceives, she is INTIMATE with her husband and it is usually a very private act. Sometimes, conception doesn’t happen for some days but eventually, egg hits sperm, and wham, we say she has taken in. she may NOT exactly know which particular act of intimacy led to conception, but intimacy is something that must sha be happening.

Track with me, I am going somewhere.

When I talk to people, I always say GOD TOLD ME, and I frankly don’t even know that I say it a lot till the person points it out to me. One a friend asked me how I know it is God, and is it that I always hear Him say Eziaha do this or that, and I couldn’t even really answer that question. I just KNOW what God tells me.


That is because I have various various intimate moments with Him, in prayer, worship, the Word, corporate worship/praise, etc. In those moments, I am taking in the ‘sperm of the Word’ and sometimes I hear a Word immediately, and other times, which is more often the case, I hear a word later. CONCEPTION sha eventually happens and then I realize YAY GOD TOLD ME XYZ. I recall during When Women Worship, God spoke so super clearly to me as PC ministered and the mandate was on SavedFit&Pregnant. Even though it was corporate worship, I had my intimacy and conception happen. I got home and continued to meditate on it aka have more intimacy with the Word till it became clearer and clearer, and a dream came alive.

Lol, I hope I am carrying yawl along still haha.

Anyways, the koko is, the basis of my confessions and even prayers come from INTIMACY WITH HIM. Almost like Intimate moments birthing even more intimate moments. And then from there, I can even pray and confess more accurately. ACCURACY is SOOOOOOOO IMPORTANT in our walk with God. I don’t care what is happening with my best friend or mama, I only care that my prayers and confessions are ACCURATE for me!!!

Acts 24v 22 But Felix, having a rather ACCURATE UNDERSTANDING OF THE WAY [OF THE LORD], put them off and adjourned the trial, saying, When Lysias the commandant comes down, I will determine your case more fully…

ACCURACY is soooo important

Let me use an example from my App. The FAB E’Reader App

I cant even say I know exactly when CONCEPTION happened with that Word to go build an App but I just had that nudging. As I prayed even more, it got clearer, then I got a Word in Micah. Again, I cant even say that I HEARD Him clearly, I just knew, so I wrote it down. My team and I prayed too with that Word, but irrespective of what my team was praying, me I was CRAZY PRAYING with that Word. Phew thank God for the mentoring of DDK who talks about warring with the Word and Christine Caine from whom I learned that we birth and soak things FIRST in prayers before we go out with it.  Phew. Then I stepped out on faith, found a developer and got to building. Of course, anything that is birthed in prayers MUST be SUSTAINED by even more PRAYERS so I stayed praying. A couple of months later, I heard in my spirit SOOOOO CLEARLY another Scripture. I googled it and realized it was in the same Micah. By that time, the App had gone LIVE so I could UNDERSTAND very well how that Scripture fit in and it literally BLEW MY MIND. It was like God knew I would need it to stay encouraged even if millions had yet to download my App.

Then with those verses, I sat down and got various translations, both on YouVersion and Bible Gateway. Then I created a confession for it. Oh with the first Micah scripture too, I had done same and formed a confession off it. So this was the second, which was even more accurate and on point. I recall sharing it with DDK. Phew!!! It was UNREAL. So there, my confession for my App.

The same way for my business, God keeps giving me a word from moments of intimacy with Him and then I sit, do a richer study on it, thanks to Google and various online resources and then I create a confession list out of it. My confessions always come from the Word directly, and I make them very personal, and in the past tense too, like it has been done. Like for 2017, I literally went into Dec 31, 2017 and from that date, started to look back at my year and confessed them like they had already happened.

Oh one last story, since we mentioned 2017. So I had attended UPSTREAM with DDK late last year and that meeting was just CRAZY ACCURATE for me. I recall I came back and literally stayed on my face. Then God told me 17 THINGS THAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME IN 2017. I got my journal out and started to enumerate as He spoke. It was just 16, and when I printed it out, I wrote 17 but left it empty. I then shared with my team and accountability partner. And of course my hubby. I stayed praying on it literally everyday and even before 2017 came, I had a Scripture for the year in general and each thing in particular. Again, Number 17 stayed empty.

Dang, the new year came and early on, I realized I was pregnant. It must have been March or so when I finally got clarity on Number 17 and that was SFP ie SavedFit&Pregnant. Do you know the Scripture for that came in June at When Women Worship, and I had been praying about it every time before then. So even though I knew SFP was to be birthed, I didn’t quite have a WORD so I didn’t step out until I did, and then as PC ministered, the Word came and vision got clearer.

You see, everything just comes from a place of intimacy with God which is why I started by emphasizing that.

Ok so tomorrow I would continue this and with a focus on my prayer journal. Err, if there is something SPECIFIC you would love for me to answer per confessions, please drop a comment and I would reflect in tomorrow’s post.

This post may have typos just forgive me. I am typing one eyed. Long story, but let’s just say I appreciate Lisa bevere even more now who has lived one-eyed LITERALLY HER WHOLE LIFE!!!

Ok good night yawl… Long night ahead for me.

And yay for entering the 40th week of pregnancy.

39weeks in the bag. Whoop!!!

Saturday 26th is actually my due date and I AM SOOOO EXCITED to start a new phase of life as a MOM OF TWO BOYS. Yay!!!



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  1. Good day pretty preggie 🙂
    My question: So your confessions are solely based on what you have heard from God or is it a mix of both what you are believing God for and what you have heard directly from Him?

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