As i sat this morning to have breakfast before jetting out, I thought about the day and weekend i had in front of me and i silently said ‘I look forward to Monday’ and immediately the Holy Spirit made me look up at my wall where I have some words pasted, one of it being…

Eziaha it doesn’t get any easier but you get more graced for your life…

That was something Pastor M told me but might have as well been the Holy Spirit. Over a year now but never forgotten. Keeps me on my toes,  and frankly, RESPONSIBLE
In essence, no need looking forward to Monday as Monday will throw in the responsibilities of a new week, I just needed to be more efficient with my time and structures.

Then the HS further explained it using the mother’s body in pregnancy. In pregnancy, a woman’s body gets more efficient in metabolism, digestion, respiration, excretion, etc. And that is something the Good Lord has made possible if the body would successfully house another. For instance, a pregnant woman is actually breathing MORE  and BETTER as the heart is taking up more CO2 BUT because she is ‘breathing for 2’, it seems like she is out of breath. But trust me, the entire cardiovascular system of a preggo is wayyyy more efficient than an ordinary person. Ditto a preggo may be suffering from hyperemesis (morning sickness/vomiting) and can’t take much in and even keeps less in BUT her baby will take as much as it needs from both the moms intake (whatever little) and from the body stores too (if it has to). Your body too will find ways to release less so that it has enough to properly continue its normal functioning. The whole process is just BEAUTIFUL.

Added responsibility on the body makes it more efficient and productive, rather than making it shut down and wait for ‘Monday’.

I know all this cos I STUDIED IT in a prenatal professional course.

Oops Holy Spirit.
Lesson learnt very clearly.

Then I made a mental note to fully maximise each day from today.

Amazing how we stay learning daily.

So darlings,  I know it looks like life is choking atm but we can’t afford to let it choke us out. We can critically look at our schedule, re-prioritise,prune and cut back in a way that not only helps us bear much fruit but also brings glory to God without burning us out, or like me, cause us to look forward to ‘Monday’.

Sometimes, all it may take is less social media time and more efficient use of our fringe moments. Per example, I’m typing this on my way to Ogun state and on my phone. All I need do when I get back to Lagos is copy and paste to blog not sit at my table typing.

When I’m done with this post, I’ll continue to type posts for my social media for the next 2weeks.
Totally maximising my almost 1hour 30mins trip, which i otherwise may have spent on Baby Centre App. Lol.

Another thing I’ve done to maximise time esp when blogging is use less pictures.
Pictures are AWESOME but they take my time to attach especially as I don’t blog from my phone again. Chris, Lisa and Heather write the most beautiful pieces that wreck and get my life together again without pix so I can do without pix too if it will take time.

Tz amazing the little things that make a huge difference.

So as your responsibilities increase, your time and resources management should get better. Good thing is God can give you the wisdom you need to make that happen.


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  1. “So as your responsibilities increase,your time and resources management should get better”. Word for me.
    Thanks E. More grace especially in the final weeks of your pregnancy.

  2. Ha I’m both dreading and looking forward to next week as I assume way more responsibilities than ever. I’m excited about the possibilities and opened doors God provided, but a little bit apprehensive about the work. But like you just said it’s mostly about time management, efficiency etc. And of course prioritizing. Thanks for this

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