Ok  back to my help’s gist. Yawl been itching haha

If you missed part 1, find it here.

So my plan was that she leaves the next morning, I just offer her a place to sleep. But I didn’t want her in my home again so I sent her out. Expected her to go to ATM or something since BIG TRIP TO THE EAST the next day. Btw her dad called me back and I gisted him all, and told him she was enroute the next dat. Dude was just WEAK and asked to please speak to her when she gets in. she didn’t have a phone all the while she was with me, so her sim was in my own phon, which of coure I had taken away from her. She came in at 830pm, and I had her go buy credit to speak to her dad. So she rang him in my presence with my phone and that was when I heard she wasn’t going to the east again, that she will survive in Lagos that afterall did they know how she survived when she came at first, blablabla. Omo, me was shocked ooo. Plus the girl who returned to my house was sassier. She had even fixed her nails and painted SHOCKING PINK lol. Anyways, wetin concern me. Phone call over, I sent her in to sleep and to be up and ready at 6am. Her dad was even trying to beg me to take her back but I was done, and she too was ready to survive in Lagos lol. Next morning, I literally couldn’t wait for her to be out, so by past 6, I ask her to get her stuff to the living room for me to look through again. Found some stuff she had taken from my sister’ and mine and I retrieved them, I didn’t even say much, wasn’t upset, just relieved to see her go. When we were done, I rang hubs again, told him, rang agent, told her, rang her dad who was still like please let her stay and asked to speak with her, and mehn, that was when I saw rudeness on another level. See the way she was talking to her dad, because at that point, nobody knew where she was going, and she was like abeg leave me alone, blablabla lol. Her dad was like is it a boy that is doing this to you, but she was SO RUDE to the old man. I was like if she can be this way with her dad, who am I na? LOL. Anyways, the Agent had rules… If you had to leave your madam without being replaced, she doesn’t pay you, but instead the Agent gets paid who then pays you after she has replaced you and removd the expenses incurred. It was IN BLACK AND WHITE from the beginning so I wasn’t to pay her and Agent even reminded me not to. Anyways made her write and sign an undertaking as she was leaving my home, date time and in good condition. She wrote and refused to write in good condition. Haha. That was when I flipped. Pushed her in very well and locked my door, and told her she wont leave here until she don write am. She looked at me and said she is only leaving me because of my condition. I was LIVID!!! I went to her face and said with this pregnancy, I will beat you BLUE BLACK AND WHITE you wont believe it. She then wrote and signed and said if I didn’t pay her she would come back to mine. Hahaha. I told her to please come!!! Imagine. She sha left and I couldn’t have been happier. I anointed my entire home and thanked God for that closed door. Anyways, got a replacement in a couple of days and paid the Agent. Of course she didn’t have a phone so Agent couldn’t even reach her. Then the babe called me one afternoon with a different number and when she introduced herself, I told her not to ever ring me but the Agent for anything. Next thing, I get a text, IF YOU DON’T PAY ME MY… was all I saw and deleted it. You and who are doing that rubbish. Meanwhile Agent was still trying to reach her and I had deleted that text and couldn’t trace the number so I said I would send it if she calls again. One day, hubs in trying to reach me mistakenly calls her thinking it was the home phone, and that is how her phone rang and then when she realized it was b=hubby gave it to a guy, who then was saying rubbish. Hubby didn’t know who so he cut phone, then gets a text that said if your wife doesn’t pay me, I will hurt her and disappear from Lagos. I am now living in a hotel and doing my work and enjoying my life or something like so. Told hubs to forward text to me cos I need the number, and he too should save the text. So I sent the text and number to Agent who was like interestingly even her uncle in lag had tried to reach her but she keps insulting them all, that she will call the number I sent to her. I then traced the line, got the dude’s name and sent a text with both their names that she needs to stop her stupidity and reach her agent, plus her threat text has been forwarded to her dad, agent and the police and navy. She never called again but reached agent who told her to come and get her money but they have to go the station to sign an undertaking that not only will she never try to reach me but will also take responsibility should anything happen to me or my family. Of course she never came. And that was the end of the stupid girl.

Like I said. I totally love that Agent. She is CRAZY and knows how to handle the rubbish of her helps. Plus she does amazing background checks and follow ups too.

Anyways, she got me another and so far, so good. One thing I fiercely guarded against is that negative cynical spirit that all helps are bad. I believe there are good ones and even though I haven’t seen some stability, I still believe God for the best. I run my home in a certain way… Your chores are listed out in a schedule and you get to fill in a register daily based on what you did. No stories. This new one is SOOOO RESPECTFUL lol. Makes me laugh. She’s my first Hausa help and she started so slow, especially compared to the crazy threatening chick who was so fast, but I have learned not to compare. I believe God that He takes control of my home per time no matter who goes or stays. This one actually started with drama and story but she adjusted later. Me I was ready to send her away ooo but she sha said she was ready to work and really has been good so far. Have to literally MICRO MANAGE her but she is picking up. Her second month now and we are believing for the best.

Ok that’s it. A good help is really from the Lord so it is worth investing in prayers from even today that God is preparing a good one for you.

Treat them well. I have learned to treat them like Staff, and with the mind of Christ, but I am firm biko. And some areas are a NO GO. Find what works for your home and then let that person learn to fit right in.

Ok see yawl tomorrow. Off for my training today….

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  1. Waoh! Thank God the story needed well and you were sensitive to the Holy Spirit and firm. And there was no harm to you or your family or police involved. A lot of people have worse encounters and have sworn off helps. I like your optimism.

    1. I think i have hope and faith not even optimism. In my home, I need domestic help so I believe God will really help me

  2. Wow. Thank God the devil lost before he even tried.
    I love the part where you said you pray in their rooms.
    Honestly, good helps are from the Lord.
    In summary.
    I really struggled with getting a help.
    With all the agents numbers I got, I never had the absolute peace to call any of them.
    I prayed for a help for months. If not a year.
    Until God answered my prayer in a way I wasn’t expecting. Sending me someone who has been awesome so far.
    And I am not relenting in my prayers for that awesomeness to continue.
    I also love that you are holding on to that positive affirmation that not all helps are bad.
    I pray that will be your testimony too just as you have believed.

    1. Awww thank you boo for sharing such an awesome testimony jare. And amen amen
      I pray yours gets awesomer and even awesomester haha

  3. It’s well… I believe there are good helps too but I think they are scarce, if that’s the right word to use. I too believe God will help you get one if you so believe.
    All the best with your new help dear…

  4. I can relate with your story and experience with helps.I also had a help who I sent away that if I left will have fought me.I also believe not all helps are bad.I basically treat them the best way I think is right,do my best and leave them to their conscience.After all what they sow is what they will reap.For me I believe in absolute firmness and you dare not need around my son.

    1. Lol at fought me
      This help matter na God ooo but we stay positive too
      God will help us jare and yes to reaping what is sown ooo

  5. My question is not related to this post. But would really love if you do a post on the books you have read, that really shaped you and also where you get them. Thanks alot. Also audio messages as well.

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