Ok I know I am supposed to round up my homehelp gist today but something is pressing on my heart today. Rain check on that story? Thank you.
Ok, so this September, I am signing up for IMMERSE, an online coaching academy by one of my mentors, DDK. I am pretty excited about it, frankly not because of the testimonials I see (I barely read them), but because of the visioneer herself. I believe that in those 4weeks,
I will be equipped for next year, so even the timing is so strategic for me. This batch is the last for the year and I am super excited to be a part. I don’t think it is possible to go through IMMERSE and your life remains the same…
Wait… or is it??
Sadly, it is!!!
It is VERY POSSIBLE to go through IMMERSE and not be IMMERSED. It is POSSIBLE to attend my Powwow or any other thing I do and not have any change in your life. It is SUPER POSSIBLE to attend FOUR POWERFUL events every month and still have your life looking the same.Oh it is SOOOO POSSIBLE!
Because NO EVENT/PROGRAM/COACHING has the power OUTSIDE OF WHAT YOU DECIDE TO PUT IN, to change your life. For some reason, some of us think that JUST BECAUSE we attended XYZ, took pictures with the organisers, set our social media on fire with what we ‘learned’ and so on, our lives will automatically change. Sorry to burst your bubble hunnay, but life is NOT that easy. After the event, coaching, whatever, you now get to BE DISCIPLINED ENOUGH, suck it up, grow some balls and put in the HARD WORK CONSISTENTLY to see the sustained fruits in your life. If you are NOT intentional with all you have learned, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. This Millenial generation is not lacking for information. So much information everywhere but very little transformation. It breaks my heart I tell you.
Even with my coaching, I see people excitedly sign up, and then two days in, they are already slacking and by the time of the first weigh-in, OF COURSE they don’t get any results and they are legit sad that the scale aint moving. I am usually overwhelmed by that rubbish. Wait!!! Did you think the moment your money enters my account, the fat will start to leave your body without you doing any hard work? Hian!!! Which is why in the the first week of my coaching, I stay singing that WEIGHT LOSS IS HARD. I am not promising magic or that it will be easy. IT WILL STRETCH THE HELL OUT OF YOU. You will HATE ME AT DIFFERENT TIMES, but if you SUCK IT UP, You will see results. And I am never even impressed with those who tell me they left XYZ’s program to join mine because they didn’t see the results they wanted. Well love, did you put in the WORK? Cos CoachE’ has no wand to wave which auto makes fat disappear.
At first, I used to feel guilty, that maybe something was wrong with my coaching which is why some were not seeing results, but the Holy Spirit had to check me, that all I need to do is provide the info and motivation needed, stay praying for them, but the work is THEIRS to put in. I can’t do the work for you, and you certainly cannot be upset at the absent results that you didn’t work for.
My darlings, life is not that easy ooo. It is not as easy as attending an event, getting a WORD, jumping up and down, tweeting and IG’ing it, and wham your life starts to change for the better. There is a process and that process involves HARD WORK. You don’t even need to attend that next event if you have not made up your mind to literally WAR with whatever information/knowledge/wisdom that you gain from there. Don’t be CONSTIPATED with KNOWLEDGE. Taking so much in and applying so little to nothing. Even the Bible says that it is not the hearers of the Word that will be blessed, but the DOERS. The ones who SUCK IT UP and WORK THE WORD out.
These days, I am unimpressed. I am UNIMPRESSED with what you know, what you have attended, who you have rolled with, who you claim is your mentor, or how many journals you have until I see how that is playing out VERY PRACTICALLY in your life. That is, what is the FRUIT of your life looking like? Me I am not quick to jump to any event or program, it doesn’t matter the publicity or who is coming. The ones I have been attending, WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH THEM? That is also a question you should ask yourself. No wonder I heard Pastor Jumoke say one time that some people claim she is their mentor and she warns them not to claim her because she sees NO CHANGE in their lives.
Sweethearts, they may not always tell you but life is TOUGH and requires a LOT OF HARD WORK, mostly BTS (behind the scenes). Don’t let social media highlights fool you. Stop attending every event that is out, whether free or paid for, except you are led and are also ready to apply what you learn.
That my people, is how change happens!!! SUCK IT UP, GROW SOME BALLS. DO THE DARNED HARD WORK. IT WILL NOT KILL YOU!!!
Good night!!!

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  1. This line got me, “so much information with very little transformation”!!! I’ve made up my mind to stick it out, do the hard work and not be “constipated with information”. Let my results speak for me biko that’s the way forward. Thanks for this post E!

  2. Hmmmn…. Spot on ma! I need to work on myself too in this area. I think most of us in the millenial generation need to Suck things up, put in the work and be Disciplined cos knowledge isnt enough for transformation. Bless your heart maami.

  3. “Because NO EVENT/PROGRAM/COACHING has the power OUTSIDE OF WHAT YOU DECIDE TO PUT IN, to change your life”. This statement is the gospel truth. Books should also be included. I have been having that problem, and I noticed it too and I have to suck it up and grow the balls. Thanks

    1. Oh yesyesyes to books too
      I dont care how my library is bursting if i am not applying
      Frankly books are even worse lol. Thank God we can always refer back

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