Hey yawl

So today has officially been one of those crazy days. Actually started out OK as I went real early to see my bestie Dr Vee who just had her baby yesterday, then went to church. Right after then, it has been crazy.

I have been exhausted and uncomfy.

I have constipated and purged.

I have been nauseous and almost thrown up.

Ive eaten any and everything which has made me feel more rubbish.

I have had a slight uncomfy feeling in my lower back

Ive not gotten confy in bed and I have not even been comfy moving around.

Ive adopted all kinds of positions but have still been damn uncomfy. Staying propped on pillows have helped sha.

Gosh!!! So unlike me.

I hope I wake feeling better. Monday is not for this rubbish.

I know yawl be thinking labor is imminent but i doubt. I just know it is one of those days.

Hubby just got in and has been yabbing me like crazy. He said I am feeling this way cos I went to see Valerie haha. No sympathy lives here. Good thing is he brought my boppy/nursing pillow yay!!!

And because I never subscribe to DSTV, dude brought his decoder. Cos of El Classico. You need to see how excited he is.

I’m sooooo done with my husband tonight. Lol,

Now he is calling me to come watch THE VOICE. Dude doesn’t get it. Because I am still laughing abi? Maybe i should pull a lil more drama. This my strength is working against me tonight.

Ok good night guys. See you tomorrow feeling better and  all.


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  1. The cutie queen you went to see yesterday sure want to grab and drag the fellow out . . . . hehehe ?

    Mama E’ ….. Sure you are ? stronger now.

    Both of you are doing wonderfully well. You made being preggy and pursuing your purpose a walk in the pack.

    Expecting a good new soon

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