I get to feature on my favourite bloggers blog today and yes it is for a very good cause. Can there be anything better than giving thanks?


Okay lets do this: The past 15 days have been very exciting as I have trained myself to always find something to be thankful for even when the day looks BLAND and I mean BLAND. So today what are you grateful for Tannie?


1. For the opportunity to feature on www.eziaha.com. I am gradually becoming a soup’o’star  o (that’s me saying superstar in my yankee accent)…. Yes I said that because my friend is a soup’o’star and a godly one at that.. I am particularly thankful for this budding friendship with this girl who seems to love my dogs more than me self and to think our friendship started via social media. 


2. Today I finished BPC 1. BPC is a program my church runs to help children of God maximise their potentials in all spheres of life. I had put off attending this program for three whole years  and finally took the big leap this month.. Boy am I grateful? More than grateful..I am so thankful for all  the lessons I have learnt and the places I am set to go in this life. 




3. Allow me brag a little here but mhen I am grateful for my culinary skills..


BPC ended today and we had a little get together which involved food,drinks and mingling… The meal we had ehn was ………… I refuse to put the word that drops in my mind, and to think it was a tad pricey. That moment I was just reminded of how God gifted me with this art of cooking and how every time I make something for someone they want an extra plate and go on and on about how nice my meals turn out. Yes I can cook like this!




4. This life I am living.. I am not there yet oh, but I am thankful for how far God has brought me too. Today I was reminded of a comment someone made about me a few days back. Apparently two people were having a conversation and somehow my name featured in the conversation and yes ’twas for a good reason . So girl A said to girl B ” you don’t know Tannie o.. She is a christian carries her faith on her head and wont budge if it is not godly.” Honestly this made me feel really really good, cos ever since I started this amazing relationship with my saviour Jesus ,I have always prayed that my life will be a living epistle. I am most grateful that this is happening.


5. Internet. You know how they say you never know the value of what you have until you loose it. Well i understood that today.. For some reason MTN decided to be crappy today with data services and then my awoof  on airtel too just stopped. Kai! Everytime I had to send a mail, look up something on google or even try to do this post  via my phones. I just realised how the internet has made life very simple for all of us and I am thankful for multiple internet access points. I am grateful for the wifi at home and the fact that I don’t pay a dime for it.. 

                                                             wifi  macbook                                                                     

Here is me saying thank you to my Daddy in heaven for today…. If you too will THINK  then you can THANK. Go on and write what  it is you are thankful for today.



Yours in Thanksgiving,


P.S This blogging thing y’all do isn’t small work at all o.. The Lord is your strength.




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  1. Yay…
    First off congrats girl
    You debuted on my blog….
    And you are one smart chic yo
    You cracked this blogging ish like a hacker yo…
    Smart five abeg
    I tot il have to do whatsapp forever to keep explaining and explaining
    only for me to get the email notification
    Then thanks a whole lot. Wow
    Major relief yo
    And there was just an incredible excitement I felt as I read the blog.
    I should open up my blog more often yeah….
    I had a huge grin as I read and reread and reread…….
    And boy! Am I grateful or what…
    Yay congrats on completing the class
    And on that food tannie u defo owe me
    I’m visiting sunday
    No stories….
    Thanks again darling
    Well done
    Love you very much darling

  2. And tongue out to lizzie and GiantSparkle
    I beat both of you today
    Tongue out and shaking my bum in your face

  3. I am thankful for good health.
    In this era of increasing unemployment rate I keep getting better paying job. Just got offered another job today. I am soo thankful.
    I am thankful for my dear Tanny being blessed with intellect, beauty and grace.

  4. awwww. U are welcome darling… got nothing but love for you baby.. I do not owe you anything… It is you who owes me pizza and I am waiting for you to pay what you owe..Glad i didn’t let you down

  5. Bera remove that bum from my face.there’s a fork in my hand ….Is because of your guest post jare….lol

    Yes o!serious training @bland days.Thankful I can #Think to #Thank …

    Yaaaaaaay!The famous Tani featured today.I wonder why you don’t blog?Yours was an interesting read,hooked me from top to finish.#Thankful for your Super O ‘star sef.
    Bless your heart dear.

    1. Hehehehehehe… see how my darling Eziaha has made me a superstar… Y i don’t blog? Laziness o… Bless you too darling!

  6. I am thankful for friends that constantly remind me of the Joys of giving Thanks…even on seemingly bland days 🙂 Shout out to Lady E, Tanni, Khanmy, Dimeji, Lizzy.

  7. Tannie luv, nice one. Blogging aint easy but if u are like me, it becomes easier when “u are in the zone”. am sure E’ gets my drift. When u have stuff and see stuff and experience stuff u cant keep to urself, u”re in the zone and u wont get that uneasy feeling off till u blog about it. That’s when u are in “the zone”

    1. Absolutely spot on right
      You literally feel an obligation to blog
      That sorta makes it easier cos of the passion
      Still there is a large dose of discipline needed too
      So there you go Tannie
      From mt Oga at the top and my humble self

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