Hey hey hey!!!

Can you imagine that we have done this for the past 28days!!! This is Day 29… And we have not even been as grateFULL as He deserves.

Such an amazing month!!!

So much to be thankful for!!! Especially with all the drama August brought for me…

Ekwensu, ntoi…

Jehovah bu eze…

My darling Catherine is my special guest blogger today.

A blog-imony of mine… that is a blog testimony. I met her off my blog.

Getting to know her these past weeks have been such a dream…

She’s priceless indeed…

And the best part? I see a future in our friendship cos we share some deep deep values together…

I’ll get out of your face and let Kate have her day…



Some people always have things happen for them easily; on a bed of roses, for others, stuff doesn’t come that easy. Erm for me ehn, let’s just say for every milestone I’ve achieved there has been drama; plenty drama o, but through it all, God has remained faithful.

So I’m gonna kick off with being thankful for:

1-  My relationship with God: everlasting father, mighty God, wonderful counsellor, king of kings, Odogwu na gha, Kabiyesi, the one who holds the world in the palm of His hands, the One of whom the cloud are the dust of his feet, I reverence you, I would be nothing and no where without your love, guidance and direction.

wpid-download5.jpgIn short tuale baba!!!!

2- DCC: I’m grateful I belong to a place of worship like no other.

wpid-IREPDCC-1.jpgWhere they drop the word like its hot and the word is made flesh.

3- My family & In-laws: I’m thankful for my wonderful family who have stuck with me through thick and thin; trust me I’ve been through so much and if not for their support I may not have come out strong.

I have the most amazing in-laws one can ever pray for, now if you’ve ever been in a relationship where you never marry their pikin and them don begin they call family meeting for your head regularly you would understand where I’m coming from.

4- My husband: wpid-BeEnaHSO3.jpg

I’m thankful to be married to the most amazing man ever;wpid-download4.jpg

a man who calls me his ‘swwwts’. Erm me, with all my baggages, warts and all. He believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, helps me grow, encourages me to be the best me I can be. He loves me with an intensity that scares me some times. My boo, my coach, my treasure, my gift*kisses* if I come to the world a million times I would still marry you a million times over. Love you to the moon and back. Did I mention he has an amazing blog? www.simplyhersonline.wordpress.com , check it and thank me later. lolllll

5- My Kids:

wpid-PhotoGrid_1377802450495.jpgMy son, Ariel is two months old today, whoop!!! I’m thankful cos God saw me all through the pregnancy stage up until his birth. Even with all the drama and stunts they enemy tried to pull, God still showed himself strong and as always I came out victorious. Jehovah bu eze mehn!!! Can’t even imagine my life without them.

Efe is going up to be an amazing young lady and for that I am eternally grateful to God for giving me the grace and counting me worthy to be called ‘mummy’. Motherhood is a privilege and I don’t take it for granted.

If you have been around people who pray to just be pregnant and miscarry to prove their feminity you would realise that obu Chukwu nenyenwa and no other.

6- My upcoming wedding anniversary:wpid-PhotoGrid_1377802356196.jpg

so its almost a year already, I got married on the 8th of september last year and its been months of grace, fun, bliss, love and laughter. What more can I say, well like my PM would say ” ladies marry well o”

7- My new business: I’m also thankful for the amazing success of my upcoming business. Thanking God in advance for breaking boundaries and for granting me favour on every side. So this is me advertising as well o, its called SIMPLYHERS MAKEOVERS; hehheheehe, biko watch this space and www.simplyhersonline.wordpress.com for more information. What na? *rolling ma eyes* when E’ gives you your own opportunity advertise ya own joor. Heehehehehee.

Nuff said biko, signing out jare. Its a wrap here. I remain Catherine Nnanna Ebiri-Okoro.

*********The End****************

I wanna reiterate the drama part. Kate’s life has drama ooo. All the milestones na drama. Kate cucu like drama so….

But hey, she keeps killing them giants and best part, she has great great stories to tell and inspire others!!!

I also wanna reiterate the ‘marry well’ bit. Kate has such a FAB hubby… But hey Kate is a FAB lady herself so they gel.

Nnanna God bless you for continously tending this garden God has given you… you both are just perfect together.

Your future together… Wow!!! Devil go take… Hehehe

And be sure to visit, bookmark and subscribe to this thier family blog. It is beyond a blog. It is a ministry especially biased to relationships.

Thanks Sugar…

For featuring here and for your love and support for my blog and person.

I love the way you celebrate me and this is me celebrating you…

Catherine Nnanna-Ebiri Okoro, I celebrate you… Your Past, Your present and your glorious future.

And I love you too boooooo…




I’m visiting with my darling friend Uche till this weekend. Would have posted a pix but she’s very heavy and not picture lurving atm…

You know she’s carrying a double.

So lemme share some earlier glam preggy pix…wpid-PhotoGrid_1377802626897.jpg

It will be a most amazing weekend… I am sure.

And I am most grateful for friends that rock and color my world…

Oh and today, God granted me an amazing gift… If you force me to name the gift, I’ll say ‘FREEDOM’

Ah!!! I wish I could explain but mehn…you still won’t get it… I am just grateful yo.


I have a jealous friend. Her name is Sapphire. And she’s beefing me cos well…. Let’s just say I did nothing that means something to her



Baby, I am sorry I dared to ‘share’ wh. I takwhat was yours exclusively back. This is my public apology. Can we get back to lovey-dovey again or do I have to blackmail you into it?

You know i have your medicine…

Btw, for this apology, you defo owe me plenty… And no I don’t even mean coldstone ice cream…wpid-IMG-20130819-WA0001.jpg

I love you sha *grudgingly*


Inthe… Darling. Thank you. And you know why. I’ll spare blogsviller deets but thank you darling…


Btw, sure you have been visiting www.inthemidstofher.com

That’s Inthe’s fabulous blog…

Thank me later!!!

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  1. Loooooool
    Didn’t I see this question coming…?
    Don’t worry much abourrit… There is a perfect explanation
    Jehovah bu eze

  2. Lol. Okay o. Eziaha, I love your posts. I read every single one of them.I also got to know Pastor M and her blog through you. Please, tell her to put a blog post already. I visit the blog everyday. I love the way she tells stories/narrates.

    1. Hehehehe
      Chidi darl
      She just had a baby na…
      But she put up one last night so enjoy
      Thanks for the compliments love.

    1. Like a friend usually puts up on his blackberry
      ‘If we don’t kill our giants, what stories will we tell our children?’
      Very apt…

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