Hello people…
I can swear I’m sleeping as I type…
If I was this tired after the wedding on saturday and then on sunday, I wonder for the bride and groom…
Anyhoos, this is a gratitude post and not a tiredness post…
Ok girl, show some gratitude…
1. So grateful that I am doing this right now… Posting this… I was to have a guest here tonight but she tot I meant tomorrow. Thankfully, I did her a reminder at past 9 and realized the mix up… Imagine if I slept off eh? Biko ooo. I would now be giving u people cool story… I’m grateful that I tot to remind her and realize that I will be doing this myself tonight in plenty of time…
2. Yay!!! Grateful for the MOST amazing weekend yo!!!
Chai… I’m too grateful. Thanks to my girl Sapphire… Mega thanks love…


I know you are grateful too and stuff but I’m also grateful too and you know why…
3. I am grateful for the strength to make church this morning.
I slept through all my alarms. Chai. Woke up at past 8… So I made second service when choir was ministering. Whoop!!!
And the message was amazing. Made me decide that my study this week would be Acts. The minister didn’t minister from Acts ooo. But the HS used Minister’s Debo’s ministration to minister to me in Acts. Loool. I’m also grateful that as sleepy and tired as I felt, I didn’t sleep off in the middle of service.
4. So my girlfriend Cheech took me out for lunch today… At KFC. After church. Sorry I don’t have any pix… Truth is I was too tired and hungry to take pix so I’ll just share a pix of both of us a few sundays ago…
Thanks Sugar. You rock in major ways.
I’m grateful that I have friends who feel obligated to spoil me from time to time. Last week it was ‘kaego… Whoop
5. I’m grateful for two events/people that made me laugh taya this evening.
First Jae’s twitter TL. What a girl… I literally rolled on the floor… Just follow her so you have an idea @jadesolapearl and she blogs at www.ebonycynic.wordpress.com
I particularly love her latest post on BATTERED…
Secondly, my girl Sapphire and her husband. He called me and tried to say something to me and I didn’t let him that’s how the silly girl snatched the phone (claiming she heard me mention her name) and said something that just cracked me up… Unfortunately I can’t say it here cos you people would yab me taya. I can deal with Eniola yabbing but to add the likes of Tani and Dumebi to the yabis… Hell no!!! But I swear Eniola, you are too silly!!!
The two events happened at the same time and I had tears rolling down my eyes…
Jae, your cynicism is just classic…
Sapphire, I have no words for you.
At all…
Please leave me alone…
And behave like a married woman, however they behave.
Before I run along, lemme wish a happy birthday to a wonderful friend Ruth Warrens…
People, believe me when i say this is ond complete woman.
She was my drama HOD in Shabach centre back in school. She was also a member of my unit ‘Meeters and Greeters’
I know her. She’s just amazing. Her boo was director.
And oh her boo is amazing too
I love this couple. Can’t wait for the world to be affected by you both.
Can’t wait for this drama piece to become real…
Can’t wait mehn… He did her a poem here
Lovely one from my very-in-love director Abiodun. I just love the way he loves and celebrates her.
Happy birthday sweetie. Love you plenty..
That’s a wrap people…
Have a FAB week ahead…
And look out for my guest blogger tomorrow.
Don’t also forget to spread word and publicize my ongoing series on ‘Your girlfriend is not your wife…’
Let’s do diz…
BigKisses and LittleKisses

13 Responses

  1. U deserve all the yabis in this world u this Eziaha. Anyway thank you for the pictures and yes no chicken for u *tongue out*. What am I thankful for today? journey mercies, and angels in human form that God has placed in my life.
    Biko hold ur kisses!

    1. Gosh
      Tannie you have earned your slot as number one on the list of people I am about to defriend
      You definitely earned it
      Ur dreadlocks will look like dada and u would look like a false prophet
      The kisses exclude you of course
      Please leave my blog

    1. I would have told you that I took this after service when I got home but you don’t deserve an explanation….
      False prophet’s prophecy…. dreads don’t get better than mine. Ask around…

  2. hahahahahaha.. false prophet kwaaa? u know that thing about the glory of the latter and the former now.. that will be our dread story. *tongueout*

  3. Cheiiii…Tani, na u b dis? Na u Lady Expocious yab like this? She come cal u rabbit on top? Anyway, add dt to ur gratitude list…be thankful dt u r human as well as a rabbit. :d. I’m thankful 4 good foodooooo. As in..very good food cooked by my mum. I hd a chat wit a friend of mine who ALWAYS eat out I askd y nd he said dt as a child his mum always sent them out wit money 2 buy ‘mama-put’ nd it stuck wit him. Imagine :s So I’m thankful 4 a mother who knows her onions nd can cook :d I’m also thankful 4 d ability to conveniently ‘toilet’ (poo-poo) :d …yeah…a sound time for thinking, meditating nd strategizing. When I come out from dt Sanctuary, I’m ready to take over d world. So I thank God for my dad who didn’t give us a pit/bucket laterine…bt a comfy water closet so his baby girl can communicate wit spirits…intellectual, financial, romantic, spiritual etc :d #Gratitude#

    1. Looooooool
      Abeg leave tani and her wahala.
      Yay Can’t wait to enjoy mom’s food oooo
      Sorry for that friend of yours. His wife has work to do ooo
      And yup in the toilet ideas come ooo
      No lie

  4. congratz to Enny, and sowy ure tired. Soak ur feet in some cool water.
    So many things to be grateful for, but mostly I’m grateful for a dotting mum. I collapsed last week from dehydration and she caught me. I felt so loved.
    Grateful for a job dat gives me time to do all my God given assignments
    I’m grateful for all the spiritual elders in church. See my church has people from ages 90 to 1 day. And everytime I go to church, I av real godly women and men pronounce blessings on my life.
    i’m grateful for my father’s life and health.
    do av a lovely week

    1. Thanks jare
      Wow. Collapsed ke?
      Thank God for momsie ooo
      And yes ooo I feel you on being a part of an amazing church
      Nothing like it yow!!!
      And congrats on that job ooo
      I love mine too
      Big time
      But I am also loving my vaycay pls
      Thank God for ur dad too
      Lovely week ahead
      And hope you are 100% kicking again ooo

  5. Aaaaand I’m quite sure I’m blushing right now, but I’m so dark, I can’t even see it. What I can see though, is a grin wide enough to split my face. Hehehehe. Glad you enjoyed my TL. 😉 and I’m honored by the mention. Kisses!

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