First off, billion thanks to all my FAB’ers who wished my girl Sapphire well on her engagement today.

wpid-20130815_161813.jpgWE are super grateful… To God and to you selfless lot…

The wedding was such a HUGE success. And by huge, I also mean that literally in addition to a qualification of the success that the wedding was.

Enny’s poppa wasn’t joking for his only girl ooo.wpid-20130815_120204.jpg

The wedding just gave me stuff to be grateful for…

Pardon me dolls, how was your day? Cool? Blue? A daiquri of sorts?

Here’s my virtual hug and a sweet smile to light up your world even more.

Ok let’s be grateful… There is too much to be thankful for today. I’ll pick out just 5 as usual

1. The meal Enny’s step momma gave me this morning. I wasn’t expecting ooo. So I was pleasantly surprised when the help came in and said the meal was for me. Eating that was my BEST decision yet cos I ended up NOT eating till almost 5… Loooonnnnggg tin. But that food gave me strength to do my engagement maid of honor runs today… I don’t wanna think of what would have happened if I didn’t eat… Choi

2. The huge success that this wedding was. I enjoyed every bit of it and things just worked beautifully. Thank God. I’m so grateful for my friend, besto, sister and Sapphire… Chukwu daalu….

Pictures don’t lie baby… Enjoy…wpid-20130815_161813.jpgwpid-20130815_153707.jpg

3. I’m grateful for the sort of friend that Enny is to me. She did something this morning that just blew me.DSC_0051-1 Poppa had come in to pray for her in yoruba. After he left, I told her to come lemme pray for her in Igbo. #Joking#. I did the prayer in English and when I was done, she said wait… Then she started praying for me and my relationship and wedding plans. The prayer had some yabis sha (she said som’in like ‘…God you know this girl troubles me but I just have to love and pray for her…’. Seriously people, who does that? Loool) Anyhoos, I was touched that bang in the middle of her wedding preps, she took time to pray, and very well too for me. Thank you baby..wpid-IMG_20130815_131036.jpg. I don’t know how else to love you. The hug just didn’t even convey my gratitude… Thank you Sugar… Thank you. And this is me LOST for words… I’m too grateful for you…

4. Oh the plenty catch up I did… Yay!!! Saw some of our UI peeps. My amazing girlfriends from PSSF days Ike and Bidemi.wpid-20130815_163501.jpg.. Grateful that we are all doing well and brandishing rings. Like small girls of yesterday ooo. Loooooool. wpid-IMG_20130815_145649.jpgWe could yab people for Africa chai. Now grown women talking weddings and careers. Our God is so faithful. I’m too grateful.

Also two guys Laff Up the comedian and Bamoooooo.wpid-20130815_162821.jpg You know, tz amazing how and why people remember you. I’m just grateful that they had good reports and memories of me. And we had a good long chat on salient issues.

Bamo is such an amazing person. And very knowledgeable on stuff. Cool.

wpid-20130815_162231.jpgAnd laffup just is great company. And laffup’s wifey looks so good. As good as she did on her wedding day over a year now… Thumbs up mehn… You have done a fine job Sir. And Bamo, I’m waiting for your own ooo. Looool.

5. I’m grateful for my baby… Aku m… I spend hours on end, every free minute we have talking. But I absolutely love that he understood these few days I have been and will be with my girlfriend. He hasn’t complained once and he even says ‘ok lemme let you spend time with your friend…’ Even before I ask… Thanks boo boo. And I’m also grateful that some contract he’s been battling with at work pulled through. Yay!!! Now we can take that vaycay yeah? Loooool.

That’s it folks…

I’m blogging from a hotel room where we are chilling for popsie dearest to come take us home. Can’t blame the man. His own party just began after the engagement ended

Now na to pray his party doesn’t enter midnight oooo…


Again Sapphire, mega congrats.wpid-IMG_20130815_130708.jpg And I love you big…

And my darling FAB’ers… Muah

And my partners-in-gratitude www.elisabethezekiel.blogspot.com and www.giantsparkle.wordpress.com na una ginger dey keep me walahi…

Well done to us… This is DAY 15. Whoop. We half way done

This second half, we would open up to guest bloggers who wanna share their gratitude journal with us… Coolish?

Ok people, start applying. You can blog anonymously or non-anon… Just holler at me and you get a whole day to feature.


Ok… Sleep sound darlings…



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  1. Yaaaaaay….I like the sound of guests sharing their #Gratitude journal with us…l̶a̶z̶y̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶….i’m so thankful for Enny your twinny and the super-duper day you had.God bless you Aku GI immeasurably…
    And yes….you&’Kaego’s commitment has kept me from pulling some short attention span stunts on this challenge…..I couldn’t afford to let this heritage&dialect of our Father down…God bless you both mega much…

  2. Today was awesome,tho I wasn’t thr,but I can stil feel ur energy frm the blog!congrats sapphire!m glad great things are happenin to us all,n we are all still alive and well @ dat!n did I say Eziaha u weree really lookin fab ?picture speaks!biko na dreads I go do next,pls send m a full pix of ur hair make I carry go my hairdresser !I must b fyn!!!!

  3. Congrats Lady Sapphire! May God’s divine love consume ur matrimonial home nd bed :d . Have Super-Duper fun!

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