Hmmmmmm… This title doesn’t even suffice for what I am going to blog about. I titled it ‘AS E DEY HOT’because I just learnt the stuff I am going to blog about on Tuesday last and decided I was going to blog about it as soon as I got home hence the title.

I know a lot of you read my blog, learn a lot about me, enjoy it so much (and yet you would not send me a Cheque) and maybe learn a few things about life in the process. Today, I will be DELIBERATELY blogging about how to make your life better. I will be sharing some nuggets that would help you get the best out of your life daily and live a life of balance. Tested and Tried!!! It works!!! It would be a long read and so I have split it into more than one blogpost. Is that alright? Thanks. First permit me to introduce you to one of my most favourite Persons in the world.


More about him at the end of this Post.

Ok let’s go on. I will paint two scenarios. You take your pick of the two…

Scene ONE; You lay in your bed, at say (insert time when you sleep)… You try to take an account of the day. You mentally check and score yourself. You smile, content, knowing that you achieved almost all if not all that you planned to achieve that day. When you close your eyes to sleep, your sleep is indeed sweet…

Scene TWO; You lay in bed as in ONE but you are just sad. You may or may not be able to exactly place it but you know your day was just anything but productive. You did not achieve all that you planned to. If you have a Planner/Diary, you even can’t bear to look at it because you don’t want to feel worse when you realise that you didn’t even achieve the tithe of your plans.

I sure have been in both scenarios. I prefer the first. I make bold to say that I lounge more in scene ONE. I have my scene TWO days every once in a while and trust me it ain’t pretty. I hate it. I hate it so much. So allow me to share with you how you can MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE 24HOURS GOD HAS GRACIOUSLY GIVEN TO US and sleep happy. You may need a pen and paper for this one.  Or best still, just print it out.

  1. START YESTERDAY;Sounds like bad grammar yeah? Well it is just as it reads. Deliberately plan your day the night before. Champions seize their day early! MORE THAN CHAMPIONS seize their day yesterday. Write down your goals if you have to. That includes picking out your dress, shoe and stuff. Most times, when I have to pick out my dress that morning, it takes me almost 3times as much time to dress up. I know a couple of people who have complained of same. Sometimes I pick out all the dresses I would wear during the work week, the weekend before. Write out ALL that you want to achieve for the day; where you want to go, who you have to meet, stuff you have to buy, the whole WORKS. Write it down the night before at least.
  1. ESTABLISH THE DAILY MUSTS; Of all that you have to do, you know that some are MUST DO’S. For me, it could be pay in that cheque into Eziaha’sthat Client’s account if you must have your job delivered on time, Could be call up your daughter’s teacher in school, pay for that airline ‘book on hold’ that you did online, Pray and do my bible study, pick up the spare tyre you left at the Vulcanizer, etc. there are some MUSTS that you must achieve. Please establish them. Highlight it in red if you have to. For me, my daily MUSTS are PRAY, exercise (depending on the day of the week), fill my thanksgiving journal, and other peculiarities of the day in question. 


3. ITEMIZE AND CATEGORIZE THEM; So after you have established the daily musts out of ALL, you can now itemize them and categorize them. Some are urgent, others important, some both. Itemize and categorize. Let me give a practical example. Tuesday before I made this trip to PH from Ibadan, I had a lot to achieve-Go to Imoran study centre, Go to the market, Do my hair and nails, fix my lashes, Check out how much the Alumni centre cost, Go to the market to get stuff I would be travelling with, Go for ISOMAL, See one of my Lecturers, Clean my shoe rack, fix my blackberry, pick up my lapel pins from the courier guy, See my President, See my Pastor’s wife, etc.


Go to Imoran at 8am, Do my hair, nails and lashes, go for ISOMAL, Fix my bb, pick up my lapel pins and go for ISOMAL


The rest…

I didn’t clean my shoe rack, see my Lecturer, Pastor’s wife or go to Alumni centre. Yes important they were but I didn’t find the time and I could do them all later. I could not sacrifice any from my DAILY MUSTS for these. I will do them when I get back from the trip.

The fact that I had established the DAILY MUSTS, itemized and categorized themhelped me achieve them. If not, I may have gone to see my Pastor’s wife but may not have gotten my Lapel pins. You see, seeing her was important but not urgent like the lapel pins were. Meanwhile the lapel pins are FABULOUS.

I hope this is clear enough. You know I have dreams to lecture so I am practicing it on you Guys. Tehehe.

4.     CANCEL ACHIEVED OBJECTIVES; There is a sense of euphoria that comes from cancelling what you have achieved. HUGE SENSE. It gives you ginger to plan again for tomorrow. It is the same way it can be discouraging when you look at your TO-DO LIST and realise that you didn’t achieve much. So revel in cancelling or ticking achieved goals. And sleep sweet…


5.     EAT THAT FROG EARLY; Many of us have heard about or read the book. The FROG is literarily that UNPLEASANT stuff you have to do that day. For me, I am raising funds for a certain project and calling people to remind them is MY DAILY FROG*sigh*. I get weak when I have to ask for money from anyone. But it is a FROG I must eat. Now it is good to eat the FROG early so that you can enjoy the rest of the day. Imagine if you had a real FROG, fried rice and chicken, Indomie, Cocktail, barbeque and all to eat compulsorily for the day. When you are eating the chicken and drinking the cocktail, you won’t fully enjoy it because you would be remembering that you still have a Frog to eat. Ewwwww. But if you eat the frog early, you can enjoy the Indomie and barbeque. You see, it is that simple. Do the most unpleasant stuff early. It could be making that call, submitting that report and getting lashed by the manager, opening that dreaded email or letter, whatever, just EAT THE FROG EARLY and enjoy the rest of the day. Yeah, thank me later.


Ok so this is just part one… Part two will come as soon as

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Stay fabulous y’all… Fabulously efficient…

Hugs and Kisses from

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  1. Hey boo…interesting read as always! Cheque, coming right up…
    U neva go wrong with planning even with d simplest task of sorting out what 2 wear…gonna take ur advice n pick out ma dresses 4 d week.
    BTW, missed ya…will try n hook up after ma exams!

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