Isa 50:4a
The Lord has given me the tongue of the learned, a well taught tongue, so I know how to speak a WORD in season to the weary and encourage tired people

At the beginning of the AMAZING month of June, I asked my Sugar Daddy for a Word… He gave me that.
Frankly, I was  a tad surprised, but I knew it was God.
Recall my last post, A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES, it was borne out of so many experiences and frankly I had found myself encouraging many so right early in the month, I understood why the Word.
Now something dampened my spirit some as the month progressed. I kept hearing this phrase ‘The Spirit of Discouragement’ and I had spent sometime praying as the Spirit directed me. My prayers were mostly for people and most of them I didn’t even tell. Writing about it was the next best thing for me and God reminded me of something that happened to me in Uni. I recalled and smiled and then this title came to mind.

Ok so as a student, I had a proxy Social media management job for just under two years in one of Naija’s top Pharmaceutical firms. I had done a temp job with this Company during one of the ASUU strikes and cos I was brilliant in that one month I spent with them, the DMD recommended me for the job and it paid a whooping 50k monthly, complete with a Laptop, BB, and internet allowance. Trust me, that money was a big deal to me as a student. But for some reason, my monthly pay was always delayed due to some Bank ish. And I realized that for every month my pay was delayed, my joy was delayed. I would be soooo touchy, so irritable, would not be able to pray, yes I would still make fellowship and all but within me, there would be a deep seated spirit of discouragement. Gosh, I would wake up and sleep with such thoughts. It affected EVERYTHING. Chai. I recall one day, I had just alighted from the campus shuttle at the gate, very sad and gloomy when I got an alert that my 50k had entered. Like magic, my mood immediately lifted. I became so happy and it looked like life came back to me. I could really go back home and pray like I used to. And then it hit me,
I felt like such a rat. So that was ALL God was worth to me??? 50k. if I didn’t get that 50k and on time, I put Him in one corner somewhere and wore a long face and whined and whined UNTIL that money was sitting pretty in my Account. That day, I repented. That was WAY TOO MUCH POWER TO GIVE TO ANYTHING/ANYONE least of all unrighteous mammon. There should be only one thing in my life that should have that power and that is my God and my relationship with Him

And He is before ALL things and by HIM all things consist… Col 1:17

Before you shake your head at me, please look inwards. Are you trusting God for any major testimony – A job, a baby, a husband, a car, a house?
Listen boo, if the absence of that thing has caused your spiritual life to wane, then baby, you are just a user and you are using God. It can’t end well. When you sleep or wake, that is the FIRST THING you think about and then that Spirit of discouragment takes the place of the SPIRIT OF WORSHIP that you should have just because that job has not come yet…

I am convinced that my God is looking for TRUE WORSHIPPERS!!! Children who would stay true to Him not just for what He does for us, but for who He is to us.

Men and women who like Job can say ‘Though He slay me, I would yet praise Him…’

Those that will praise Him in the storm while they await His rain of blessings.

Men like the three Hebrew men who say, I know my God will eventually come through for us, but even if He doesn’t, our faith in Him and our Love for Him will not be compromised even unto death’

Now do you think such an amazingly graciously good God would not honor such Faith and Love. That my darlings is TRUE LOVE.
If this God is willing to love us unconditionally, one would think we would reciprocate that LOVE, NO?
I recall something Pastor M shared with us back then titled WHAT TO DO WHILE WAITING which was a day set out for her to share her testimony. I am sure y’all know she had to wait 8long years for a child and battled PCOS which meant (according to medical science) you cannot have a child. The biggest lesson I got there and never forgot is found in the story of Hannah after she had prayed and Eli mistook her for being drunk…

1st Sam 1:18b
…So the women went her way and did eat and her countenance was NO MORE SAD…

So Hannah had had her crying days. Understandably so. But one day, she prayed, she cried and she poured out her heart to God and the Prophet Eli spoke a Word over her life and afterwards Hannah got up, wiped her face, and carried on with her life and was no longer depressed. The next verse we see her worshipping and the next verse we see her testimony. Her Samuel was born. He came after her countenance changed and the spirit of discouragement and depression was gone.

Can we emulate that today? I know that we  all have needs per time. But while we are waiting for the manifestation, can we worship, as in live a lifestyle of worship while we wait? Can we be soooo full of Joy and frustrate the Devil while we wait?
Can we sow into our Father’s kingdom while we wait?

I loved one of the testimonies in the Akikitan brochure. One of the ladies mentioned how she sowed her time into washing cloths and bedsheets of DCC Children church as a seed into her trusting God for a child. While we are still trusting God for that dream job, can we throw ourselves into service in God’s house and even improve our personal relationship with God. Can we sit down with the Word and get a Word for that situation and then start rejoicing cos when you have a Word, you have a testimony ooo.
More than anything, can we judge this God faithful? Because He is faithful. No controversy whatsoever. Beyond what He does for us, can we just worship and Love on Him because of who HE IS !!!
Now I am sure many of us have had (or sadly have been) that one friend who only showed up when they had a need. I have had a couple. They remember me only when they have a need, whether financial or otherwise. Of course, as you can imagine, such relationship goes south fast. Very fast. Ain’t no way would anyone be interested in such a USER of a friend. Interestingly, I had a close friend who accused me of that once. She said I almost always only remembered her when I had a major issue that I needed someone to pray with me about and counsel me (That girl is on FIRE sha). I had to adjust cos that is not the way to build relationships.
I feel it is so unfair to treat anyone that way, least of all God. Haba!!! My peace and joy used to be so dependent on 50k pere. Today when I have needs and I realize that it is beginning to affect my mood and worship, ah, I adjust ooo. Nothing should have such power. So long as God has not come to tell you that He is now no longer God, then baby, rejoice. Your testimony is in your JOY not in the discouragement. That Spirit will sap strength out of you and I don’t know your chances of getting that testimony ooo. In fact, most likely, you would become desperate and begin to compromise your standards soon. Hian!!! Moreover, our God is a jealous God. He certainly doesn’t want to share that space in your life with anything or anyone.
One other thing PK says is that as we await our testimony, in addition to being joyful and getting a Word, sowing, etc, we should associate ourselves with positive faith-filled people and situations. Faith cometh by hearing And of course, doubt/fear/discouragement also comes by hearing. Turn of the TV and BBM if you have to. Cut off from some friends if you have to. Avoid some kind gatherings if you have to. But don’t leave that space empty, otherwise it will all come back, even fiercer. Fill it with faith-speaking friends and situations. Don’t now become a recluse and wallow in your own pity party.

I recall one day I whined and whined to my Pastor about someone and then he told me something I would NEVER forget. I actually felt God needed to give him a job so his life will be arranged lol. That way, He would serve God more, he would have money, etc. I just whined and whined. Lol. And trust Pastor B, he said God is not interested in giving him a job ooo, God is interested in HIS HEART more than anything else. Giving him the job is NOT the problem, it is building His character and FAITH. God ain’t looking to raise whimpy baby Christians who would refuse to serve Him until He has done something for them.

One last story before I wrap this up.
In one message PK preached titled BE PATIENT some 3/4years ago, He told us a story of this woman in church who gave birth and then the baby died. I don’t want to imagine just how painful that must have been. She had been a committed faithful worker in church when this happened. Oh it was bad. But this lady, she didn’t blink in her service. She still served, and in Children’s church too. Everytime you saw her, she was backing, carrying, feeding one baby or the other. My dear, if she even reduced her commitment, we would have understood abi? At all. She still served and worshipped. And before long, she took in again and my God blessed her with twins. Hehehehe. Boss-God. Now double blessing. While you have the time before the testimony lands, you better invest it wella ooo. One day, the job will come, the husband will come, the child will come (maybe triplets) and you wont get this time back.
But in the meantime, can He trust You not to be a USER?
God bless you darlings…
Akikitanized FORWARD

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  1. Brilliant mama……Like when I get into those moods I just listen to Marvin Sapps: Praise Him in advance..
    And you know Gods word is so comforting….It takes you from crying to laughing instantly.
    And yes I am so thankful for friends like you who hold my hands thru the waiting period..
    God bless you darling.

    1. Yes. I use music too alot. actually dat should be God sends his word thru music too. last time was casting crowns’ praise you in the storm’

    2. That Song has seen many of us through stuff. When we can just look beyond all the devil’s weak shenanigans and praise Him in advance.
      God bless you too darling and yeah Thank God for friends ooo

  2. I love u from d bottomless pit of my heart. This message is just on point for me. I like d worshipping part during trials. Its works for me like MAGIC…d peace DT comes afterwards ehhhh, I start wondering y I bothered with worrying at all and I remember all d miracles he has done in d past. SUPER ENCOURAGED MAMA E’

    1. Yea Worship is magical. Nobody can convince me otherwise. Music has powers ooo. Which is why we should be selective in our choices. Very selective.

      Thank You Mama D :p
      And you know I loh’ you too. Hehehe

  3. I know God sent you this morning. No problem. I got the message. “Your testimony is in your JOY”… If you only knew.. Ekwensu di very stupid.. God bless you for your work. Sending this to my mum.

    1. I’m sure mumsie will be blessed. And yes Ekwensu di very stupid. I just love to say satan is a bastard. A very weak one at that. All we need to learn are our weapons of war. I’m glad this ministered.

  4. One word for this post! “Shattah!!!!”I mean! The period of waiting is a testing period o!atimes u r jus tired,depressed and frustrated! U want to pray n praise (ur spirit actually)but ur flesh,is jus not “in the mood”.hmmmmn.u want to go to church n serve in ur unit,but u r like biko they wil understand that right now I am not myself!
    I am speaking to myself now “Valerie,Rise oh my soul put thee on thy armor,Let my soul sing song of happiness,songs of Joy sang on High! My soul praises God in advance” kabaye!
    Ps:only the ppl that have ever gone thru the waiting period will understand.(I think that includes everyone)
    Eziaha u b winch!(Holyspirit winch)

    1. Loooool. I agree. We all qualify cos we have all had reasons to wait.
      Holy Ghost winch looool. Well an Igbo adage says God is our ‘juju’ so I guess the juju makes us look like godly winches.
      I think we have all been there where we say people should understand us jor but, bless my pastor, no excuse is valid. I have learnt sooo much from him

  5. This is the kinda message God always gives to his kids who are waiting on Him(we r always waiting on Him ryt?) Early dis year He spoke Philippians 4:6-7 when I was getting ‘concerned’ about stuff.
    Early this month, as I was beginning to wonder, I cried out to God in desperation so I wouldn’t sink and He spoke ‘ James 1:4 But let endurance and steadfastness and patience have full play and do a thorough work, so that you may be [people] perfectly and fully developed [with no defects], lacking in nothing.’ God is always timely.
    Truth is if we learn to commit our affairs the good and d bad to HIM, we’ll spend our days singing -Hakuna matata becos das how we really feel.

    Meanwhile madam E’ how far wt d link? I know ure on honeygalaxy but biko drop d link. thanx. 🙂

    Meanwhile I made some smoothie on Saturday night as I poured it into the cup, I said in my mind-‘ dis is smoothie for ‘E to be jelox of’ it had apples, pineapples, watermelon, strawberries, Orange and low fat yoghurt. -bad part was it was too sweet. my body isn’t just a fan of sugary things like dat.

    1. Yea once we know He is always timely, we would have no worries indeed.
      Which link dear? I can’t remember ooo. Pray help.
      Hahahaha. Your smoothie backfired. Lol. I am still looking for low fat yoghurt ooo. Hian

      1. one faber’s blog. u follow her. she’s presently doing a story about a guy and his best female (rather bellicose) friend. I lost my bookmarks hence d link to her blog.

        pls fabers if it’s u just respond. thanx plenty

  6. Wow! Thanks so mch for this piece. I thank God for your life and his word manifesting in u. This spoke to me n its really timely too. NO to the spirit of discouragement and YES to rejoicing always.

    1. I posted this in a hurry. My internet is not working here and my hubs was flying to work hence…
      I knew people would notice

  7. Thanks Eziaha..tis indeed a word in season….thanks..yl I wait..m gonna be a worshipper cuz as u v rightly said… testimony s in my joy nt in my discouragement…….thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Am so thankful for this post! God just answered the question of my heart. U won’t believe I was still asking God just this morning what I need to be doing while I wait for a job. God bless you.

    1. Yaaaaaaay
      Thank God this is an answer to prayers.
      Not feeling particularly well but I had to struggle to post it. I’m happy it blessed you

  9. When I first saw the title I thought to myself ” is this write up saying we are using God selfishly or not using our relationship and knowlegde of Him adequately? ” This post is spot on right o, cos @ one point or d other we all always trust God for somthing and our attitude during d wait is sooooooo important. When I get into one of those sour moods “incredible God deserves incredible praise” and “alabaster box” just lifts my spirit up and lately Palmira’s – “words fail me” takes my worship into another realm. Thanks nne for this timely post.

    1. And I struggled with the title ooo cos of the ambivalence but I didn’t get another to use jare.
      Ah Incredible God Incredible Praise!!! I remember when that song was my everything. As in ehn.
      I want Palmira’s Words fail me ooo
      Whatsapp to me biko.

  10. This is spot on. Recently my prayer life has just been pretty much inactive. This spoke to me as I easily get discouraged. I was watching a hillsong video the other day, this lady jill mcCloghry(she sang a duet with brooke fraser in desert song) was just talking about how she lost her baby yet about 3 days later, she was still able to feature in This is our God album. My harvest is here already! I must testify oo!!!!

    1. I mean, how won’t God honour and reward such LOVE?!?!?
      Awesome. I’m glad this ministered. Oya pick up ur prayer life right back Sweetie

    2. I mean, how won’t God honour and reward such LOVE?!?!?
      Awesome. I’m glad this ministered. Oya pick up ur prayer life right back Sweetie. Graces!!!

  11. As I read this, the tears just started flowing…tis like you knew what I needed to hear…God bless you mightily…your blog has really been a blessing…

  12. Awesome post! God is always on the look out for true worshipers who will worship Him irrespective of their current situation. This post truly blessed me. Thank you.

  13. Hmmmmm….I was once a guilty party to using God o!
    sometimes last year, my pastor in TA lag gave a message similar to this post.He mentioned that while still awaiting ur new job, hubby, baby, financial breakthrough e.t.c thank God in advance even in your moment of depression.I immediately key into it.
    Yea, I am a true worshipper of God but sometimes when discouarged, I just switch mood and forget about my sugar daddy.But I have learnt ever since to always give thanks in all circumstances and in my waiting period, praising and thanking Him in advance.
    I remember vividly how my pastor called out some church members that got job late last year for thanksgiving.Guess what? I was one of d first five that went out despite the fact that I was jobless then.I danced like I never danced ehn so tey I pulled off my heels.Funny right? and even danced more than the celebrants sef.LOL
    My testimony is, I got an email asking me to come for an interview in my dream career industry.I went for the interview a day before Christmas, got a mail Dec 30th asking me to come for further discussion based on the interview that was conducted.Guess you know the outcome already?
    Ever since, I learnt to always trust and thank my sugar’ daddy in advance during my waiting period.
    … all things give THANKS!
    Just a quick one! I remember the lyrics in one of LAGBAJA’s songs
    ……no matter condition feyin e! meaning no matter the your condition, challenges you are going through, laugh always! shikenah!
    Love u plenty E’ darl! mwah!+ 1000 kisses from ME to YOU….hehehehehhehe

  14. #cries# Am Soo guilty… I allowed ma search 4 a”job” n nt gettin any, frustrate n take d place of GOD in ma life.
    Tnx 4d post…. I knw better now..!

    1. Look darling, the stupid devil uses this job thing a lot and tz so annoying.
      I’m too sure you will get that job and testify to his shame. Bastard devil.
      Just be a true lover jare.

  15. Can’t stop the tears from rolling. Many a times we find ourselves justifying our actions regarding the way we treat God instead of holding on to word. In many occasions we find ourselves thinking so much of who we are instead of whose we are. Thanks a lot Ma’mah for this post. I’ve been blessed and my steps are been retraced. God bless you.

  16. Ok where do I begin? I woke up today with these exact same thoughts. I’ve been very expectant for a job, and my anxiousness has affected everything about me. Just as I set out to do my devotion, I ended up reading another passage about true worship to God and it hit me!!! I have put my life on hold just for a career leap!!! I’ve been asking myself all day if truly it is my relationship with God that validates me and not my love for a great career. I’m not even done reading this post, but I just had to say something. This is the kinda confirmation that only comes once in a while. Thank God and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  17. Thank you Mama for this post. Indeed my testimony is in my Joy. You gave me a different picture of the story of Hannah. This post is timely. Thank you so much. I will keep all I have learnt at heart.

  18. Ezy God bless u…true confession,wen coach E started ,I was afraid u were going to starve some of us spiritual but d fire kept burning….( cover face).av been one wimpy baby christian for too long …am Done using God! Tanks for d word in season….hope we can share this post?

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