I attended my very first Service of songs today. The dad of one of my best and most enduring friendships – Chynn, had passed.


Wild horses were not gonna stop me from attending and trust me, the ‘horses’ that turned up were stark raving MAD but I was determined.
For my girl!!!


I didn’t know what to expect. Or scratch that, I expected the atmosphere to be sad, dreary and weepy. Chynn already said they would be wearing black so I decided to go in solidarity with the family. (Plus black is a very beautiful color)
But I was gonna keep things super toned down…

Chynn looked like she was attending a fashion show lol

Bless the ministers who handled it, they filled the atmosphere with such hope. I mean, you could have cut a large slice of the hope that choked the atmosphere all through that service in this beautiful Anglican church.

This past week, I had listened to messages from PK and Christine Caine where both mentioned this GREAT cloud of witnesses so it had sorta been resonating in my spirit. When the Minister at this church used same Heb 12:1 to preach, it hit home…

Therefore, since we are surrounded by soooo great a cloud of witnesses…


You see, Chynn’s dad was a believer and basically lived his life for God and His church so we have every cause to believe he definitely is chilling with Baba God.

He has now joined the great cloud of witnesses, watching and cheering his crew still on earth on.

Now talking to you Chynni…


I mean, just think about it for a minute, babe.
Your dad is now sitting in the grand stands of heaven , among the Saints, looking down at yawl, prodding you to go on, cheering you as you take giant steps to LIVE despite the situation…


Doesn’t this make you wanna push back any walls, give the devil a black eye as you decide to and begin to live the rest of your days lavishly in the fullness of life itself?
Babe, that’s all I’m urging you to do. Mourn yes, then receive His comfort as promised in Matthew and go on and grab life by its lapel and L I V E!!!
Kick asses (of d devil and his advocates here on earth) if you have to as you live to make daddy oh-so-proud of you.


Resolve to serve and follow God even more crazily that would make your daddy stand up and start doing laps around heaven’s stadium of gold going ‘Peter, have you seen my daughter Chinenye?’
Resolve that the man you choose to settle down with eventually will make daddy go ‘that’s my baby girl’ and almost beg God grant him special permission to walk you down the aisle and hand you over proudly. I’m talking godly, (very VERY) rich, handsome (cos you are absolutely too beautiful yourself) and very very full of purpose, man.
I bet you wish KingDaveed was already old enough cos I just read you his CV. Haha
Resolve to give your best to your career, taking down giants, and pushing back walls that dare to stand in your way.


Yes you may be quiet and reserved but make sure when the dynamo needs to come out, she does!!! And unapologetically so.

I couldn’t care LESS what bad the devil meant this for but sister, wake up everyday and resolve that you will spend the rest of your life making him pay and regret it. And be sure to drag your family along for the ride.

Make Daddy the proudest daddy on heaven’s grand stand.

Tough call?

Honey that’s why we have GOD!!! You Chinenye Ehighibe can do all things through Christ… (and well, your great cloud of witnesses)

...even TOUGHER

Lay aside every limitations, put on your ‘big girl panties’ and RUN baby RUN!!!

I’m praying with you girl.
I’m praying for you.

Live, like your daddy is alive. Cos baby, HE REALLY IS!!!


You know my heart for you sweetheart but I can’t tire of saying it. I LOVE YOU!!!



This is also for those of you who are mourning the death of a loved one. I lost a close extended family member this year and it was heart wrenching painful!!! It still cuts when I think of it or speak to any of his immediate family members. Losing a loved one is hard. I really pray God alone comforts yawl and strengthens you to LIVE even through it. Really LIVE!!!

Chynn’s mama is just amazing. Last time I saw her was in October at Chynn’s party. Incidentally that was also the last time I saw her dad. I went over to greet her and frankly didn’t know what I was going to say but Before I could even let out any words from my mouth, her momsie was like ‘ha ahn, are you the one that has slimmed down like this?’
and went ahead to make jokes.
Mehn, definitely worked for me cos you just never know what to say to people like that, so having her flip the script was awesome. Praying even more strength for her. And of course the entire fam. Chynn’s mama is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Beats all her kids hands down haha. *tongue out*

My nickname in secondary school was Pajero. Chynn called me Pajero like it was on my birth certificate. Today she calls me ‘Eziaha’ though occasionally, ‘Ngozi’ slips out. Hehe. It was when I was talking to her brother who said ‘She’s Pajero now‘ that I even remembered the memory of Pajero. Haha. That’s why I signed off with that.
Wish I could find a secondary school photo but I can’t.


Anyways this one was when she came to UI for one of my birthdays.

I am still on a blog vacay. This post was just to strong in my spirit so I had to post it. See yawl March 10 by God’s grace

I once did a post on A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES.
Please read and see how absolutely awesome the Word gets with its ability to teach various things with just one verse

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  1. ‘A great cloud of witness’… All through the week this has actually been the scripture on my mind and I’ve actually search for that post here titled same… I was surprised seeing this same phrase here again..

    May the Lord console the family and give them strength to carry on

  2. Aww… was closer to Onyeka than chinenye cos she was in Green House. May God comfort the family. It is well. On a lighter note, Mehn you girls were just looking too hot.. dats nice 🙂

  3. Losing someone close to us is not easy.
    I lost an in-law (my favorite sister’s hubby) late last year. Though she is strong woman (for he was sick for years), but it is difficult to watch her in this, her kids (the eldest just entered Uni), the youngest (daddy’s girl) still cry at any little provocation…. her chief defense minister is gone ….

    As usual, I got a word or two from this post for them.
    Thanks E’ my love to KingDaveed.

  4. Awww darling, this post is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I’m actually speechless. I’m so touched…it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so so so much.
    As usual, there’s a lot of lesson to be learned.
    “I couldn’t care LESS what bad the devil meant this for but sister, wake up everyday and resolve that you will spend the rest of your life making him pay and regret it. And be sure to drag your family along for the ride.

    Make Daddy the proudest daddy on heaven’s grand stand. ”

    I love this.
    This post sparks a lotta FIRE inside of me!
    I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me!
    Its such a blessing to have you as a friend, Eziaha…God will bless you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.
    I LOVE you.

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