I’m super duper disgusted. Each time I see sometin again about this Absu Rape, I get teary all over again! Sadly tz everywhere! And for good cause too!
How do u rape anyone pls! If u r that horny, freaking go to a whore and pay! Trust me I did a research on prostitution in naija and it sure somes cheap too. Cheap enough for ur depraved self.
I’m sure we all know d story! If u don’t, welcome to earth! Basically 5fools raped a girl! RAPE not surprise sex, for over an hour on august 16. News just leaked publicly on sunday last. The thought alone is painful! And tear jerking! Reason? She insulted one of them. Seriously? If I insult u, freaking insult me back! If it hurts much, insult my generation! If I slap u slap me back! But how do u rape a gal for insulting u! Whatever happened to freedom of speech? And not only do u gang rape her, u v d effontery to video record it! And then send it around campus. I even hear twas sold for 30naira! When did we sink so low in nigeria. Where did we pick up such vices! The fact dt the guys recorded shows that they already know dt they won’t be caught! If u saw d video, u would be just broken. Then d fact dt some ppl cld make a joke of it! Seriously? #Rapeherif was a TT on twitter. Some silly ppl said some silly things I would not wanna give further publicity to! It was MKO that said ‘when rape becomes inevitable, then just enjoy it’. So I don’t totally blame those that saw a 10minute clip and say since she wasn’t screaming she probably wanted it too! But sugabelly chronicles for us on her blog the various stages a victim of rape goes through esp gang rape building up to when she just resigns to fate. But seriously, the knowledge level of a lot of people here is quite low which explains their blase, ignorant attitudes and comments. You can check sugabelly’s blog here http://www.sugabellyrocks.com/2011/09/i-am-calling-human-flesh-search.html?m=1 for her rape analysis as she has been gang raped before too. Brave girl, That sugabelly! Also google is ur free friend so u can get more info. Using the hashtag #absurape would also get info from twitter.
I have always said I would kill anyone who tries to rape me! We would die together. Then I saw ‘for colored girls’ when d ‘cool’ dude raped d dancing and music queen. Only about 4mins. Her life went south. Destroyed! Gosh, the faces of evil. Very innocent usually! I only wonder how the girl feels right now. I mean u can’t escape from ur own skin! Wherever u go, there u are! When u take a shower and wash ur privates, it comes back! No matter how u wash, it doesn’t leave! They must have released their useless cursed sperm inside her as I doubt they wore condoms! All for more than +ne hour! Heavens!!! The healing this girl needs can only come from God and come it must! Our God is and remains good!
Let’s make all d noise we can! Those boys have to be found. And dealt with. Thankfully those that matter have been involved in this including Abike Dabiri and Bolaji, the youth minister. Kai if u saw dt video and heard d foolish boys eh! They were just having fun while destroying a girls life. Cracking jokes and saying ‘are u not enjoying it’ ‘will. Ur aunty give us 1million?’ I have a car I will drop u off, blablabla! Kai.their voices sounded like those of cursed pigs cos indeed that is what they are. Foolish locals! Powerless goats! Whose strength is in their penis alone. Brainless ducks. Jeez I’m so mad I could kill them. Infact jungle justice is what they need not all this law tin that may even be like a slap on the wrist.
Rape, singular or gangraping can kill walahi! I can only wonder how the girl felt.
Seriously I am saddened. I have used a few not too choice adjectives to qualify the guys. But m consoled that they will be found. Whenever I hear d girl’s voice again playing in my head, my heart breaks. Esp when she is speaking igbo saying ‘u people know I didn’t do anything to you’ and ‘u people should just kill me, kill me’ The pigs will be found. We would make noise till they are. If u think they won’t, pls take ur pessimism on ur way outta my blog.
U can visit linda ikeji’s blog for more!
And yes! Keep making noise! Put the pressure up! If u r in absu or environs, join the walk against rape too. And if u know d guys, speak up too! There is a prize money as one of d images show. And if u think u don’t want ur identity revealed then do it anonymously knowing that the world is round and revolving and this good would find its way back to u in good measure.
Once again, Satan punish these 5rapists and any other Rapist too! Foolfools

be kind to one another
Fab Black Sister

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