Hey people, Can you imagine, two days straight I have blogged… YAY!!! Abeg I am celebrating small progresses jor. And I intend to keep the Tempo up so don’t even test me… ok before I start boasting I better put a sock in my mouth. Ok shall we do some Sunday talk? Thank you… Sundays and Wednesdays are absolutely two of my best days of the week… I also like Mondays… That’s cos I love the plenty possibilities that the new work week brings…But that’s gist for another day. I love Sundays cos of Church. I Love my church and I absolutely love my Pastors. I spend a lot of my time in Ibadan as I am running a degree in the University of Ibadan… And when in Ibadan, I attend the most amazing Church… TRIUMPHANT ASSEMBLY CHURCHES INTERNATIONAL… We call T.A for short. I have the best Pastor in the World… Rev Albert Oduwole. I love him, and his family, to the moon and back. He recently turned 40 and if you are on my bbm you would have noticed that I played a very major role interviewing all the Guests that graced the occasion… rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty of Ibadan and Nigeria. But that too is gist for another day, if I am having a slow writing day. In TA I attend SHABACH CENTRE… it is simply the most amazing of all the branches including headquarters IMHO… And I belong to 2units- one is a quiet unit Decoration which we call T.Touch. The other is a NOISE MAKING SENSE MAKING UNIT… Drama which we call T. Theatre. My theatre people are the ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY BEST… Also the best drama unit in all of T.A CHURCHES… Also my BBM folks would have noticed our last drama night whose pictures I splashed all over BBM then… it was a traditional ancient Yoruba drama. And I played the Missionary that brought the Good news to the Village… It was hard work rehearsing including all-nighters, but in the end it was worth it and absolutely FUN. While in Lagos however, I used to attend THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE CHURCH which we call FOUNTAIN for short. My Pastor is Taiwo Odukoya and if you don’t know him, surely you know his late Wife pastor Bimbo Odukoya… Pastor Taiwo is just a great and humble man of God. I learnt a lot under his Ministry and Pastor Bim’s. Pastor Bim was actually the Pastor that led me to Christ about 10years ago. I have attended Fountain for a long long time but I do not belong to any Group in Fountain yet. It so frustrates me walahi. That is simply because I have not attended the Believers class which is like a Membership Class and a pre-requisite to joining any Unit in Church. And I have NEVER come around to completing it though I have started once. It is not in line with my character to give excuses but it really has not been my fault. I won’t even tell you how much I have tried and failed and the Class is intense much and runs for a long time. Long and short is that I have not been able to fully function in any Unit and it just kills me to be in a Church and not be a Worker. So I sat and had a long long talk with myself. I love Fountain, I love the Word, I love Fountaineers, and I love the Tushness that exists there… Tz a really cool church. Most of all I Love the PRAISE. Fountain Praise is like no other walahi. And I can say that anywhere. ANYWHERE. I dunno how they do it but it is just PERFECT. I can’t miss heaven ooo. If this goes on here on earth, I can only imagine how heaven would be. I MUST NOT MISS HEAVEN. So I decided that I would need to find me a Church that I can claim to be a Member of. A full Working member. One that the Pastor can attest to knowing me. One that I can possibly get married in and do marriage counselling in too. A Pastor that knows me like Rev Albert, only this time in Lagos. And I found one… DAVID’S CHRISTIAN CENTRE, DCC in Festac. Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is the ‘main man’ there and he is such a fine Preacher. And that is not farfetched at all… An apple does not fall too far from the tree. He is a Protégé of Rev Albert Oduwole. He knows me personally. He has ministered in TA and Rev has ministered in his church severally. DCC is like T.A in Lagos, only bigger. I actually started my Believers class today. The Church is close to my house in Apapa and I can even go for midweek evening service and other Programs in the evening. Best of all, I can actually be a Worker cos I will complete the Believers Class in about 2months there which holds just after Sunday service and it works fine for me too. I would not be done in two months yeah cos I would spend more time in IB but I can cover it ASAP cos I can hit Lagos on the weekends easily. I am sooooo excited at it. So so excited. I feel like I won a lottery. Serving God is so much fun. It is exciting. I am so excited about God and His House and I think we all should be happy about it. I think if you love your Church and your Pastors you would be more willing to go there often and even join a Unit. That is why I think you should not force anyone to go to your Church, especially Parents. I do not go to my Parents church OBVIOUSLY. I stopped about 8years ago. The Anglican Church may work for some people but it doesn’t work for me. I have nothing against them though. ONE BODY, MANY PARTS. So far we are all preaching and hearing the GOSPEL, and are heaven conscious and bound… BTW, I am not totally done with Fountain. I would visit once in a while, especially Thursdays when we have Thursday showers which is like a Praise and Worship and Miracles service that holds every Thursday at 9 to 12. I would always be a Fountaineer at heart, after all that was my first port of call after I left my Parent’s church and my Sisters Church which I did follow follow to, TREM… Moreover Pastor Bimbo remains my MOTHER IN THE LORD… I am even considering hitting Fountain on Xmas day… My Church excites me… I am excited and crazy about God cos HE TOO IS crazy about me. God rocks for me. I hope He does for you too… Have a blessed week ahead y’all… See you tomorrow BY GOD’S GRACE 😉

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