A Saturday night and A Monday Morning…

So two things happened on both days that I would love to share…

One as a testimony. Two for laughs…

So on Saturday night at about 8:17pm, my sister was on the phone with my dad who was doing some building work in our village house. I had just finished giving KingDaveed a bath and my niece was dressing him while I went to get warm water to clean his teeth and mouth when my sister RAN into the kitchen with her phone on speaker screaming


Ok fam, I was shocked still for some seconds and then

Who, what, where? My brains literally stopped.

Was it village or Lagos? Who are the people? What are you saying?

Dang!!! Then it hit me…

The house was broken into and my dad was attacked while they were talking on the phone and the phone didn’t go off so we could HEAR the conversation for about 5mins before it was cut off and apparently taken…

Oh my goodness, the house went crazy…

Who do we call? Should we tell mommy? No don’t, she will panic? Oya let’s call my brother, he knows people in the village… Oya lets call our uncle, family pastor, etc. In the middle of all that see prayers na, oh Jesus!!! Guys, I don’t wish this for an enemy.

The stupid robbers were saying ‘we were sent to WASTE you, we can see you are an old man, you are a title man so we won’t, just bring the money we know there is money, As you can see we are not from this village, etc…’

These boys, two of them were violent, bashful, and my dad is 71 and he was alone and we weren’t sure if he had money in the house or not, the phone had cut and we didn’t know what happened and we couldn’t call back just yet. All our phone calls were not yielding much as we don’t even know people in the village, then kidnapping is rife, it was late and dark in the village and frankly we WERE SCARED… Oh but we didn’t stop praying and confessing the Word over him,

Then after like 10 LONG MINUTES and plenty calls back and forth, we decided to call my mom since she knows plenty people. Oh she screamed and started blabbing… We hushed her quickly and told her to act fast and make calls. Funny thing was that one of the neighbours now said they heard a gunshot…

Oh Chukwu… This was a REAL LIFE MOVIE… it seemed unreal. This was about the FIFTH time they were attacking our village house, one of those times my mom and dad were around and packed ready to return to Lagos the next day. That experience traumatised my mom especially so now her husband being in this alone was NOT FUNNY… Oh gosh!!!

We were getting some positive feedback now from all the calls but no one had gotten to him. You know how village can be now, houses are not so close, our house is a bit on its own and then plenty farms around and all. Frankly, only security people would really be brave enough to go in.

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy… John 10:10

It was about 25mins later we decided to call back, Phone was off. Tried other lines and then we reached him on one they did not take. You can imagine our praises when he actually picked!!! He didn’t even know we heard them, he was still wondering how so many people managed to come to his rescue even though they had escaped but he could still be taken to the hospital that night…

Lemme end this by saying that my dad is fine, the thieves escaped with stuff that we can replace and treat’thank God but they did not KILL and they did not DESTROY… Oh thank You Jesus. I just imagine what would have happened if popsie didn’t have cash at home? THANK YOU JESUS!!!

I just bless God. As you can imagine, he was in the next available flight to Lagos the next day and hopefully not returning any time soon. I bless this God that did not give my family reasons to mourn. Oh I bless this God that didn’t allow the enemies to say ‘WHERE IS THEIR GOD?’

I bless God who made it happen that my sis was on the phone to him right about then. Interestingly, the convo was already over and they were going to hang up when she heard him scream…

Btw, that gunshot was actually from one of those we called who had a gun so he shot first to disperse them or so.

Hmm, that night we could not sleep. Even when I slept, I slept in snatches. Yes we had cause to laugh but heaven knows what was going on in our hearts especially after you heard the robbers talk and be violent for about 5minutes. Till today, increasingly so, it feels like a dream.

Village? The place that we were SURE was safest. The place we could RUN TO when there is crisis in Lagos/town. Now village has turned to this? Oh I really WISH they caught those boys. Stupid humans who are just bringing curses upon themselves. Dem no even cover grey hair, they were so brazen… Hiss!!!

Guys, just to say please be safe and don’t stop praying for protection. If your parents travel to villa/east a lot, please continue to pray for them and let them also find ways to protect themselves. Be very security conscious. The world is getting increasingly wicked but we trust our God to watch over His own…

Again, my dad is doing just fine. He is back home in Lagos. His 71st BIRTHDAY is in under 2weeks and we will celebrate and piss the devil off even more. My mama is cucu dramatic normally so I can imagine her dance…

Thank YOU Jesus!!! Chukwu daalu!!!

Anybody has had an experience like this? Or can anyone share any safety tip especially in the east (aside not going at all) with us in the comment section? Please do…

Ok so on to Monday morning laughter… This one is actually real funny.

My nieces have a way of being slow on school mornings so my sis and driver would be downstairs waiting for them. Happens almost every morning. This morning, my sister decided to go gangsta on two of them (she has four). She left the 2 (11yo and 13yo) and took the remaining two and drove off to school.


They couldn’t believe it. So they got back upstairs and started calling her. She had gone and wasn’t coming back and she didn’t even drop transport money for them. She called me and told me to give her home help t.fare and THEY SHOULD ENTER BUS and start coming… They live in VI and school is in Lekki and them kids haven’t done bus before… hahahahahahahahaha

For me to go in and get money ooo, my nieces had started going. Even the help went out but was on her way back so I didn’t see anybody. I asked the security and he said they walked out of the compound and went in this direction. HIAN!!! Without the help ooo. This was at about past 7am and KingDaveed was sleeping upstairs when I went down with my bathroom slippers and jagajaga hair and bubu gown. Told my sis I didn’t see them and she said they were probably trekking hahahaha so I decided to take a keke and drive down the road hoping to see them close by. Remember my son was home alone and sleeping. I didn’t even lock door as I actually thought they were still in the compound na only for me to enter keke. Anyways we drove a distance and we no see them. Ah. Told the man to turn and on my way back, I saw my two nieces, with their HEAVY school bags and their jackets on, trekking under the hot sun… hahahahahahahahahaa

I called the older one and they had never been so happy to see me. They quickly jumped into the keke and we went back home cos I had to check on my son and then see if the help was back or if not, get them a cab… next thing I saw the help coming towards me with KingDaveed. He had woken up at the time she came home when I was out and from upstairs, she saw us and came… Then I got them a drop to take them to school…

Hahahahaha. I didn’t stop laughing. Where in the world were those girls trekking to? They didn’t even remove jacket they wore jacket under hot sun trekking so seriously. I think they were really confused and scattered and didn’t really know what they were doing. It was super funny, I promise. That image of them I saw trekking with all seriousness hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
And they had gone far ooo. Such trekking zeal looooooooool

As if they can trek to Lekki from VI looooool. My sis said I should have let them enter bus instead of drop so by the time they jump from one bus to the other, then trek and sweat small before they reach their school, they will learn to be faster.


My girlfriend Titi said her parents had left her before too when she was younger. She couldn’t believe it. Till 6pm when her sisters came back from school, she still had on her uniform, waiting for them to come back and pick her hahahahaha, and after that incident, she used to prepare a night before and would always be the FIRST to be seated in the car in the morning…


One of the two left at home standing

Hopefully my nieces have learnt. They were so late to school today and suffered for it too. I laughed so hard, rang my mom and dad and other siblings to tell them. Their mom is the kindest sweetest person I know so I am happy she could get herself to do that abeg… That would/should teach them to be in a hurry on a school morning. Trust me, we laughed soooo hard ehn… It was like feem

My sis and her first daughter

This one here couldn’t believe her mom left her sisters. My sis said she was frowning all the way to school loool

I laughed this morning ehn… choi

So guys let me know, do you have/know/use any tough love way on kids you would like to share? Especially let us know if it worked.

Ok you guys have a fruitful week aii…


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  1. Oh ! Thanks to God for Dad’s safety….. Chukwu zoba madu !

    Laughed so hard @ your sister leaving her kids and them trekking to no man’s land… oh such a distance the ‘agibos’ want to dare ‘leg’ under the sun. Quite dramatic !
    I can so relate that with my uncle “Zero Waiting Tolerance” always leaves the wife behind to church or outing, also from village to Onitsha or vise versa.
    The former she will pick a public bus to her destination and cry throughout the journey of almost an hour.
    The wife can take time to dress back then, after many lessons not learn, learned how to drive and help herself with another car whenever such re-occur.
    Hahahaha he will just go downstairs, blow car horn and shout “Ma’ Kelechi a puo m” and drive off…. with empty car.

    1. Chukwu zoba mmadu oooo

      Love your uncle hahahahaha

      A puo m ooooooo
      Good they found a way.
      My sis too has decided that she will be dropping tfare just incase they come down late


  2. Thanks be to god who causes us to Triumph always. Thank God for Daddy’s safety. As you well know, NOWHERE is safe…except the Lord watches over the City…the watchman waketh but in vain. However, for the sake of anxiety and panic…it’s good Papa stays here in Lagos more often…not because Lagos is safe…but because He’ll be easily accessible. I’m not a Village person…so I’ve got no other advise asides prayers.

    As for the young ones who were trekking…you’re still the nice Ezzy I know…left to me, I’ll just tell the Napep man to keep going slowly behind them while they trudge along the road…till they get tired. *ShinesTeeth* I know I’m nice, don’t mention!

    I would have loved to do that to my younger ones who like staying me up whenever we go to school together back then…but I dare not arrive home/school without them…my Parents/Principal will send me back to wherever I was coming from.

    So, I just patiently but furiously & pleadingly wait for them…till they are ready.

    1. Hahahahahahaha
      If it wasn’t so far and I didn’t have a baby unattended to at home, I may have followed slowly true true

      Thanks darling. Truly God is the ultimate watcher ooo lag or villa.
      And u know older people na, they always wanna connect with their roots. Left to me nobody go enter that village house again.

      Thanks again darling

  3. Praise God for daddy’s safety. Never had a similar experience, our town house is set on a hill top. nothing above, nothing at the sides, the closest house in front is some say 30-50 metres away- talk of a country home. what my parents av done is to employ a permanent guard. they try to visit say every three months, and while we’ve been told there are boys that av mastered d art of breaking into unoccupied houses, we constantly pray that our investment will not be preyed by the enemy. amongst other things, one sure proof way is commanding the angels on guard with or without ur presence there both on our lives and property.
    lol. at ur nieces. I hope lesson’s learnt.
    We were brought up to respect food, becos a good portion of the world dint av 3 square meals daily. So u can imagine how annoying it was when my mum gets breakfast for my then 13 yr old male cousin early in d morning and he’d just dump her thing there for her. my parents had grown soft from discipline. all they did was talk. so I’ll come back from work and become sole strict human at home. Iz ok. dint know my mum had had it up to here when one of those days of wasting food, cousin came back, had his bath and went to pick his food.
    Momsy; what do you want to eat? Amala or Eba?
    cousin; (feeling very happy) Amala
    momsy; ok. the pot on the gas cooker has enough water. light the cooker. take the elubo from the store and make the amala, when ure done call me for ur soup.
    You can imagine he labored on the nonsense and ofcourse he had to eat the ‘yuck’ he prepared.
    momsy said he spent more than 30mins at it. she wasn’t worried he was wasting her gas, he needed to be taught the lesson. since then, if he won’t eat, he tells her a night before or packs the food to school as lunch. sometimes this is the best way to teach the lesson when an abuse has become d norm.
    how’s KingDaveed and his dad. have a lovely week. and once again thank God for daddy.

  4. Wow! Thank God for safety, as we know there is no such thing as coincidence. God planned everything so that His Name will be praised. Thank God for daddy’s life. He will celebrate MANY more years in the land of the living if JESUS tarries.
    A similar experience too, one stupid young’in pointed a gun at my dad around Ojo side as we were all in the car (myself, mum and dad and my aunty). Hmmn. I still vivdly remember, it must be almost 10 years ago though. Thank God for giving my dad calculated mental and physical strength to drive off the car to the surprise of the idiot with the gun.
    Hahaha, tough love is very necessary o. I was brought up with it and I will definitely be using it on my children when I have them. My niece and nephews are so cute though, I usually can’t bring myself to discipline them. My sister too no dey slack for that dept though, she dey shine eye for them well well! lol

    1. Amen and amen ooo

      Oh I just hate robbers. Never had an experience and I pray never to. This proxy experience was hard enough.

      Lol at u can’t bring urself. Better practice with them ooo before urs comes.
      Kudos to ur sis.
      My nieces know I am even worse than their mama. Next time u best believe they bus’ing it…


  5. Praise God for daddy’s deliverance. It’s well with him. Happy 71st birthday in advance. Hmm as for your nieces, Am sure they have learnt their lesson. Lol!

  6. Oh my goodness….thanks be to GOD for your Daddy….I can’t imagine it o as I’ve never seen or witnessed a robbery and I pray that I never do…

    Happy 71st Birthday celebration to your Dad biko…we give GOD praise…

    Eziahalicious,haha at your neices…

    I give my kids some tough love too…e no dey easy.

    GOD bless your writing dear…


  7. Gee! These eastern kidnappings are a nightmare.Thank God for preservation and protection.
    Two weeks ago we were agitated and afraid as an Anglican Bishop was kidnapped in the east on his way,back from a burial ceremony.
    Btw, KingDaveed’s tufts of hair is so funny but it doesn’t hinder his cuteness. I infact think its part of it

    1. Oh wow imagine
      Kai God protect Us all abeg. Amen

      Hahahaha at tufts of hair
      When you put it like that tz even cuter hahaha
      I have been begging him to grow hair oooo

  8. I bless God for ur dad oo..u know we donno how God fights out battles oooo…thank God for divine protection and putting d devil to shame…our God is awesome we shall neva mourn..
    Lwkmdd abt ut sista leaving her kids..ts good dt she ws tough so next time they wd behave..i can imagine hw tired they were at skul dt day looool..
    My mum used to leave us wella my mum is an army officer ooo nwanyi kacha nwoke lmaoooo…
    Welldone darln I soo love all ur posts oo they make me super excited..pls kiss the king for me

  9. Thank God for your dad’s life. It could only have been God. Btw,KingDaveed is a big man now. That story of ur nieces got me laffin but it won’t have been funny at that time o.chai. but the lesson has been learnt I hope

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