This is an #OpenLetter from E’ to my darling FABers…


When I decided to run the #31Voices, I thought I was just doing something fun on my blog. I didn’t realize I was doing MINISTRY!!! I didn’t realize I was actually running with a vision.
It hit home after I got the very first post from Booski and I was teary complete with goosebumps. I knew she sent it in a hurry.
The dream had to be out. I knew she had to send it so that she knows she has committed herself and would need to be accountable. No going back now, mba!!! First thing my head told me was, ‘Hell NO!!! This girl is building castles in the air…’ Then I heard God tell me very clearly,
‘Is it your business? Is it you she is trusting to get all this done? Please don’t interfere in MY BUSINESS…’
It hit home, I promise.
It was HIS business and not mine.
As the mails kept coming in and I saw people’s 2014 dreams, I’d hear Him say again and again,
‘…Not your business…’
I got used to it fast so I now started saying it too
‘It is NOT my business oooo…’
It however is my business to pray and keep you all accountable. And by God, we will testify. 


Let me tell you, I poured BLOOD into this. That’s why I couldn’t publish everyday. Half measures is NEVER my style. I was involved. I would read through, pray, believe God, see what I can do to help, mail people back privately, etc!!! It was emotionally draining. Some days I sat by my Tab and just cried!!!
I asked myself who send me message ooo.
Then in between all that, I was getting tons and tons of mails from girls who needed counsel on one thing or the other. Or just needed me to agree with them for som’in. Or they just needed to ‘up their spiritual game’.
Then I also kicked off mentoring about 10 amazing teenagers and young adults. Aside from the general talks we have, they still mail you privately for counsel or just gist. Mehn…..
Then my virtual Prayer Group kicked off too.
Many days I looked at my E’Pad wondering what even gave me the guts to dare. But reluctantly, I started it. At the same time, Pastor M sends me a request to join CHAYIL, another virtual Christian group for married women and being in that group just gave me both the ginger and the direction to JUMP!!! Thanks Momma’Vida. That invite was timely.
Generally this year, my blog really became family for me this year. #FABfam#
Or in DCC style, my blog started its own FORWARD journey with all this.
I knew it started blessing lives on a different level through this. Some mails I’ll get and I’ll ask myself, ‘na you be this? ‘. Imperfect me? And one thing I kept telling myself to keep my head firmly on my shoulder was

‘…it is NOT and will NEVER be about you. It is about God so just be an Usher and keep leading people to Christ…’

When people let you in their business like that, it is a major MAJOR privilege. You can’t repeat it to people in gist. You can’t take it lightly either. And while you can’t do whatever it is for them, you can pray for and with them. And also keep them accountable as much as you can.

This can get really draining. I can’t even explain it. God bless Pastors with a true heart for the sheep. I have committed to praying more for Pastors ooo. Ise oluwa no be play ooo.

And the funny part was that I’m used to picking up my phone and ringing my darlingest Rev up when I need to let off some. I talk to him, get counsel, have him pray for and with me, etc.
But all through this year, he has been in America starting off and stabilising Triumphant Assembly Nashville, USA and this talk no be BB talk ooo so I had to chill.
You see Rev, he is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. I have stopped trying to figure him out. 14 churches all over Nigeria, One now in yankee, Guest minister all over the world (he travels EVERY month around the world including countries with names I can’t pronounce sef looool ), Father to very many children,


husband to the BEST woman for him


(my darling Rev TJ who calls me a huggy somebody loool kisskiss), biological father to 3 including teenagers, mentor to MANY, marriage counsellor extra-ordinaire, Publisher of very many books and yet Rev still manages to make EVERYONE feel special.


With his incredible schedule, He will still ask me
‘So how is so so and so thing you told me about?’ Or
‘hmm how come I don’t know this your friend?’
You sef you go wonder, hello???? How do you have time for so much biko? Loooool. He even remembered to congratulate me on my POP all the way from yankee. Rev is a TEN abeg. So see me with this small thing about to cave in. I really truly missed Rev ooo.
But one day, I spoke to my Booski.

Tony's GOOD thing... Forever

It took one line she said to put some things in perspective. She said, among other wisdom nuggets,
‘…don’t be engrossed in the pain and forget the reward…’
Ah, it struck home again.
I was getting too engrossed that I was losing sight of the reward. And by God, the reward cometh… It won’t be long now. Hehehe.
Please don’t forget to remember to NOT beef me ooo. Biko ehn. And like my darling PM said, ‘…hope you got your sunshades on?…’
But there are other rewards too I almost lost sight of…
Do you have an idea how rewarding it is to hear one girl I have NEVER met commit to living her life for Christ just because she reads my blog?
Or when someone mails me and says she wants to become a secondary virgin just because……..
Or just another girl with guts enough to walk away from an ‘efulefu’ because she really wants what Aku’m and I share (I pray you even more)
You have NO idea how rewarding that it.
I am like ‘…God this blog I started just to be gisting with people…’
I am actually amazed as to what some people pick out and relate back to me. Just some random line I wrote casually sef is what gets quoted back to me in a mail as something that changed her life.
Mehn, it is hands up amazing what my Sugar daddy can do with an imperfect but willing heart. If there is a person who can yield, there is a God that can use… And when God uses you,… Hmmmm.

So why all the story above?
I said all that to say this…
Thank you for sharing your 2014 visions with me.
Thank you for sharing your lives with me.
Thank you for every kind word, every email, every text, every phone call, every comment, EVERY… All through this series.
May God, my Sugar Daddy that knows how to branama, bless you.
While the series has come to an end, the testimonies are just starting.
Feel free to share your testimonies with me as they start rolling in, especially in line with what you shared here.
Please go back and read the vision from time to time to be sure you are making progress. (Frances hun, just saw your comment. She just read her own and gave me some feedback as per how far she has gone). Please never lose sight of the vision.
When I ask you for progress reports (and I’ll ask), I hope you indulge me.
When I harass you too (and by Chukwu, I’ll harass too), just read it as me saying ‘Sit up babe/dude…Time is going’
If you need me to agree with you about som’in, you know where to reach me.
I will put the links of all the #31Voices that featured on a single page on my blog for easy access. Just click menu button if using a phone and you will see it. Should get that done by Sunday latest. Bella, Dee and Ewa you girls will help me yeah… He he he.
Every Tuesday, I would take out time to pray for us all in line with our dreams and vision. And I’ll also run a prayer blog post here on some Tuesdays like this one I did… Please feel free to join from wherever you are.
This also goes without saying you need to play your part. God won’t play your part and His. God is not a magician biko. Don’t make our prayers useless ooo.
Basically, all I’m saying is this is not the end!!! Mba we just got started. If anybody is going to give up, it will be the devil NOT US.
We will keep at it till we testify…
This has been a real ride yo!!! A project indeed. I feel drained so I will be away from blogging for two weeks to just chill and refresh… I am actually considering a vaycay. Everyone needs some TLC err’once’n’a’wyl jare. I pray it pulls through.
So I’ll be man-loving and E’-lurving too. Speaking of man, shout out to Aku’m, for just leaving me to do my thing whenever I get into the blogging mode. For all the ‘alone times’ I need to meditate that doesn’t disturb me. For all the time I spend with my mentees and praying sisters that he graciously lets me enjoy. For listening to all my gist, whining, questions, etc. For listening ever so patiently even when I can see that sleep is calling his name and initials. For counselling too. My husband is a TEN!!!

The many faces of TRUE LOVE

Thank you baby. You are the REAL star. 
I will also take this time to put some things in place for my next levels!!! Yaaaaaaaaay. #OnToFORWARDtins#
March 14 or 15th (which doubles as my sweet momma’s birthday and my darling friend’s wedding) I’ll be back… God willing!!! Hopefully, I won’t be tempted to take the whole of March off. He he he.  I’ll be on Twitter though @eziahaa , FB Eziaha Omoteniola Ajaero and Instagram Eziaha. And of course, if you need to send me a mail, holler
Aku’m says I’m prouding with this email Addy… He he he. I say it all the time. Loooooool. I love my name ehn… I am considering giving the name to the girl child we are thinking of adopting. E-Z-I-A-H-A. Lemme catch any of you giving that name to your child he he he.
Of course you know I will still be lurving and caring for my natural hair

Hubby says this style is good for carrying water on the head, imagine.

Still doing my workouts with Kate Henshaw

Didnt have the ball so i used coconut #creativemuch

And of course, still cooking up a storm #ChefE’styleeeeee

Yamarita, gizdodo,pasta n salad, potatoes n veggies :p

Of course, I am still eating healthy
Sooooo long FAB’ers. I noted some other FAB blogs I love just incase i stop blogging. They are sure to keep blessing you so holler at them and bookmark and thank me later. I should actually update that list cos there are more I have discovered. This would have to do for now though…
Miss me :p
Going Forward…Still Testifying

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  1. Lovely. I like what Bolaji said about your hair carrying water. Lmao. It is true oooooo. I celebrate with you, darling, and other Fab’ers. We will testify and prosper this year. Oya go and rest and recharge. This Blogging something is not play. Hugs and kisses

  2. It’s only the grace of God that can make you this excellent! You are an inspiration indeed and just like Booski said, get ready for the great reward in Jesus name..

    We’ll miss you on here but thank God for Twitter!

    PS make sure you rest! And look after yourself too 🙂 xx

  3. *teary eyed* no be small thing o dearie. God bless you and us all as we place our whole lives in His hands amen.
    Hugs and lotta love faber’s.


  4. Awwwww, this is lovely.
    You deserve the rest dear, and yes, you are an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work girl, HE will not forget your labour of love!

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