I come before You todaywpid-screenshot_2014-11-30-12-17-11.png

And there’s just one thing that I wanna say


For all You’ve done in our lives

For all the blessings that we cannot (and can) see



One year already…


Kai!!! Lil’ ol’ lil’ me!!! Mrs for a whole year? You know how we always associate marriage with older mature responsible people? Looool. At least I used to ooo. So seeing me now married and all, omo, eez not a small sontin ooo…




Whenever hubs prays, he is always full of thanksgiving to God. He has been overly faithful. I don’t even know how to explain His faithfulness. wpid-photogrid_1417372020596.jpgThis morning as I woke to pray, I was just singing that song above and crying. God has been faithful to us and trust me, I know what I’m talking about…


There have certainly been some challenging days but they pale in comparison to the unbelievably blessed days of ‘Na marriage be dis?’ Lol. Cos it has been a most amazing ride. Just like sleepovers at your bestie’s when you were in school. E no hard ooo. Ha ahn!!! But then again like my darling darling Pastor Bimbo of blessed memory would say, without God and the Holy Spirit, it is the HARDEST work you would EVER do!!!


What has been then most challenging part? Hmm. Being apart. I won’t even advise my enemy to do this. Every single time I have been airport bound to the ‘Buj, I have cried. I ALWAYS cry. I recall once I cried almost all through the flight and ride home. It is NEVER going to be easy because this is NOT God’s will. At least for my own marriage ooo. And thankfully, God is working this out for us FT. AMEN!!! Like this first anniversary now, we are miles apart. I decided that I won’t cry instead I will take myself out on our behalf and not let the devil steal any joy abeg.


Like my Pastor said ‘this is the LAST year we will spend it apart…’ AMEN!!!

Gideons presidio presenting us with a bible
Gideons presidio presenting us with a bible

But there is something being apart has taught me tho. The man is the cover for the woman. The single E’ is very extroverted. Now being married and away from my hubby has seen me at my most unsocial without apologies please. Omo, you can invite me from now till tomorrow, I aint going lol. And I don’t care what you label me cos I don’t even smile too much with people so turning down invites is easier. Very straight routine… Work-Church-Home. No time. It just can’t be interesting without my hubby being there. Moreover that’s when devil starts looking for trouble. I mean, if anything is gonna happen, let my cover be there biko. Someborry kent be extroverted without her Cover. wpid-screenshot_2014-11-30-14-51-12.png

Funny how when hubs tried so hard in our courtship days to make me ‘less extroverted’ being that I am not exactly single and I always revolted fiercely. Now he doesn’t need to mention. I just have matured. So tip number one for the wifey who’s temporarily apart, don’t be carrying ya bumbum everywhere. Siddon for house and pray God does the relocation quickly.

Another part of me marriage has exposed is the very unselfish part. As a confirmed last born, I used to be all about ME first. You may wanna call it selfish. With Bolaji tho, tz easily HIM first. From the fundamental to the mundane, I’m thinking ‘Bolaji’. And as I’m even making those sacrifices, I make sure he doesn’t know cos he will want to stop me. But you see, I LOVE my Bolaji so doing all I do comes easy. Even me adonbiliv just how much of an unselfish lover I have become. If dude wants to eat at 3am, I’m game ooo. Without issues sef. Nobody in this world can make me do that ooo. At least until my children come. But love is such a motivation.wpid-screenshot_2014-11-30-14-48-40.png

Now imagine if this marriage was arrangee or I married a comedian of a man, hmmmm. It would have been a laborious something. Infact, I won’t even bother. And marriage can never work where either or both parties stay selfish. It’s not in the DNA. Selflessness is a major ingredient. Ladies marry well ooo. I actually believe there is work/sacrifice in marriage but with the right person, tz the easiest, most rewarding work you would ever do.


What else have I really enjoyed in this marriage? The fact that my house is a whole lot of fun and drama. Every little thing can turn into some serious comedy show. I dunno how to explain it but tz like you live in your own world, with your own rules and culture complete with your own lingua franca. Yup where a simple phrase like ‘You know what today’s date is abi?’ or ‘No problem’ has the kinda meaning we alone have given to it different from what the world interprets. Your happiness and joy is sacred… Something you two understand that an outsider won’t. You live in your own customised disney world. I guess this is what happens when you marry your cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-live BEST friend forever.


Biggest lessons in this one year?


1. Talk about it!!!

Don’t expect any body to become psychic and read your mind. For a long time, when I’m upset I’ll enter a shell. I’ll just EXPECT him to know that THAT THING hurt me. Then after stewing for sometime, I’ll now explode leaving hubs feeling like ‘wadidido?’ Lol. But frankly, these things I learnt before marriage. PK and PM drummed it on several relationship messages I listened to yet… Ush!!! I still hear PK’s voice ‘Men don’t read minds, they read newspapers’. Ush!!! Forgerrit ooo, just save yourself the heartache ladies and tell him nicely ‘You did this, I didn’t like it’ Simples. You would be absolutely shocked at how clueless they can be. Thankfully, I’ve learnt and I’m still learning. Certainly saves me plenty heartache.

Lemme cite a real time example. Whenever I’m at home, I want hubs eating 3square meals. So breakfast is usually compulsory. Sometimes I’ll wake and prep it and dude will just be like ‘I’m late. I’m not eating…’ Just like that!!!

WHAT!!! Any married woman knows food rejection is the first SIN in ‘Marriage 101’ (If you aren’t married, you won’t understand)

So even if you are in a hurry, reject it NICELY and with tons of apologies not just anyhow.

It vexes me ehn. And of course dude won’t know he has done anything, he will just gimme a kiss and zoom off to work.

After several instances of me vexing while he’s unaware, I now had to sit him down and explain say ‘no be so dem dey do am…’ Lol.

Marriage!!! Tz a school indeed.


2. Apologise!!!

Bolaji gets 100% here. I must admit he has beat me to this all the times. I’m still learning. But I am grateful for a husband who fights to keep the peace in the home. Who would apologise first, then trash out the matter afterwards just so peace can remain. Imagine if my hubs carried ego and pride everywhere? Maybe we won’t be here doing anniversary. I’m learning this much from him so where either person is hurt/upset, just friggin’ apologise. Peace is always better than fight hehehe.


3. Two are truly better than one…

I know the Bible says ‘It is not good for man to be alone…’ but this also applies to the woman. I dunno how life would have been alone especially where I have decisions to make. Sometimes even I am amazed at how stupid a decision I have made until my hubs comes along and does the analysis. Lol. And I’m like choi!!! Life is just safer with a sensible partner. Recently, there has been an issue we hadn’t quite agreed upon. Everytime I brought it up, it didn’t matter whether he had been joking and laughing since, he will go all serious and say NO and I’m not joking. Me sef I started to wonder which kain NO be this so I just told myself when the time comes, I’ll pull a smart one on him. Hmmm, daz how one day the HS took me to school explaining just why and how stupid my own decision was in very clear terms looool. Omo, when I went back to tell hubs, he’s like I knew what I was saying plus the entire thing was even for my own good sef. Yet I was there protesting.


Omo, a woman is dangerous ooo. Too dangerous. Thank God in His infinite wisdom, He commanded her to submit to and made man the authority over her. He certainly knew what He was doing.


Again ladies marry well. We really do need the right HEAD to submit to.


Babes, thanks for everything. Thank You for fighting for me when some comedians would have scampered under all the pressure and wahala you went through to wife me. Thanks for taking this girl and making her what she is today and will be in the future. Thank you for endlessly believing in me even when somethings have happened that wanna shake me. Thank you for never giving me reasons to doubt fidelity when we are apart. Oh what a gift!!! Thank you for giving me the freedom to make my choices and guiding me when I need it. Thank you for always having my best interest at heart. Thank you for always providing and making sure I lack nothing even when you have had to make major sacrifices yourself. I mean, it is most amazing. You showed it from courtship days that my comfort is your numero uno priority and even in marriage, I have never doubted that. Thank YOU. Thank you soooo much. I absolutely love you. Now and into eternity.


And today, I recall what you always said to me from Unibadan days even when I couldn’t ‘see’ it, ONE DAY MEN WILL RISE UP TO HONOR US!!! Yes!!! Oh very very YES!!!

That’s why I bear Mrs. Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo…. So there are NO mistakes abeg hehehe
With how awesome you have been as a husband, one can only imagine just how awesome you would be as a father. I’m thankful I am making babies with you and no other and I’m certainly looking forward to that next phase in our lives as parents…

Happy Wedding Anniversary to us. And that’s into forever…



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58 Responses

  1. Awwwwwwwwww. This is your sweetest post ever *sobbing* I can feel d love dripping from your words. I was blushing and saying ‘awwwwwwww’ over and over again….like say na me you write about.
    Romance is sweet ghannnnn…esp with the right person.
    God bless your home E’. Love scatter bambam.

  2. Kaiiiiiiii. I had to read all over again. And cant help commenting AGAIN. I LIKEOOOOOOOOO.

    U were a very pretty bride, boo. Choiiiiii

    Then, ur face haff changeooooo. U hv cute Preggy face.

  3. Bolaji for Eziaha alone…..Kai!!! I am happy for you two, someone asked me today if it was me u people married with the way I was excited…I am happy because most importantly the devil failed seeing how hard he tried to trump this union..

    Eziaha shebi I told you to be adding Chief to his name? Why can’t I see it here?
    Congrats darlings!!! Like wine this union gets better in Jesus matchless name.

    I can’t wait till I visit you guys at the ‘buj

  4. Happy wedding Anniversary! !!! Can believe it’s been a year already.so Big Sis E’….
    I was reading ur post and going…..I go love oooo lol. In a good way sha.
    Just wanna say dt the best is yet to come. Marriage then baby.
    Like Rev wld say…God punish the devil.
    E o ti ri nkankan(ain’t seen anything yet).
    So to you and Le Boo…God bless ur home real good.

  5. Hi Eziaha. I have been a silent follower of your blog but with a post like this, I am compelled to comment. I am so happy for you and your husband, you guys are a true testimony that Marriage with God really and truly works. I understand how you feel about living apart from your husband, I have been in that situation for 2 years and 6 months, and its really tough. I trust that God will answer our prayers and give us the privilege of living with our spouses under the same roof. Coincidentally, like you guys we are also expecting a February 2015 baby.
    Congratulations to you guys and May God continue to spice up your union.

  6. Wow!this is love,m even speechless,just smiling sheepishly,Love is indeed magical!1 Cor 13 baby!many more years of celebration!

  7. Congrats E. I couldn’t stop awwwwing(if there is a word like that).Truly love is a beautiful thing. May God’s hand never depart from this family.

  8. What an inspiring post for me as i’m starting d Marriage Journey. U’ve been such an inspiration and I can understand d being apart story now. I remember u asking abt our locations before d wedding but we actually got tired of postponing d wedding due to distance. Now I know better, there is a huge difference between being in a long distance relationship and long distance marriage but I believe it ain’t God’s plan. All dis tears while travelling as I’m heading to the airport back to d island today will soon end. May the Lord continue to bless you. Shower his mercies and Favour upon you and your family. Happy Anniversary

  9. Ezi this is beautiful 🙂 aww God bless your marriage over and over again :* happy anniversary mr & mrs olojo. i have missed been here. Hope the baby is doing good?

  10. Happy Wedding anniversary darl… turns out u guys share the date with my parents… 29yrs of marriage… U both will celebrate ur 29th together and more in strong love. Cant wait for our bebe… hope u neva forget our deal ooo

    1. Thanks darling. Amen to that and congrats to ur parents. They will be here together for many more too. Amen.

      Which deal hun? Don’t recall.

  11. I totally love the way you write about God, Love and Life. I always leave your blog blessed, (regardless of what you’d written about) deeply encouraged…and er, with itchy fingers! Inspiration begins to flow! Your life is such a sweet-fragranced testimony, darling. Thank you for spreading the fragrance of Christ in this manner. HAPPY Anniversary Beautiful One!

  12. Congrats Eziaha…God continually keep your home in perfect peace and a source of inspiration to Every
    one. I see your preggy face..wink

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